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I - not I, and my shadow. How to learn itself?

“Yes stop being nervous and angry you!“, “Do not take a steam bath on trifles!“, “Thoughts it is positive!“ - familiar phrases? Still … Daily we hear them from parents, friends, from screens of TVs, from irrepressibly joyful radio hosts. Perhaps, these precious councils irritate only even more, force to feel nearly moral freak - it is necessary to be able to smile, even when to you it is bad or you are angry, not in mood etc. Telling

about judiciousness, we anyway come to a conclusion that negative thoughts are the destroying force influencing both on spiritual and on physical health. However we forget that in us, in people, in any person - there is also other party. Not positive and not light. It is worth ignoring it? To forget about it? Perhaps, only she will not forget and will remind of herself just when you do not wait … Well

, I normal - you will tell. Yes, yes, doctor Jekyll too so thought while in him Mr. Hyde did not wake up. You remember it? And with what history ended? Exactly. Karl Jung called a dark side of the person Tenyyu and proved that it is present at everyone. We with persistence are fenced off from it: “No, I do not envy and I am not angry, and I do not take offense, and in general it was not I!“ But, maybe, the enemy should be known by sight?

There are several ways to learn about the Shadow: to write down qualities which you consider absolutely alien to, but you notice in other people; then those manifestations of character which cause in you sense of guilt or shame. The list of these qualities - your Shadow. The Picture of Dorian Gray - only your own. Unexpectedly? But it is not necessary to be frightened it, perhaps, it is necessary just to accept itself.

However many people cannot accept in themselves such manifestations of shady side as envy, vindictiveness, aggression, indifference and so on therefore “exhaust“ these feelings as it is possible more deeply, by effort of will suppressing them. At the same time they forget that feelings, similar to these, possess power and destructiveness and that, ignoring their manifestation, the person can destroy himself, that without wishing: neurosises, the most severe stresses, even the hardest physical diseases.

And what to do? On the one hand, it is worth exhausting, not to keep in itself everything, with another - to behave, without dismissing itself to a condition of a heavy hysterics. But, if you decided to go all the way, to exhaust, say, in the gym or on a dance pavilion will be a little.

“Learn yourself“ - these words are traced over an entrance to Apollo`s temple in Delphi. What did ancient wise men want to tell? It should be taken into account himself in a mirror? To compare itself to someone? What do we tell, telling about ourselves? Growth such - eyes such - colors, I work there - I am engaged in that - - we designate the main distinctive features, material and cultural wealth. At the same time sometimes it is very difficult to us to realize some acts.

The shady side needs not just to be learned, but also to understand - at what moments there is an unpleasant or negative feeling why it arises. Anyway, but the prime cause is put into ourselves - discontent with the figure, career, material prosperity and other. Having learned, “from where legs grow“, it will be possible to focus attention not on object which caused envy or hatred, and on change of own situation.

And if the person the disabled person and envy to healthy people nearly normal feeling, then how to be to it? To recover health often very difficult or at all it is impossible. It agrees, but there is such concept as sublimation, or realization of of other area instead of that in which realization is impossible: in creativity, for example, in work, in a family and so on. The essence is that if the person understands and realizes own feelings, he will be able to reach agreement with himself, without trying to tear off from himself “ugly“ part.

Never thought that there is a sin, it is heavier than murder. It appeared, is - despair. Once the person lowers hands - and everything will end. An exit is always, at least where an entrance. And who looks for - that will always find, do not forget about it.