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How to get rid of barley?

Barley - it is not simply ugly, it also is sick. Whom this purulent inflammation of a sebaceous gland or a hair sack at a root of eyelashes can “visit“? Any person, but first of all that whose organism is weakened.

The main symptoms of a maturing of barley are: pain in an eye, a headache, occasionally emergence of barley is followed by temperature increase.

How to get rid of barley? For purpose of the scheme of treatment address the ophthalmologist. The doctor will appoint treatment, proceeding from a condition of the patient. As a rule, he registers physiotherapeutic procedure - UVCh, tablets, eye drops or ointments with an antibiotic. It can be eritromitsinovy or tetracycline ointment. But as the medicine does not stand still, all new and new means for treatment of various diseases appear every year. Therefore address experts to pick up the best preparation.

How to get rid of barley, both our grandmothers, and our great-grandmothers knew. If you have no opportunity to visit the doctor, it is possible to try to apply folk remedies. However if there is no improvement, or the state will begin to worsen, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

How to get rid of barley by means of folk remedies? Many advise to heat the place of emergence of barley, putting the cooked egg. Be careful. If the abscess was not opened yet, then warming up will only worsen a condition of the patient.

For treatment of barley it is possible to do lotions of juice of the aloe divorced water 1 to 10. It is recommended to do such lotions each 6 hours.

In order that barley resolved quicker, it is possible to put a compress from solution of a camomile of pharmaceutical and boric acid. If the moment of maturing of barley fell on a warm season when it is possible to find fresh leaves of a lilac, then the crushed leaves of a lilac put to a sore eye each 2 hours.

For treatment of barley it is possible to prepare plantain infusion. For this purpose it is necessary to take 1 tablespoon of a dry plantain, to fill in 1/3 glass of boiled water and to allow to be drawn within 20 minutes. To filter and dunk a sterile gauze napkin in infusion. To hold on an eye of 5 - 10 minutes.

To get rid of barley, it is possible to recommend drops for eyes which part the grass an ochanka is. Such drops can be made independently. For this purpose the grass an ochanka, boiled water and salt is required: 1 h l. ochanka it is filled in with a half of a glass of boiled water, salt on a knife tip is added, drawn until water cools down. Before application infusion needs to be filtered well. It is necessary to dig in these drops 2 times a day in an internal corner of an eye.

By what barley and why it is impossible to squeeze out pus from barley is dangerous? the Person who on an eye had barley is infectious for people around, especially for small children. You watch purity of your hands. For that time while you have on an eye barley, take all precautionary measures, you watch that your towel did not concern towels of other family members.

Even you should not squeeze out a usual spot independently. Barley is in close proximity to an eye. At expression pus can get on a cover of an eye and cause an infection. At worst the infection can get into a brain and lead to irreversible consequences. For this reason at emergence of barley it is better to address the oculist.

It is especially important to pass inspection of the doctor if barley at you appears quite often.