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How to get rid of cellulitis?

at the time of youth of my mother it was not accepted to discuss problems of the appearance and a figure with somebody. Therefore about such problem as cellulitis very few people heard. Today the question how to get rid of cellulitis, interests many. Current month only this specific question to Yandex was asked by nearly 30 thousand people.

Let`s talk about that cellulitis which is the cosmetology problem caused by changes of structure of fabrics in hypodermically - a fatty layer. This problem arises only at women. Most often it is possible to see the first symptoms of cellulitis after 20 years. But today even more often the first manifestations are noticeable already at girls at school age. Responsible for emergence of cellulitis are hormones estrogen .

How to get rid of cellulitis and whether it is possible? Very important in fight against cellulitis to stock up with patience and to move persistently to the purpose. The purpose - disposal of cellulitis. Method of achievement of the purpose - change of lifestyle and a diet.

If you want to get rid of cellulitis, then food has to be balanced. Forget about shock diets and starvations. The organism has to receive all necessary vitamins and mineral substances. Do not trust promises of advertizing. It is quickly impossible to get rid of cellulitis.

The first step to disposal of cellulitis - food.

First of all needs to be reduced, and whenever possible, to exclude the use of fats. Under a ban there have to be farinaceous dishes, sugar, hot spices, food additives. Tell firm “no“ to fried food. If you are not a fan of boiled dishes, then bake products in an oven, or in a convection oven.

For the successful result of fight against cellulitis it is necessary to eat fruit. These assistants are vitamin-rich also mineral substances. The use of fruit promotes clarification of an organism from products of an exchange and normalization of all physiological processes.

It is very important to include in a diet fish and bean and to daily drink enough simple water.

The second step - massages and wrappings.

Than earlier you start fight against cellulitis, especially the positive outcome of events is probable. Self-massage can be carried out daily.

Today various salons offer a set of new methods of disposal of cellulitis. It and miostimulyation, and elektrolipoliz, both vacuum massage, and cavitation. Promise both fast weight loss, and disposal of cellulitis … Disputes around these methods do not abate. Someone says that procedures helped, someone spares expense spent for nothing.

For example, personally cavitation did not bring me the promised effect neither in respect of weight loss, nor in respect of disposal of cellulitis. After passing of 10 sessions of cavitation my volumes did not decrease by 1 cm though I implemented all recommendations of the massage therapist.

Having spent the unlimited sum for a non-invasive lipoksation (quite so call cavitation), I came to a conclusion that it is necessary to begin with physical activities. As the level of my preparation was zero, I found articulate gymnastics in the Internet. Exercises are carried out rather easily, and the first result appeared in a week. Cellulitis, of course, did not leave, and here 3 centimeters from a waist got to somewhere.

By a professional advice I decided to connect massage and anti-cellulite wrappings. Probably, I was lucky, I found the great expert, the real sculptor of a body. In massage it united the whole complex of techniques: manual, can, honey, anti-cellulite. There was no similar session, every day there was something new. The warming massage was the general only.

After massage I was covered with a mask which part the laminaria was, and left in the form of a wrapped up mummy for 1 hour. In an hour it was unmasked by damp sheets and then anti-cellulite cream was applied. At first 10 procedures were prescribed me. But they were not enough, the result was, but to perfection was far. It was necessary to add 5 more sessions.

After the carried-out cavitation I especially did not believe in result, but it is visible to this day. Today I know not only about how to get rid of cellulitis, but also how to keep the received result. Sport - it is regular, healthy food - is continuous (sometimes I sin, I repent), massage and wrappings - courses, two times a year.

The integrated approach to treatment of cellulitis surely will help if not completely to get rid of a problem then to reduce visible display of cellulitis. Patience, persistence and everyday work - pledge of a beautiful figure and smooth skin.