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How to bake potato in an oven?

How to bake potato in an oven? There is a lot of answers to this question. I want to tell not about those ways which are familiar to all, and about the experiments and modifications of classical recipes.

How to bake potato quickly? the option Is. For this purpose it is necessary to boil potatoes previously. We boil potato in a uniform, we cool, then we clean and we cut either on segments, or on circles. As potatoes, not so important will be cut. It is possible to leave it and the whole tubers.

While potatoes cooked, we prepared additional ingredients: cheese, bacon, onions, broccoli, cream. Cheese was grated, bacon and onions small cut. Onions were slightly fried.

To bake potato in an oven, it is necessary to take a deep baking sheet. We oil it vegetable. We stack potatoes and broccoli on a bottom. We salt and pepper. We strew potatoes with the cut bacon and the fried onions. We fill in all with heavy cream. Some hostesses instead of cream use sour cream. But me not always to taste sourness of dishes therefore I prefer sour cream to replace with cream whenever possible. The last stroke - cheese. We strew with it the products which are laid out on a baking sheet.

We put a baking sheet in an oven and we bake at a temperature of 210 - 220 degrees to a beautiful ruddy crust. As all products at us were in advance prepared, that is ready to the use in food, and broccoli prepares very quickly, it does not make sense to check a dish for readiness. As you will like a type of a cheese crust, so can take out a dish from an oven.

How to bake potato in an oven for vegetarians? I Can offer the instant following recipe. We boil potato in a uniform, we cool, we clean. We cut a potato on two parts and a spoon we take out core, we do deepening for a stuffing. We take the store or home-made eggplant caviar made from the cut, but not wiped vegetables. We add garlic to caviar. We spread this stuffing in deepening in potato. We put a baking sheet in an oven and we bake 15 minutes. We switch off an oven and we leave in it potatoes for some time in order that it became impregnated with juice of vegetables. The dish is ready. We spread the ready baked potatoes on a portion plate, we strew with small cut greens of cilantro or fennel. You can derive pleasure from the use of a tasty dish.

How to bake potato in an oven in pots? Pots - the surprising invention of mankind. What in them was prepared, everything will be tasty. It is important to know the principle of preparation of dishes in a pot, and products it is possible to use any. Potatoes are combined to taste with meat, with chicken, with mushrooms, with shrimps, with fish. Yes, you will not call it healthy food, but as it is tasty!

For preparation take any meat product (stomachs, hearts, chicken or pork, will approach also beef with mutton). That is you take what you love. We fry it “something“ with onions. We spread in pots. From above we stack the cut potatoes. It is possible to add mushrooms to pots, marinated or pickles, vegetable marrows, tomatoes. Well, it is possible to dream infinitely. We salt, we pepper, we add spices and greens to taste. We pour such amount of water that it covered contents completely in pots.

I do not like to close pots covers. In an open pot potato at first cooks and after water boils away, from above is reddened, and inside continues to pine. If you hurry, then check readiness of potatoes, piercing it a knife. Whenever possible leave pots in an oven until potato from above is reddened. To bake potato in an oven, it is required hour one and a half.