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What can the school make “to lift“ Russian?

In itself - anything. Because programs register from above, textbooks are written often in abstruse “scientific“ language, and the teacher - at best the interpreter of the scientific text, in the worst - the supervisor demanding cramming of rules.

Compositions are not written independently, and subjects - everyone in itself are downloaded from the Internet, there are no uniform requirements to language, and the primacy of testing as way of an assessment of an usvoyennost of knowledge, accepted nowadays everywhere, destroys the competent speech per se.

And, above all, studying of Russian is mainly reduced to studying of grammatical rules.

It is “congenital“ shortcomings, and independently the school is not able to correct them.

At Russian lessons we learn language to know . And language needs to be known . These are, as they say, two big differences. To know language - means, to be able to express thought not in one, but several different ways, depending on a situation and the purpose.

To the 4th class usually pupils know bases of grammar and spelling. And further repetition of already studied begins and all new spelling rules are added. Their quantity in representation of children is infinite. And the most sad that they are not laid in system, they are shattered; just it is required to remember the rule, but not to analyse, compare with others. And many rules are based on one principle.

The program of studying of Russian is sick with “spelling“. But is it necessary today, this spelling? The invention of the typewriter killed a calligraphy, the computer undermined spelling positions. Why to learn by heart rules if the computer easily corrects errors.

He will prompt even where to put commas. But here what he will not be able to make, so it to create the text, to be at loss for words with the most exact value and to connect them so that the graceful, easy, but extremely sated with information offers turned out.

That`s it the school at Russian lessons also has to teach it.

What for this purpose it is necessary?

It is necessary to No. 1. to Revise the program, having grouped the shattered rules in system units, to issue these blocks graphically that it was not necessary to learn rules by heart, but any minute it would be possible to be verified about the block - the scheme (all spelling easily keeps within 13 blocks). After “study“ of such scheme one view of it suffices to restore all information.

It is necessary to No. 2. at lessons of the native language to give fundamentals of linguistics - concept of language system (not only the Russian, but any language). Because language is a system of language units and system of rules of their education, change, connection and functioning (that is system of grammar). And if concepts of units of language - sounds, parts of the word, parts of speech, offers, are almost identical to all languages, then the rule of grammar at each of languages the. I somehow asked pupils of the 11th class to write the Russian names of parts of speech and - nearby - their equivalents in English which they learned five years. You think, coped?

Because Russian - in itself, English - in itself. In any case pupils! The elderly teacher of French, when I asked it to explain value of some French prefix, long could not understand what I want: in French there are no prefixes. For it was opening that the prefix and a prefix are the same.

50% of eleventh-graders do not see a difference between parts of speech and sentence parts. And why they need it? Learned - and safely forgot.

And this difference - a basis of creation of offers. Trouble that pupils practically do not create own offers: there is no time.

It is necessary to No. 3. At lessons on average a link the released time (and it will surely be released as to learn rules and to check how they are learned, there is no need) should work on offers: to analyze their structure, to create the and it is the best of all to turn this work into game. Because game - it is interesting. And homework - not to rewrite exercise and to insert the necessary letters into holes, and to create the pass - the text (2 - 3 offers) on the offered subject, having used in it words - examples to this or that rule, with the designs set syntactic. And it is even better if these pass - texts will be connected with the fact that there “pass“ pupils at other lessons - biology, geography, stories, mathematics.

It is necessary to No. 4. to Coordinate work of subject teachers so that they in every possible way encouraged competently constructed answer, surely gave written tasks (let small on volume), and marks for such tasks have to be put down in the magazine also on a page “Russian“. That is it is necessary to create motivation for application of the competent Russian speech.

By the way, in mnogazhda hayanny “Harry Potter“ there are very sensible thoughts on the organization of training. In practice of school of Hogvards of the composition were very much even in the course - in each subject.

It is necessary to No. 5. In the senior classes Russian is not repetition of spelling and a punctuation and not preparation for USE, it is stylistics which learns to pack logical, organically connected text. Teaching stylistics is possible and it is necessary to connect with the program for literature, placing emphasis on stylistics author`s. But the main thing - stylistics practical, beginning from a statement of the same event in different styles, to ability to use tracks and stylistic figures for strengthening of impact on the reader or the listener.

Whether it seems to you that today teaching Russian in a certain measure reminds the program of professor Umbridge for protection against dark arts, madly boring, theoretical, causing disgust, but approved by the ministry. By the way, you do not remember why for the Ministry of Magic it was necessary that it is essential a necessary subject it was taught quite so? Associations do not arise?