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Survival (Part 2. Reality and illusion in science)

the Survival (Part 2. The reality and illusion in science) the Problem of fictions and falsifications is not less actual

also in science. In archeology and concealing of the found certificates and the facts, and also about installation of fictional dating of history, and its falsification we already mentioned a juggling of data. Let`s add only, as the Darvinian theory of evolution, and the existing theory of an origin of the person - rough fiction and impudent deception. The person, as well as the whole world, and all its elements - were created by the Principal Reason - God. We in detail opened this subject and brought all necessary proofs into lectures “From whom to ask (Chast1. God is)“ in the section “Actual“ of our website www. LeOlam. net.

Unfortunately, such is situation both in physics, and in chemistry, and in biology, and in all other sciences. Let`s give several examples from physics where, apparently, as in the exact science, falsification should not be. The first example is connected with concealing of opening and developments of the most great scientific physicist of all times Nikola Tesl, replacement with their unfounded theories and their advance in the world.

Industrialized countries are in great need in energy. Its consumption increases every year as well as the price. And what if energy suddenly becomes cheap and available to everyone in unlimited number? To the large companies - world suppliers of expensive fuel - it threatens with ruin! And that the world remained depending on the most expensive traditional types of energy, there was a secret power plot. For the life Nikola Tesla registered hundreds of patents, among them: transformers and generators of free energy, propulsion systems and even the weapon working at the energy which is transferred without wires. The majority of inventions not only did not draw attention of investors, but also in every possible way stirred it work, and became real threat for the scientists who were engaged in further development of its inventions. According to the secret data, Tesl the onboard electric motor which was rather powerful invented to move both cars, and UFOs with an improbable speed and maneuverability. In 1930 - x years nazis found practical application for systems of Tesla. The German scientist Verner von Braun, being a secret American agent, informed the USA on all last inventions in Germany. Exactly since then in the sky of many countries a large number of UFOs was noticed … The American skilled developments on the basis of opening of Tesla were the unknown flying objects, most likely. The American scientific physicist William Lyne openly declared concealment of developments of Nikola Tesla. It in detail described in the articles the mysterious power supply created by the scientist - cheap and available to everyone. “… But then the world around us will be surrounded with personal UFOs, without roads and borders! - Lyne claimed. - It will destroy oil and automotive industry and, besides, will deprive of the government of an opportunity to control the people. CIA and FBI and NASA cruelly stop distribution of such technologies, using tactics of Gestapo“. By words U. Lyne, scales of “power plot“ are huge. Opening of Tesla are based on the theory of air and that nobody got to the bottom of them, replaced it with the quantum theory of a relativism. Lyne in the book “Superconfidential Archives of Tesla“ writes: “As force of electromagnetic interaction in 1040 times more, than at gravitational interaction, so can be made much more work for the same amount of time when using same “energy“. And as differently the aircraft which I saw in 1953 could gain in three seconds speed about 36000 miles an hour. As “seeing assumes“, and I “saw“, and I “assume“. Characteristics of artificial UFOs prove existence of this of the “free energy“ opened by Nikola Tesla show that he was right in the opposition to a relativism and that the widespread theories taught today in scientific institutions of the world are roguish“. Ideas of Tesla carefully disappear, and at universities still study the same traditional theories of physics and equipment. Nikola Tesla`s developments still remain secret guarded day and night. All tricks with alien UFOs - only a way to distract public attention.

The second example concerns falsification of physical data. It will be a question of pocket nuclear hydrogen reaction. In the mentioned book William Lyne writes: “Nuclear hydrogen reaction for the first time drew my attention in 1964 when I studied productions at the State university of Sam Houston, in Huntsville of the State of Texas … Doing the review of various welding processes in the textbook, I stopped on older process called “nuclear hydrogen welding“. By then the technology was already considered “outdated“ in spite of the fact that it makes such high temperatures - to 5000 °C … As I did not know where it was possible to buy a nuclear hydrogen blowtorch in 1985, I decided to make it … So I excited curiosity of industrial spies when ordered a big consignment of hydrogen from local welders that promoted sudden acceleration of the prosecution supported by CIA which I had to maintain the whole 18 years … But I everything - made its. At verification of data in later edition of the Scientific encyclopedia Van Nostranda on page 1311, it was written: “Hydrogen molecules are divided into atoms endothermic at high temperatures (warmth of splitting is equal to about 103 kcal/gram - mol) in an electric arch or radiation“. “Hydrogen atoms connect on a metal surface to provide the warmth necessary for welding“. I was surprised, having found it in the encyclopedia Van Nostranda … Later assumption seemed to me strange that 103 calories of energy of disintegration absorbed by an arch were that warmth, “necessary for welding“, according to the description of process. I believed more reasonable that excess of warmth has to come “from other place“. Earlier text showed clearer design of the device, and later text said that only 103 kcal/gram - the mol was required for splitting while earlier text showed that 100,000 kcal/gram - mol were released. Only addressing one, other edition, I could connect documentation and find contradictions. It meant that if the size of 103 kcal/gram - mol of energy of splitting was correct, then with development of 109 kcal/gram - mol process was theoretically capable to energy production, by 1058 times surpassing entrance energy! It was obvious from later text that authors intended to convince us that final 100 kcal/gram - the warmth mol later lifted to 109 kcal/gram - mol, were absorbed from an arch, but the number of 103 kcal/gram - mol of warmth of splitting showed an inexplicable difference in 108,897 kcal/gram - mol. The idea that the same volume of hydrogen, weighing one gram, could bear anyway heat in 109,000 calories, seems ridiculous. As a result “the official text“ seemed unreal. Thus, “additional heat“, apparently, proceeds from an unknown source … If to compare the first editions of the scientific encyclopedia of Norton (1921 - 1950, the first - the sixth releases) with later (1976) will become obvious that the science was much simpler in times preceding adoption of law on national security. Later edition reflects suspicious attempts to hide a certain scientific knowledge, made according to laws on national security and big distribution of relativistic quantum mechanics“. And Lyne comes to the following conclusion: “The received result by 1058 times surpasses entrance energy. In my opinion, hydrogen not “fuel“ in this process, and the “Wednesday“ used for extraction from air of space energy (energy of the main sunshine) and its transformation to infrared (thermal) radiation“.

Reality and illusion in economy.

All know that the economy is banks, to be exact they blood system of economy. Banks help to redistribute accumulation of citizens and the organizations on the directions which are most effective at present and promise the greatest return. Especially it is not accepted to call in question a role in this process of the central banks of the most powerful powers of the world. Whether so it? Whether really banks serve economy and people?

It is known that the internal debt of the USA grows at the menacing rates. For its financing the Treasury of this rather well-to-do country annually should let out bonds for a large sum, than in previous year to block old obligations. However it is almost impossible to reform a national debt without reorganization of a banking system. The decision lies not in the plane of an internal debt, and all American banking system. Federal Reserve of the USA. Nobody asked a question whether the Federal Reserve of the USA is really federal, i.e. part of the American government? No, there is nothing “federal“ in this bank, just as there are also no reserves. It is the deception created in 1913 when there was a law on the Federal Reserve. It is not the state bank working for the good of all society. The truth is that it is the private bank which is operated by Board of directors on behalf of shareholders - individuals for extraction of private profit. It is private corporation. And no reserves which would provide the bank notes issued here which are national currency exist.

If we cease to speak about a budget deficit and government expenses, and we will think of the one who defines how many money we have to have, to us the truth opens that it is only big game, i.e. a continuous and frank cheating. Even the “iron“ amendment to the Constitution which would provide the balanced budget of the country will not help. The situation will be aggravated until we do not separate the reason from consequences. In 1913 the Congress gave to independent Central Bank with a deceptive name the Federal Reserve monopoly for issue of the American money. And the debt generated by this private corporation gradually kills economy of the USA, and together with it and the world economy.

The similar situation is traced also in banks of Europe. In the middle of the 17th century the British Empire was the only superstate of the world. However since creation of the private central bank - Bank of England - the country took part in 4 expensive wars. The price of such policy was excessive. To finance military operations, the government “completely got“ into debts to the central bank. As a result the internal debt of the British government grew to 140 million pounds sterling, the sum astronomical for those times. Finally, to support interest payments on debts to bank, the government grasped at the program of increase in the income of the budget at the expense of the taxation of the American colonies. However from colonies business looked a little differently. The record of greed of private central bank is still broken by nobody. It is Independence Hall in Philadelphia where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the USA were signed. In the middle of the 17th century pre-revolutionary America was rather poor country. Catastrophically there were not enough coins from precious metals for trade maintenance. Therefore the first colonists were forced to experiment with release of own paper money. Some of these attempts were quite successful. Franklin was an ardent supporter of release by colonists of the money. In 1757 it was sent to London. He lived 17 years, almost here prior to the American revolution. During this time colonists began to issue the paper money nicknamed “Colonial receipts“. Experiment was successful. It provided a well-tried remedy of an exchange, and also promoted strengthening of feeling of unity among colonists. “Colonial receipts“ were only the paper money, debt obligations which were issued in public interests and not provided gold and silver. In other words, they were purely “conditional“ currency. As a result one fine day the management of Bank of England asked Benjamin Franklin as he will explain unusual blossoming of colonies. Without any fluctuation he answered: “It is simple. In colonies we let out own currency. It is called “The colonial receipt“. We print it in strict accordance with requirements of trade and the industry that goods easily passed from the producer to the consumer. Thus, issuing for itself paper money, we control their purchasing power and are not interested in paying someone else“. As a result the Parliament of Great Britain in 1764 issued “The law on currency“. This law forbade administration of colonies issue of own money and obliged them to pay all taxes in gold and silver coins from now on. In other words, it violently transferred colonies to the gold standard. In only one year economic conditions worsened so that the era of prosperity ended. There came such depression that streets of the cities were filled with the unemployed. Colonists would readily bear small increase of taxes on tea and other things if the Bank of England did not select all money at colonies. It provoked growth of unemployment and national discontent. Inability of colonists to take away back the right for release of the money from hands of George III and the international bankers became the PRIME CAUSE of the American liberating war. At the right time, when in Lexington, the State of Massachusetts, the first shots of this war sounded on April 19, 1775, the British system of the taxation completely extorted all gold and silver coins from colonies. As a result, the colonial government for financing of war was forced to print paper money. At the beginning of revolution the size of the American money supply made 12 million dollars. By its end it reached 500 million dollars. The national currency became almost useless. For 5,000 dollars it was possible to buy only pair of boots.

Victor Alekseevich Yefimov in the book “Conceptual Power“ writes: “On an economic priority global enslavement of the under control countries is carried out by means of the world credit and financial system which is specially built for this purpose with granting money under percent and receiving on this basis of material benefits out of the sphere of creation. Peripheral part of this global supranational system of a robbery are so-called Central Banks, educations alien in essence in system of reasonably organized government. However and in our country, as well as in many other countries, this global international system of a robbery is disguised under one of types of business activity under the name “banking“. For reliability of a camouflage this activity included also socially useful functions, such, for example, as functions of settlement system of the country, issue of instruments of payment, however they do not change initial basic mission of the Central Bank. At the same time any heroic efforts of participants of productive work are nullified by inevitable transfer of all riches in the international corporation of creditors. It is known that in recent years our external public debt surpassed volumes of the state budget approximately twice. Besides we have large volumes of percentage loans at the level of territorial subjects of the federation and separate corporations. It leads to enormous percentage payments to the international usurers. For comparison we will note that at the time of Mongol - the Tatar yoke the country was laid under tribute only in 10% of the made product“ … “The free loan percent allows to build not only small and global financial pyramids, but also nation-wide. An essence their they are to give an opportunity to certain categories of structures to have the parasitic income on the financial capital, in absolute expression repeatedly surpassing, possible to receiving at investments to the sphere of production. It is clear, that the financial capital in such situation has no economic reasons to go to the sphere of production where profitability of its turn is repeatedly lower. The most curious consists that on payment of this superincome on without risk investments, means are withdrawn from the same sphere of production through system of extortionate taxes. Because nothing is created anywhere, except the sphere of productive work. All the rest - no more than redistribution mechanisms. The high internal loan percent creates illusion of advantage of attraction of the western credits. Actually, these credits are the most important source of parasitic prosperity of the West and upon are no more than usurious stranglehold. The enormous artificially created deficiency of own instruments of payment leads to import to the country of a huge number not of provided cash dollars providing about 60% of money turnover to any release of financial substitutes (the bill, tax releases, etc.) Their replacement and replacement by issue by equivalent money supply of the state in principle cannot be connected with any inflation. Full paralysis of system of calculations, the mechanism of maintenance of real production by adequate financial streams deliberately to order, is created by the Central Bank, but it behaves as if it is not its problem. In the majority of technological chains there is a raw materials, the equipment, personnel, is sold - generally everything, except current assets - elementary pieces of paper with the drawn figures. It is interesting how the heads of branch providing, say, needs of fleet of vehicles for gasoline, and poultry farms in sterns for 15% would be estimated? And paper with figures under the name “money“ is the obligatory technological environment in any process of production, same as gasoline, compound feeds, cement and so forth. Them has to be exactly so much how many it is required on technology, it is no more …, but also it is not less“ … The banking system can steadily exist, only as the structure providing efficiency of productive work. Today`s banking system is the state over the state, and loan percent, competing, forces out taxes of the state, providing instead of needs of the state of requirement of a supranational banking system which do not coincide with the purposes of either the state, or his officials, or its population. If the legislation holds back loan percent, then whatever spoke about state regulation of economy, bank regulation of the state, and through it some regulation of economy will always take place.

Reality and illusion in structures of the power.

The ordinary human consciousness formed by modern pedagogics and mass media perceives the government as the highest form of government, distinguishing at the same time the ideological power, executive, legislative and judicial.

The ideological power - “dresses“ the concept of public administration and a society organization, strategy and problems of development of the state in attractive ideological forms for the people, brings them to broad masses, focuses, organizes and activates society on achievement of goals, participates in high-quality personnel filling of authorities, provides unity of the power and the people, exercises public control over activity of authorities, forms problems of society, brings them to authorities and offers ways of their decision, and also together with them provides their effective and timely permission.

Executive power introduces in life and realizes the concept of public administration and a society organization, strategy and problems of development of the state and a course of a foreign and domestic state policy, structural and unstructured, relying on public traditions, mentality of the people and Laws, developing long-term, medium-term and short-term plans and programs, an order and tactics of their realization, providing “transparency“, efficiency, rationality and a solvency of the actions, continuous mutually cooperation with society and other branches of the power, strictly observing the rights of citizens, carrying out the Constitution and Laws.

The legislature - brings strict legal norms and rules under the concept of public administration and a society organization, strategy and problems of development of the state, a course of foreign and domestic policy, providing with Laws the main aspects of life of society and state, strictly regulating all state procedures so that they did not strike at the right of citizens and their advantage.

Judicial authority - strictly monitors respecting the rule of law in the state and life of society, resolves conflict situations, provides inevitable and corresponding to fault punishment to violators of Laws.

It is considered that the country the parliament, that is some parties chosen by the people operates. It is so to speak a top of ruling system conventional and all clear, there is a president, he has functions as and at parliament. Many people think that the president - the most powerful figure in structures of the power. It is extremely difficult to convince people of the return. Difficulties are connected not with limitation and not with a difference of intellectual opportunities, and is exclusive with the dominating stereotypes, with psychology and features of the process of thinking.

Victor Alekseevich Yefimov investigating systems of the power writes: “Management goes always on the same algoritmika. There is certain “truth“ - which is known only “devoted“, and there is a certain lie. And in order that others did not distinguish deception - the Lie breaks into two lie between which the people are located. Thus, even if someone begins to understand something - it gets to other trap - lie number two. If to consider it at the level of the choice of the power, then we are given as if the choice - either DEMOCRACY, or LIBERAL views. Choosing a system of the power you will also be forced to make a choice - either Socialism, or Capitalism. And so on. Of what people would not make a choice - it will not change a situation. The people are just swung between two in advance provided false concepts, and, any of them has no relation to prosperity of the people. It is possible to live perfectly at a private property, it is possible to live perfectly at public property, not this main thing. And what main thing? The main thing - who prints money under what percent they are given who owns a rent on natural resources who provides stability of tariffs, if tariffs begin to jump, then it will disorganize all economy. In Russia, for example, people are presented with a choice: there is a Plan, and there is a Market. Spoke to them earlier: at us it was bad because we had a plan, and now speak: to us it is bad because we have a market. This rocking of opinion of people to another comes from one lie from - for their ignorances and misunderstandings. The plan is structural methods of management, and the Market is unstructured methods of management, and they are never opposed each other, they can give effect only supplementing each other.