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Survival (Part 2. Reality And Illusion In the history)

Survival (Part 2. The reality and illusion in the history)

Scientific books and museum expositions, historical novels and movies convince us that almost everything is known of history of mankind and practically on any question of inquisitive reason historians surely will have a ready answer. However if we peer into ours last more fixedly, then we will find a set of strangenesses and disagreements there. Why, say, painters of the Middle Ages, usually attentive to historical details, represented bible and antique characters how contemporaries? How ancient soldiers could cut the enemies with bronze swords if bronze was not in those days yet? And from where the weapon from iron undertook in Ancient Egypt? And on what basis Ivan the Terrible called himself the lineal descendant of the Roman emperor Augustus? It would seem, these and many other riddles had to force historians to peer into our past more fixedly. But it still did not happen and therefore involuntarily there is a question: and whether really we know the history? No, we do not know.

Since the most ancient times and up to now all history of mankind is accurately dated. It is possible to find the answer in numerous historical and archaeological reference books practically on any question. Unique exhibits - witnesses of the left eras are stored in the museums of the whole world. Among them there will hardly be at least one on which plate it will be written: “the origin is unknown“ or “the age is unknown“. All these objects are pedantically grouped and spread out in a strict chronological order. But why scientists came to a conclusion that, for example, this jug belongs to the fifth century B.C., and this - by the eighth century of our era? It is considered to be that methods of definition of age of ancient objects are well checked, and, above all, are very reliable. But whether so it actually? Whether really world history is based on strict scientific proofs? No and no.

In the modern world all world history, not to mention history of the certain states and the people, is forged. Falsification of history goes not from ignorance, on the contrary, it is absolutely conscious activity connected with political, is state - imperious, or clan interests. The purpose of falsification consists in change of last and today`s picture of the world to justify the existing norms and concepts. So ruling circles most simply can protect the power, and the positions.

Falsification is a conscious perversion of truth, and practices many centuries. Changing idea of the past, prepare changes in the near future. A kind of falsification of world history is as well concealment of the truth about local historical events. And the truth is given sometimes for simple fiction.

The chronology accepted today and history of the ancient and medieval world, was created finally in the 16th century AD and contains serious mistakes. It was understood and throughout the long period many outstanding scientists discussed. But to construct the new, consistent concept of chronology it was a complex challenge. Since 1975, the group of mathematicians, generally from MSU was engaged in development of this problem. The interesting results published both in scientific periodicals and in the form of separate monographs were received.

A problem of chronology - it is correct to order events on a timeline according to information which is available at our disposal. This task naturally fits into the area of appendices of modern mathematical statistics, the theory of information. Methods purely of the humanities what history is, are insufficient for the solution of chronological tasks. The new chronology dictates other psychological picture of perception of antiquity. The analysis of chronology and history of scientists opened amazing circumstance. On the basis of the mathematical methods applied by us it was proved that skaligerovsky chronology and consequently also the skaligerovsky history “antiquities“ and the Middle Ages, is quite misleading. Moreover, it turned out that our history up to the end of the 16th century was consciously forged during era of 17 - 18 centuries.

To begin work on identification of truth, in Russia was the whole institute is created: “Laboratory of Alternative History“ under the leadership of Andrey Sklyarov. The group of scientists investigated the most ancient monuments on the planet, and shot a set of scientific documentaries “Taboo Subjects of History“. There you will find indisputable proofs of everything that we told, and many other things. One of the most interesting opening is the many thousands collection of the stones of Iki collected by the doctor and professor of medicine Javier Cabrera. In it there are incontestable proofs of existence of dinosaurs several thousands years ago, and their coexistence with people. In a collection a set of species of dinosaurs already known to science, and a great number of unknown. In it there are also proofs of absolutely other arrangement of continents on our planet in the ancient time, and also certificates of almost modern knowledge of people of astronomy, medicine and physics, and many other things.

All system of modern education is constructed on suggestion trained in thought of infallibility of historical science. Installation is formed that written in textbooks and books is the Truth established once and for all and which is not subject to doubt and revision. This installation is supported also by all hierarchical system of positions and ranks in official science, - each scientific situation acquires the theses of different level, articles and monographs inseparably linked with the authority (and consequently, and the taken place in hierarchy) their authors. Therefore nowadays change of scientific views - very disease process infringing on numerous personal interests. And therefore all new should overcome the strongest resistance from the point of view which is officially recognized at the moment time. Some, officially recognized, the version of the past not only dominates, but also in every possible way resists attempts of attempt at its monopoly. Therefore materials and artifacts, the hypotheses and assumptions which are not entered in the official version in every possible way are suppressed, rejected or exposed to ruthless criticism and obstruction. Result of it is the fact that both search of alternative versions, and in general establishment of the Objective Truth extremely is at a loss.

The author of the Project experienced difficulties of search of particles of material, search of “mosaic the splinters“ which are not keeping within the official version and often directly contradicting it. It is necessary “to shovel“ the mass of books, magazines, newspapers (it is frequent with very doubtful information) to get some “small“ artifact or fruitful idea which are contrary to an official picture of our Past. And this Project - “The Laboratory of Alternative History“ - one of the tasks has simplification interested problem of ancient civilizations of access to similar materials.

Reality and illusion in archeology.

And methods of dating of these or those eras and events are far from perfect, and in the majority are wrong in a root. Methods of dating of the studied sources in archeology are especially problematic. The problem was actual from the moment of origin of the archeology, is actual now and there will be that and in the future. The studied subject one, and dates it can have a great variety. One will estimate it at millions of years, others at thousands, and actually it can turn out that to it several hundreds of years. So at the Ilan`s Bar University students decided to play a trick on professor of archeology, bought and dug a new clay jug to the earth, and in 5 years dug out it and brought to the teacher on dating. Professor gave to a jug more than one thousand years …

It is not a joke. It is a little archaeological methods and all of them are inexact. One of archaeological methods is the stratigraphy method. Fixing some sequence of complexes, it gives the most exact data for relative chronology. For this reason multilayered settlements are so important for archeology. Certain difficulties can arise by comparison of various monuments when instead of one stratigrafichesky column there is two or several. In such situations it is necessary to make a start from the fact that the most similar on a combination of signs layers can be considered the closest by date. However, if it is established, let us assume, that the layer And one settlement corresponds to a layer D the second, it does not lead to an identification by date of other layers of these settlements as duration of their deposits can be different, and some layers can be absent on one of settlements for any historical reason. Therefore the same procedure has to be executed also with all other layers. The task facing the archeologist (dating and synchronization) considerably becomes complicated when the single-layer settlements or complexes which are not connected with a stratigraphy become object of research. It is obvious that full similarity, identity how many - nibud large complexes are impossible as archaeological material is extremely various. The second fundamental method of archeology - typological. It is based on association of finds in typological ranks - series of the things having one or several the repeating or progressing signs. For establishment of date of type it is necessary to have some series of the basic complexes containing things of this type. The interval of time limited to extreme dates in this series will also define date of type. It is obvious that reliability and reliability of such date directly depends on number and date of the used basic complexes. The following method - arkheomagneticheskiya. It is considered that thermoresidual magnetization is a magnetic memory of Earth, and it can serve not only for search of archaeological monuments, but also for definition of their age. Property of remember rocks the size, and the direction of a magnetic field which was at the time of the last heating of this breed is the cornerstone of a method of magnetic dating. However the given biggest characteristic of physical bases of a method of magnetic dating is very far from real practice of research. The reason in century changes of size and the direction of a magnetic field of Earth, as well as many other geographical phenomena. One more method - potassium - argon. Potassium rather widespread element, is a part of many minerals. At disintegration of a nuclide potassium-40 (40K - a half-life period 1,25 billion years) is formed argon 40 (40Ar - it is considered stable). It is considered that atoms of argon are “locked“ in rock, as in a trap. Content of potassium in a mineral is defined by structure and structure of this mineral therefore many minerals have specific contents 40K. At potassium - an argon method in the studied sample contents 40Ar is defined. Each atom 40Ar is formed at disintegration of one kernel 40K therefore it is possible to define number of the disintegrations (and, therefore, number of half-life periods) which took place since formation of a mineral. However this method does not consider any natural changes and cataclysms, and also solar activity, influence of space beams, natural radioactivity, ultra-violet radiation which exert a great influence on all substances and their components. Also the initial amount of potassium and argon in minerals is not considered. That is there is no point of support, so and conclusions will be unreal.

From told will become clear that statements about various eras of life on the earth in hundreds of thousands and millions of years are just the myth, an invention as have no evidence. It is considered that dinosaurs lived millions years ago, and on it supposedly there are proofs. Anything similar, proofs are not present. For dating of biological remains use a radio-carbon method today. Radioactive isotope of carbon C - 14 is formed in an upper atmosphere, quickly is oxidized and together with atmospheric carbonic acid is acquired by plants and live organisms, entering, thus, an exchange cycle of carbon in the biosphere. Throughout organism life the quantity broken up With - 14 is replenished new, arriving from natural sources. But after death isotope ceases to be acquired, and the fact that remained in an organism, continues to break up with a constant speed. Knowing a half-life period With - 14 - it makes 5730 ± 40 years, and quantity it in bones of remains, calculate their age. But measurement of age of a subject by a radio-carbon method perhaps only when the ratio of isotopes in a sample was not broken during its existence, that is the sample was not polluted by uglerodosoderzhashchy materials of later or earlier origin, radioactive materials and was not affected by strong sources of radiation. Also the initial amount of carbon C - 14 is not considered. This method works, only if to accept that the ratio radioactive and stable isotopes of carbon in the atmosphere and in the biosphere is approximately identical and constant. But it is impossible, our world constantly undergoes changes: solar activity and influence of celestial bodies changes, the ratio of live and vegetable forms on the planet changes, there are world cataclysms and many other things. That is, and this method has no point of support, so, conclusions will be wrong that we also observe.