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Survival (Part 1. The highest human nature)

Survival (Part 1. The highest human nature)

It is obvious that the person is the surpassing being in our world. He thinks, speaks, creates. Also it seems that there is for it nothing possible. The person - a being material and spiritual at the same time, having consciousness. Having soul, he is directly connected with the highest spirituality. But not only the person is connected with the divine principle and has consciousness, has consciousness everything existing, just at the different levels and in different degree. Each mote has a guiding path in spirituality, at each subject, a plant and a being, a difference only in their quantity. Though the chemical composition of grain is known to people and they can create it artificially, but from artificial grain of any plant cannot grow because in it will be mute to be absent that divine principle which is enclosed in natural grain as a vital impulse, as forces it in certain time under certain conditions to give life to a certain plant. Set of conditions of matter, the movement and the divine principle creates what we call life. Expediency, a harmony and regularity of the universe, beauty, greatness and boundlessness of the Universe speak about the boundless strength and boundless wisdom of the Creator who created an infinite variety and a set from initial unity and kept initial unity in an infinite variety. In what the highest human nature consists?

Only the person is the receiver and a transmutator of spiritual energiya. Only its role in the universe consists in transformation of the lowest types of matter into higher and their further raising into spirituality from where they fell and materialized. Its organism is created for this purpose and possesses all necessary bodies for this purpose. Except physical bodies of perception, the human body possesses a set of various glands and the whole network of the thinnest nerves which are weaved into knots and textures. All these bodies, all glands, nerves, nervous textures and knots, besides that role which they play in physical human life execute various functions in his mental life. All of them psikhotvorit. And not only they, but each cell of our body and bodies of our body, except physical life, leads mental, spiritual life. Each atom of our body is conscious reasonable essence. Besides the listed bodies, the human body possesses the special centers for familiarizing with the highest worlds, for perception of dukhovnost of the highest order. Each body and each center - are the creative strength of the person. These centers, are located in various parts of our body and are at the vast majority of people in the sleeping state. The highest, main center is epifiz shishkovidny gland or “the third eye“ which is responsible for paranormal abilities of the person: telekinesis, clairvoyance, telepathy, ability to change properties of matter and many other things. Epifiz haunts researchers. Trying to understand its appointment, some of them paid attention to surprising mobility of this mysterious body, ability to rotate like an eye. Started talking even about direct similarity of shishkovidny gland to an eyeball as it also has a lens and receptors for perception of flowers. Scientists only just began to pay attention to the highest human nature, they believe that “crystals“ of an epifiz are carriers of holograms and form the main center of a human body, its setting rhythm spatially - temporary existence. Everything in the world is under construction under laws of harmony and a rhythm. Everything is under construction, develops and lives a measure and number. Everything, according to a svoyom to appointment in the universe, receives the measure, the size of forces necessary to everyone and the number of attributes necessary to everyone for identification of that role in the universe which is intended to it. In the nature there is nothing ugly or negative. All nature is absolute beauty. Whether we will take the severe and wild nature of the North, with its stunted and poor vegetation, or the magnificent nature of tropics, with their rich fauna and flora, we steadily everywhere will find the peculiar beauty peculiar only to these conditions and this district. Who did not admire rising and a sunset; boundless scope of deserts and steppes; bottomless depth of heaven, with their uncountable stars at night; the attracting silence and a bewitching charm of the wood; majestic type of mountain tops and chains; a terrible picture of a raging sea, that got into understanding of beauty of the universe a little. And what beauty of a rainbow and polar lights! But the most perfect work on beauty - is the perfect person. All beauty of the universe was embodied in the perfect person. The perfect person - the person highly spiritual, managed to realize all the potential. Spirituality of the person - is the highest and reasonable manifestation of divine force, it is truly immortal and eternal because spirituality as a universe basis, cannot stop the existence or to be destroyed, the spirit creates everything and everything destroys, and there is nothing the highest and more powerful any more that could absorb and destroy it. Our root - the first person at the time of his creation, the highest and powerful being in the Universe in all worlds, creation of the God. So, each of us has an opportunity “to grow“ and “rise“, and eventually to become the perfect person.

The person “is never equal to himself“. We quite often do not even find time to realize a glubinnost of this maxim. The person always goes beyond own limits, the person always seeks for development in all directions, not excepting deep, intrinsic, intimate. The person always aspires to a zapredelnost, so he constantly grows, constantly directs, constantly is in search and ascension to own opportunities. The majority of human passions is connected at all not with desire to gorge on or aspiration to copulate. People are in searches of the Highest. Time of people begins to look for something out of it, aspires out of limits of own world, means to it closely here, uncomfortably, inconveniently, it is not its real world. Even if all external is, so everything - something paramount lacks. Such is the principle of any motivation - the aspiration is generated by a shortcoming, inclination is generated by shortage, the movement to something is generated by an anticipation of the desired experiences connected with a meeting with required. Anyway, religiousness and mysticism are if not central, then at least topmost phenomena of human destiny. In search of the Highest the person inevitably seeks for contact with universal, with space. In each of us there will always be riddles which did not receive the interpretation satisfying reason how many we wondered “why? “yes“, what for?“. Just the person is religious, such is his true nature, such is his terrestrial destiny - on all ways of the life to look for the most precious, the most favourite, the closest, clear and native. Someone idolizes money, someone wants to idolize darling, someone manages to idolize himself. For all our lyubovyam and aspirations it is looked through Main Driving Sil - Sil Razvitiya. It inspires the person on music, poetry, an art, pushes the person on feats, causes in it irresistible desire to knowledge of and only around. Sil Razvitiya, it is formulated as desire to become more, than you are. This desire is finally met only in contact with Universal Whole, as if we called it. Then the person is satisfied with the searches. Then he calms down and stays at joyful rest of Return to Sources. Each person is in process of continuous development, he seeks to rise over circumstances of the life, over by itself. In it specifics of the person as moral being are also shown. Designating the top and lower limits of the existence (the good and evil, the sky and the earth, divine and animal), the person always is somewhere in the middle, he on a ladder which goes from below up, it to ways. If the person does not aspire to the prime targets, does not develop spiritually, then he becomes worse, than an animal. Human activity is built in the long term the last (highest) purpose (an ideal, perfection). This purpose is how reasonable and comprehended, are how pure motives of behavior of the person (are disinterested) - so he is moral.

What properties of the highest human nature? Purity, modesty, humility, truthfulness, kindness, tolerance, tranquility, self-control, fearlessness, strength of mind, simplicity, vigor, forgiveness, compassion, mercy, charity, abstemiousness. Let`s them sort. Purity - is meant it not only purity of a body, but also purity of spirit, purity of thoughts and acts of the person. Purity and a correctness in business management, commerce and in business is especially important. The modesty assumes absence of arrogance which arises from a false ego. The person understanding the position of the eternal servant of God always is modest. He knows that only favor it it could reach something in the life. Humility means modesty and force. It is a board which protects from anger, insults, misunderstanding. Humility protects from all superfluous and empty and allows to keep up to date, brings closer to God. Truthfulness conducts the person to truth. Its most important aspects are honesty and sincerity. She assumes lack of contradictions between real feelings and intentions concerning other person and how these feelings and intentions are presented to it in words. Kindness is a manifestation of sincere, good feelings in relation to whom or something. Kindness does us sympathetic and tolerant, capable to give to people around care and love. Kindness allows to open new in itself, having got rid of barriers, alienates the person from the evil and hatred. The tolerance is a harmony in variety. The tolerance means respect, acceptance and the correct understanding of rich variety of cultures of our world, our forms of self-expression and ways of manifestations of human identity. It is promoted by knowledge, openness, communication and freedom of thought, conscience and beliefs. The tolerance is a virtue which does possible an achievement of peace and promotes replacement of culture of war with culture of the world. Tranquility - a sign of balance and harmony without which the spiritual growth and perfection of the person are simply impossible. Observing tranquility always and everywhere, it is possible to overcome any vital problems. The self-control is an ability and a habit to control the behavior, to be self-controlled, the movements, the speech, to abstain from actions which are realized as unnecessary or harmful in these conditions. Even in difficult conditions he does not lose presence of mind, keeps cool, is able to get it together. The stood person is hardy and patient as in relation to short-term irritants (for example, sharp pain), and to for a long time acting (the aching pain, boring work, painful expectation). He is able to transfer the adversities and deprivations inflicting on it physical suffering in case of need, to constrain when it is necessary, the requirements (hunger, thirst, need for rest etc.) . Fearlessness is a property of the soul which completely handed itself to God. The one who has perfect faith in God is completely fearless. Strength of mind is an ability of the person to force itself something do through “I cannot“. It is the major driving factor at achievement of a goal. It often becomes the reason of the last effort for achievement of a victory when already standard physical capacities are completely exhausted. Simplicity is a reasonable naturalness of a way of life, behavior, unpretentiousness, absence of arrogance, importance. It is also the biggest wisdom. It is the fact that it is the most difficult on light; it is an extreme limit of experience and the last effort of the genius. Vigor means mobility and quickness. People have to be vigorous, strong, purposeful, it will allow them to avoid misses and miscalculations in life. Forgiveness is a free pardon of all offenses, the evils caused to the person. Having accustomed itself to forgiveness of people will clear the heart of hatred and revenge, the special status before God will deserve. The compassion is a happy thought which moves you to help other beings. It rises when you see their misfortunes and pain and when from depth of heart you feel that you want to alleviate this suffering. It is the main ethical principle in relationship of the person with people and all other beings. Mercy is a desire to bring benefit to other people, without thinking of remuneration. One of three bases on which there is a world. Charity - means a donation that who is connected with spiritual work and is busy with distribution of spiritual knowledge. It promotes development in the person of the spiritual beginning, opens his heart. An abstemiousness - the principle of behavior and a way of life which is characterized by extremely possible abstemiousness in satisfaction of requirements, refusal of excesses for spiritual growth. The person has to be abstinent concerning a body, mind and language.

Life is a fight. Possessing the divine principle from part of the world, the modern person at the same time possesses also the lowest beginning from Darkness. These two contrasts - in us, also are in continuous and uncompromising struggle. Arrogance, envy, vanity, anger, roughness, hatred and ignorance - here properties of the lowest beginning of the person. Quite often being educated and rich, people in whom the lowest beginning prevails, are proud of the situation in society, and instead of serving God, demand worship of. At the same time forgetting that only favor of the Creator they found the wealth and education. Material it or spiritually - everything belongs to God, and He allocates everyone at his will. It is unreasonable to believe that someone without favor of God could reach perfection in science or in economy, in life or in art. If God did not give brains to the person, force and vital energy whether he could become “a creation wreath“? God gives a body, reason to the person and money. It is a source of all real, and the living being, soul, its integral particle, atom in its shine. We see only a weak reflection of its glory, beauty, power and reason in material manifestation, its unlimited wealth and detachment, borrowing which we achieve success. We see that material existence is dual. It submits to forces of the good and evil. Hostility in human society is inevitable until everyone reaches consciousness of truth, having exempted from the materialistic concept of life which is based on consciousness “I there is matter product, I am a body“. The soul is pure. It is transcendental to all manifestations of the material nature which affects only a body, mind and reason of the person, but does not concern his soul. Only because the person identifies himself with a body, he is forced to submit to laws of this nature, gaining light or dark qualities during life. The person has to work on himself, strive for perfection, put himself into dependence on God, but not on other people and events. In it the secret of true freedom, equality and a brotherhood of all living beings united by the spiritual, transcendental nature also consists. Think of what you need to change in yourself. Begin to work on yourself and at you surely it will turn out. The human nature allows it to reach any tops both in self-correction and in self-development. Once you take the first step, everything will become such easy and clear. As soon as you decided that you want to change, it is worth remembering one rule is a constancy.