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Survival (Introduction) of

the Survival (Introduction)

We present to your attention a course of lectures “Survival“. About what survival the speech will go? The standard concept of a survival is a rescue of life, that is life of a physical body, and providing for it the acceptable standard of living.

Physical human life so is short and the instinct of self-preservation does not allow it to neglect this life. It will be a question of a spiritual survival of the person, of his survival as the independent unique being who got to this rough material world, and concluded in a framework of a physical body.

To survive, skills of a survival are necessary for the person, but only they it will not rescue one. First of all it needs the correct relation to a situation. All knowledge in the world loses the value if the person has no will to live. With installation on a survival of people finds huge opportunities to get out of any situation. Irrespective of in what difficult situation you appeared, you remember - you have necessary resources to overcome any difficulties. It is your strength of mind and your spiritual opportunities. Our lectures are devoted to a spiritual survival of the person.

The person, being born in this world, shouts and cries. Why?. From the moment of the birth the direct connection of the child with an organism of mother stops. The newborn lets out cry, and at the first sigh air gets into his lungs. From this point the child begins to breathe independently, and later and independently to eat. The first period of life of the child, the so-called period of a neonatality which proceeds 3 - 4 weeks begins. The child gets on Wednesday, new, unusual for it, shouts and cries, to him it is terrible, his fight for a survival so begins.

Several months he sobs violently at the slightest pretext. He does not understand what here occurs. Giving a hand to something, he hopes that this thing itself to it will arrive. Raising eyes to the sky, he hopes that he will be able to fly up and look at it close. Having heard a sound, he hopes that he at his desire the made sound will appear before it and will be identified. But nothing it occurs, to the child it becomes terrible, laws of an inner world to which he got used, here in our rough material world do not work at all. The horror overflows his brain, and hysterical shout escapes outside. Accustoming to the new world begins - its fight for a survival continues.

Passes several years and from all directions the child begins to be limited. Deprivation of freedoms and installation of borders are urged to enter it into system of values in which there live his parents. Accustoming to a certain order and borders begins - its fight for a survival continues.

Further, in the period of youth, the initial school stage, there is a formation of the personality. In spite of the fact that the personality is generally formed during communication with other people, process of formation of the personality is affected by several factors:

First of all the genetic features received by it at the birth exert impact on formation of the personality. Hereditary lines are base for formation of the personality. Such hereditary qualities as abilities or physical qualities, leave a mark on its character, a way of perception of world around and an assessment of other people. Biological heredity in many respects explains identity of the personality, her difference from others.

The second factor exerting impact on formation of the identity of the person is influence of a physical environment. It is obvious that the environment surrounding us constantly influences our behavior, participates in formation of the human person. For example, we connect emergence of civilizations, tribes, separate groups of the population with influence of climate. The people who grew up in different climate differ from each other. The nature constantly influences us, and we have to answer this influence through change of the personal structure.

As the third factor of formation of the identity of the person it is considered to be influence of culture. Any culture possesses a certain set of social norms and the divided values. This set is the general for members of this society or social group. For this reason representatives of each culture have to show tolerance in relation to these norms and systems of values.

The fourth factor forming the identity of the person is influence of a social environment. This factor can be considered as the basic in the course of formation of personal qualities of the person. Influence of a social environment is carried out through socialization process. Socialization of the personality can take various forms. For example, socialization through imitation, the accounting of reactions of other people, generalization of different forms of behavior is observed.

The fifth factor forming the identity of the person in modern society is individual experience of the person. The essence of influence of this factor is that each person gets into different situations during which he comes under influence of other people and a physical environment. The sequence of such situations is unique for each person and is guided by future events, an outcome from positive and negative perception of last situations. Unique individual experience represents one of the most significant factors of formation of the identity of the person.

Formation of the personality is impossible without the conflicts and collisions - and fight of the person for a survival continues.

Further the period of secondary and higher education follows, the outlook of the person is formed. It is a body of our life. The outlook is a complex form of consciousness, comprehensive the most different layers of human experience, and is capable to move apart a narrow framework of daily occurrence, the concrete place and time, to correlate this person to other people, including and those that lived earlier, will live then. In outlook experience of explanation of a semantic basis of human life is saved up, all new generations of people join an inner world of great-grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers, contemporaries, carefully storing something, resolutely refusing something. The outlook is a set of views, estimates, the principles defining the most general vision, understanding of the world. Who exerts decisive impact on minds of people - that rules the World. To tell more precisely: the one who operates flows of information which form outlook of people - that rules the World. Therefore, the consciousness and outlook of people, that is a condition of our society - ours, with you life, depends on purity of sources of information. Are a part of outlook and play in it is mute an important role the generalized knowledge daily, or vitally - practical, professional, scientific. Than more solidly the stock of knowledge during this or that era, at these or those people or the certain person, especially a serious support can receive the corresponding outlook. The naive, uneducated consciousness has no sufficient means for accurate, consecutive, rational justification of the views, addressing often fantastic fictions, beliefs, customs. Such people easily submit to foreign will, it is easy to deceive them, it is easy to operate them.

Fight of the person for a survival during this period of life is included into a new phase.

Further the mature period of human life when it enters fight for the place in the sun follows. Search of truth, fight for the rights begins. The person endures hopes and disappointments, progress and failures. It asks questions more and more: why? Why does that happen? Why with it? Why now? For some reason? Why it?. If the person is ready and wants to change everything, then revaluation of values, the principles, outlooks begins. But, that to change something, mostly it lacks understanding of true reality. To convince the person of the truth which is not answering to centuries-old traditional representations, extremely difficult. Difficulties are connected not with limitation and not with a difference of intellectual opportunities, and with the stereotypes dominating in society with psychology and features of the process of thinking.

The purpose of our lectures - to help the person to begin to see clearly and survive as spiritual creation in rough physical reality of our world. For this purpose it is necessary for it:

- to realize the highest nature,
- to understand what is real and that - illusion,
- to understand the mission and to try to justify the life spared it,
- to understand system of its parnasa and welfare,
- to help with creation of relationship,
- to avoid stresses and failures,
- it is easy to go on life and with it is proud of the raised head.

All this is very actual, people look for understanding and enlightenment. Of it as nothing will be better told by N. Kuznetsov`s verses “Wake up people“:

Who created this world faceless,
where are defamed flowers.
On walls only of light patches of light,
and in souls are burned bridges … Who made by
heart so vulnerable,
and reason clamped in tesk?
Why we lie the darling?
Why we howl from melancholy?
I what will remain for us?
I who will show to children a way? When we went to seed
when from eyes not salt, but mercury. it is easy for
to tell that everything will pass,
is easy to fall and to disappear quietly.
I my grief with me will leave, there is no
sense in the world it to dry.
Not to me to judge people and Not to me to solve the world,
who is right who is not.
our planet is a shooting gallery ….
our desires are a nonsense
our sufferings - it is a penalty.
But from whom and why?
In soul not to extinguish the fire -
Ya with it I will burn down, I with it will leave …
Who am I? In what washed away the universe?
Why I write all this?
to wake your consciousness.
Wake up people! I ask …