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Deleting of the complexes

Deleting of Complexes

All people without exception suffer from complexes. One to a lesser extent, others in bigger. Types of complexes are numerous and diverse also as people. In society the inferiority complex and a complex of superiority most dominate (megalomania). Today we will pay attention to them, but at first let`s give definition of a complex. To ́ mpleks is the concept designating set of the representations, motives and installations influencing development and functioning of the personality and behavior of the person. This concept has negative implication and is used for the description of “sore point“ in soul of the person. Touching it it is possible to provoke aggression, for example, or leaving in itself. Let`s begin with superiority complex as it is the main scourge of mankind.

The megalomania is a complex which is expressed in revaluation of the importance, popularity, popularity, wealth, the power, influence on people around, etc. The one who suffers from megalomania should know that admire it that it is loved and appreciated. It is not always simple to define megalomania. In appearance can seem that the person or just jokes, or he has such mood. There are several simple symptoms which can be defined independently. At the person suffering from megalomania, constantly suspicious mood he suffers from variability of mood, and cardinal. It can change several times for day. Hyperactivity, sometimes talkativeness, decrease in need for a dream, increase of a self-assessment. Superiority complex often is followed by aggression, people in whom it is inherent create a big burden for society. One more of manifestations of megalomania - the honors pupil`s complex, is shown it at girls and women in desire to be the first and the best in everything: education of children, cooking, appearance. The megalomania develops such negative and dangerous lines in the person as arrogance, arrogance, rage, vindictiveness, misanthropy. Once again I will tell that people without complexes do not exist, at someone they are shown less, someone has more. Any person with whom we communicate in a varying degree is afraid of something, for example, is afraid to seem ridiculous or silly before the interlocutor. The problem is aggravated also with the fact that the megalomania is very easily transformed to an inferiority complex and other, more serious mental disorders. The brightest representatives of a complex of superiority are rich people. The success in affairs, high financial position and the power force them to think of themselves, as of the special person, in everything surpassing other people. Blinded by the status, they so get used to a role of the surpassing personality that they completely lose control over understanding of the true being. For this reason for most of rich people loss of their status is equivalent death. There are hundreds of examples of the rich people who committed suicide from - for material crash. The motive of their ominous act is very simple: great cannot live as all. These people considered themselves as “inhabitants of heaven“. It seemed, they are able to afford all. But there came crises, and it became clear that it far not so. After a rough holiday of life there came the heavy and bitter hangover. So at the time of the Great depression in the USA suicides increased in the scale of national disaster. The ruined millionaires were thrown out every day from windows of skyscrapers on Wal - the Street. I want to tell you of one recent case which occurred in Germany about death of one of the most successful citizens of this country. The 74th summer businessman billionaire Adolf Merkle who entered one hundred the richest people on the planet earlier went bankrupt and rushed under the train.

How to fight against superiority complex? It is not necessary to fight against it, it needs to be erased completely from life. How to make it? Revaluation of values is for this purpose necessary. For a start it is necessary to stop thinking about the superiority over others. Money and the power do not do the person special, changes happen not in him, and in its pocket. Further it is necessary to pull out mentally itself from the center of the world, this place takes only his Creator. It is important to understand and realize that the world does not rotate around you, you are not its center, and rotate around it together with other people. Remember from where you came and where you go, realize that from your material benefits you with yourself will take away nothing. They never were yours, just you were given the chance to take them at themselves and to dispose of them for some time. I want to give to you an example of other billionaire who lost everything too, both remained and has to, but could understand himself and change. And, if before crash he in every possible way advertized the imaginary superiority, then after it became staid, became modest, began to act on television with interesting and useful material, to write books, interesting and useful to people. His name Donald John Trump. He was a difficult child and already at younger school differed in intolerable behavior. In 13 - summer age parents decided to send Donald to New - York Military Academy in hope that though there he will be accustomed to discipline. During the time spent in Academy, Donald comprehended true meaning of the competition and understood that for achievement of the desirable it is necessary to be aggressive. He was not a poor guy who all life dreamed to get out of poverty. Already from the moment of the birth Donald was a millionaire. Fred Trump - the construction magnate equipping residential buildings of New - York was his father. Having taken the lifting capital from the father, in 1974 Donald carried out the first independent transaction. He bought the constructed at the beginning of the 20th century and already very shabby hotel Commodore adjoining the station “Grandee Tsentral“ from the bankrupt railway company Penny Central Railroad. Trump managed to persuade the city authorities to grant it a delay of payment of taxes on property for 40 years, and banks - to issue the credits of $70 million for financing of construction on the place of Commodore of new hotel, and Hyatt of Corporation - to provide the brand. And soon on the place of decrepit Commodore the magnificent hotel “Grandee Hyatt“ appeared. Several years prior to legalization in 1976 of a gaming in Atlantic - City it began to buy up the land plots there. By 1982 this earth cost already more than $20 million. But valid the largest nu - the York builder it was made by construction of a skyscraper of Trump Tower. In 1979 he received for long-term rent for $45 million the department store building. Three years later, in 1982, magnificent opening magnificent 68 - floor Trump - a Tower, at that time the highest and expensive structure from the reinforced concrete in New - York took place. Only in 1988 Trump received from this building $100 million ($90 million more other co-owners received) and $30 million - for the earth under it. 1980 - e years became gold time of Trump - all his projects gushed forth in millions. Though Trump never differed in modesty, now his behavior bordered on megalomania. As there are affairs, it began to answer a question simply: “Donald to be good“. When competitors tried to drive Donald out of the market, reducing the prices, Trump, on the contrary, lifted them. He knew that rich consumers worry not about the price, and for quality, and “gold“ meters were bought up suddenly. Having ended construction of Trump Tower, Donald redeemed a complex worth $250 million under the name “Harra“ and renamed an institution into Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino which became in Atlantic City the same symbol, as well as Trump Tower in New - York. He also bought hotel - a casino Hilton in Atlantic City, but when the corporation could not obtain the license for the right to be engaged in a gaming, he renamed a complex worth $320 million into Trump Castle. A little later, in 1990, he bought the most expensive hotel - a casino in the world of Taj Mahal. At peak of wealth, in 1989, Trump`s empire besides Trump Tower and a casino included Trump Parc which represented 24 thousand in Atlantic City. rent rooms and apartments, Trump Shuttle Airline airline, a river casino in Indiana, the soccer team New Jersey Generals of Football League of the USA, Trump Castle hotel and luxurious private houses. His great name was the main attribute of any enterprise of Trump. Decorating the building or the plane with the name, he was sure that it will immediately bring it money. But while Trump felt that he reached everything that wanted, he began to lose control over own business. Eventually, it could not balance between the current assets and the growing not paid debts. The instability of the market demanding big investments promised to Trump bankruptcy. Trump on the present became puzzled: the empire escaped from hands, the most powerful person in New - York became helpless. And in 1990 Trump fell into an awful state: from nearly $10 billion debts he was not able to pay loans for the sum more than $2 billion. Then crash was suffered by many other businessmen, but in difference, from them, Donald did not commit suicide and did not lower a hand. He could carry out revaluation of values to his lives and changed. He understood that he was only a small small screw in the great world car, but not her owner. He became staid, became modest, began to act on television with interesting and useful material, to write books, interesting and useful to people. The most instructive of them became: “A survival at top“ (1990), “Art of a survival“ (1991), “Return art“ (1997), “America which we deserve“ (2000), “How to become the rich“ (2004), “A way upward“ (2004), “Think as the billionaire. Everything that it is necessary to know about success, real estate and life in general“ (2004), “A success formula“ (2007).

Now we will talk about an inferiority complex. The inferiority complex is an experience of own uselessness, an otioseness and lameness when we feel, as defective goods, which if do not regret, then will simply write off and will throw out on “garbage can“. The inferiority complex is formed in the early childhood when the child begins to realize that his opportunities are not boundless, and all desires to realize - it is impossible. Using toys, the child loses various roles which to win back in real life - there is no opportunity. In these games, “overcoming“ restrictions, thus, the child realizes the desires. Having matured, the person is not bought on children`s toys. But adults have games - for adults. To someone, realizing requirements of the complexes, it is the simplest to come off on relatives, friends, or colleagues. It is simpler to someone to realize itself, similar to children, being fond of the world of our imagination. In such cases we, adults, compensate the inferiority complex, plunging into computer games, reading novels and viewing of series where we, being forgotten from daily occurrence, live others life. To everyone - the. Demonstration of signals which the person suffering from it tries to attract attention other people can be one of symptoms of an inferiority complex. Can be other symptoms insufficiency of contacts, fear of people, fear to make a mistake, constant tension. The inferiority complex sometimes is also subconscious reason of defects of the speech. Again I will remind that people without complexes do not exist, at someone they are shown less, someone has more. How to fight against an inferiority complex? It needs to be erased completely from life too in any way. Revaluation of values is for this purpose also necessary. For a start it is necessary to stop thinking about the lameness before others. The bad figure, rugged features or kosnorechy do not do the person defective, these are only external manifestations of his material cover, nothing more. Further it is necessary to pull out mentally itself from a dark corner of fear, uncertainty and constraint. It is important to understand and realize that before you the whole world with all its paints and opportunities. Remember from where you came and where you go, realize that time for life allocated to you with the Creator, of course. Understand that in your life there is a purpose too, to be exact the purposes, and you for their execution were given all necessary what correspond your potential to.

I want to give to you an example of the person, woman who had enough forces to pass a full way of deleting of an inferiority complex. I hope that this example will inspire you more, than any words and appeals. Her name of Suzan Boyle. Susan was born in the Scottish provincial town of Blackburn. Her parents were the Irish immigrants. In a family she was the youngest of ten children (four brothers and six sisters) out of whom only six drove. Susan was born when her mothers was under 50, and at the time of delivery she was quickly deprived of oxygen access. The diagnosis foretold difficulties in study which as a result led to mockeries at school. All called it “Susie Simple“ - “silly fellow Syuzi“, but she quickly learned not to pay attention to those who laughed at it. After leaving school she was employed only in her life - the cook - the trainee in college of the Western Lothian. She and lived all these years with mother, was never married and did not hope for it. But at the age of 47 years, a year later after death of mother, in it something changed. She understood that further so it is impossible to live, and could find forces to change. She very much likes to sing, but declared it just now, and in what a way declared, having proposed the candidature on a prestigious competition of singers of Great Britain - “Britain looks for talents“. Neither whistle of the audience in the hall, nor grins of members of the commission prevented it to step on the stage and to appear before tens of millions of TV viewers worldwide, did not prevent it to show the talent.

The album I Dreamed A Dream became its first album (I dreamed a dream). By results of pre-sales on, almost in three months prior to the planned release, it was recognized in Great Britain as the most sold debut album for all history of sales, and surpassed the previous leader, an album Spirit 24 of the summer singer Leona Lewis in quantity. The album Dreamed a Dream started with 1 at once - go places in a hit - parade of Billboard 200 in the States, these are 200 most popular and to the utmost on sale musical albums and pass - albums in the USA, published by the weekly Billboard. And the leading system of market researches Nielsen Sound Scan for the accounting of sales in the musical market of the USA declared establishment of a record as most successful debut solo of the singer for all history of its existence. Its first album I Dreamed a Dream, was sold within a year more than 14 million copies worldwide. Today even stars consider it as honor to sing from Suzan Boyle, for example Elaine Page.

Of course the subject of complexes is wide and diverse, but I hope, as this small video lecture will help you to cope with them. On it I say goodbye to you, and heartily I wish you success and udach in all your undertakings.