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How to prepare the stuffed pike?

For a start, probably, should be understood that the stuffed pike is not prepared every day. This, generally, festive dish. With all that it implies from here pluses and minuses.

And if it is possible to refer to the first tremendous and for a long time the memorable taste, original appearance due to which the stuffed pike can become decoration of any table, then to the second - the serious time expenditure necessary to prepare this dish.

And time, is such category Estimated by us is cheaper than cheap. But here we get it as you begin to understand already with age, rather expensively. Therefore before to tie a kitchen apron, it is necessary to think properly. That was not then excruciatingly painful if not for aimlessly lived years, for that time which had to be spent for this most stuffed pike.

And first of all it is necessary to resolve the main issue: and what fish is necessary to us on a finishing table? No, so that is clear that a pike. But what is specific? Small? Big? Or very big? To grams you should not specify its weight, naturally, but at least approximately to estimate whether it will get here into this biggest saucepan in our kitchen, it would be advisable.

As on me, so the best option is a pike from a kilogram of two hundred to a kilogram seven hundred.

In - the first as I already also spoke, under such small fish can always be found in kitchen the corresponding capacity - a saucepan, a cauldron or a poultry roaster which will fit it just.

In - the second for anybody not a secret that the living creatures are more senior, the its flavoring parameters it is worse. One business - veal, another - beef. And what nice songs sing about dairy pigs in kitchens of many countries of the non-Muslim world! To the stuffed pike of such dithyrambs did not get though she quite deserved them. But the general rule on the fact that flavoring characteristics of a dish from meat (fish) are inversely proportional to age of the one whom earlier this meat ran, jumped, floated or flew - treat also her.

And all - small shchurit you should not take on a farshirovka. You will get tired with them so that even the most sweet piece will not get into a mouth. And here 1200-1700 Most that! An optimum ratio between time spent for preparation of the stuffed pike and that pleasure which are derived by you and your guests from this dish at the holiday table.

So, were determined by the pike. Now about what is required to us besides it. In other words, about ingredients of this dish. Not so there is a lot of them. It is possible to carry long loaf, a glass of milk or low-fat cream and couple of testicles to the main. To auxiliary - on one napiform bulb and carrot. Well and, as usual, salt and black pepper to taste. And the last is necessary also in a ground look, and peas.

If everything listed is at us near at hand - we begin.

First of all we clean a pike, we delete at her gills and we wash fish with cold water. Then No, we do not clean. Carefully it is also accurately skinned with fishes. For this purpose we cut off at it the head, the left hand strong we hold the become bare spine (vertebral) bone, and right slowly we delay a skin, turning it inside out, back, to a tail. As soon as we reach to back, belly or anal fins, we take special scissors or a sharp knife in hand and we cut fins under a skin, so that their top part remained on it, and lower - in fish pulp. As we will reach a tail, we chop one of the last prikhvostovy vertebras and we turn out a skin its front party outside.

Everything, which we will fill forcemeat at us it is ready.

Now we clean a pike, we separate her fillet from a hrebtina and edges, we choose the parts of fins which are earlier cut off, but remained in fish and we start the meat grinder. A pike, as well as the majority of fresh-water fishes - animal bony, but you should not tire yourself with selection of small stones. Few times to pass fillet via the meat grinder, and, I assure you, you even will not feel any stones in a ready dish. But it - in ready, and now - we soak pulp of long loaf in milk or cream, we mix it with forcemeat and once again we pass the weight which turned out at us via the meat grinder.

Several important details. On the volume of the pulp of long loaf soaked in milk has to be approximately as much how many and purely fish forcemeat made by us after separation of fillet from bones. Long loaf and milk can be replaced or a semolina (2/3 two hundred-gram glasses), or standard (200 g) with packing of processed cream cheese.

After forcemeat with the long loaf soaked in milk once again will pass through the meat grinder, prisalivay it, we pepper, we drive in couple of crude testicles and again we knead. And after that we take in hand early prepared and till a time postponed away and we fill it with the prepared stuffing.

Stuffing chulochka has to be accurate and in order that the forcemeat extending when cooking did not tear a skin, not really dense. Besides - for ensuring safety of a pike skin on both sides slightly we pierce it a tip of a sharp knife, a wooden toothpick or a banal knitting spoke.

Well, and time to get the saucepan suitable us on volume from a kitchen locker came now. But before putting in it the pike who is already filled by forcemeat, we clean carrots and onions, we cut both that, and another rings which we stack on a bottom of our capacity. Already on them - a pike. And filled by chulochek forcemeat, and the fish head.

We pour water in a pan. So that it only - only covered fish. We add a pinch of peppercorn to our capacity and we include a plate on a maximum. It is necessary to bring to boiling liquid in a pan as soon as possible. And here is how water will begin to boil, we remove a skin and we diminish fire to such level that only small bubbles rose from a bottom. And on a surface boiling liquid was practically not. And here on such small fire we cook fish of minutes 40 - 50. At the same time a cover we do not close a pan. At evaporation (vykipaniye) of part of liquid, keeping its level invariable and at the same time maintaining intensity of boiling necessary to us, gradually we add water.

As time will leave, is accurate - couple of skimmers, we get a pike from a pan and we spread it on a long oval fish dish. At first the head, and behind it - our stuffed miracle in person. Already here, on a dish, we cut it on portion pieces. And around, on still free edges, we spread ruddy circles of potatoes baked in an oven. And all this magnificence, previously having strewed it with chopped greens, - on the center of a holiday table.

Here to you, dear visitors, and the stuffed pike, and a garnish to it! It is sure, all audience at a table will appreciate both a dish, and your culinary ability.