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Reading ironical detective stories - waste of time or need for the woman`s life?

Very often I hear opinion that the one who reads ironical detective stories, far not really clever person spending time in vain. I will try to dispel this myth that it was not a shame to fans of such reading matter to admit the hobby.

In an advertisement to books of my favourite writer Darya Kalinina it is written that women are always curious, moderately avantyurna, are inclined to risk and extravagant acts, cannot live without adventures, but it is traits of character of the real woman from capital letter. “For this reason ironical detective stories attract the real women“ - but not so this advertizing course forces me to buy and read such books. And what?

Knights are the men hurrying to the aid of the girl on the first call? there is no
. Then I would read romance novels.

“Intelligent“ statements of grandmothers - old women on a shop near each house? No, it is better to look at some horror film then.

Ability of the woman to defend own opinion, to independently provide itself, to aspire creatively, to develop, without stopping on the achieved result? at me and in life is enough
of It.

Why people, for the sake of own benefit, are ready for everything, even for series of murders? It is useless to look for the answer. I think, nobody (except for it is banal - primitive excuses) will be able to answer this question.

By the way the prompted recipes of simple dishes, sometimes even prepared from what is in the refrigerator?
is published a large number of recipe-books with simple, readily available recipes Now. It is enough to buy one such recipe-book, but not 50 books of the ironical detective story, in hope to find there unusual recipes.

And answer, finally, very simple. It is tremendous, witty style of the description of absolutely ordinary, banal events and the prompted exits from impasses - absolutely real. Also there are answers to questions which you will not always find in clever and correct psychological books. Especially it is necessary for quiet, balanced people who can find the proper, suitable words not at once to refuse to the person a request and, in too time, not to offend him, and cannot aggressively “send“, owing to the good education. And many right there begin to use these high qualities of the person in the personal interests.

And also it would be advisable to take a detached view also to young girls of himself and not to make elementary mistakes. At once already, having hardly begun to read the ironical detective story, it becomes ridiculous as girls (owing to the youth and naivety) are so strongly sure of the beauty and irresistibility. That any handsome - the oligarch in them will fall in love, marries at once and will take away to live in the lock. Well, the fact that all handsome has to be obligatory the rich - it is not even discussed! And reading as these naive young ladies go it is unknown where, it is unclear with whom and why - it becomes clear that adventures began, but it in the book. And in life all differently, would also be desirable to save all beauties from troubles.

It seems, books and reality - “everything mixed up“ in my reasonings. Therefore to read ironical detective stories or not - solve for yourself.