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All professions are necessary, all professions are important. How to achieve success?

Statistics say that the person carries out the most part of the life on a workplace. Actually work is ours “the second house“, and sometimes and “the second family“. But only for a small share of people work is the second house literally. For the most part of people the working day is not just equated to a labor duty, and is comparable to a campaign on a scaffold. Why does that happen?
the Answer is covered in a question: Whether “And my this place?“

Is good when the answer “yes“ follows and small holiday gives inflow of vital forces why interest and thirst for the functions which are carried out up to this point comes back. But what to do if the honest answer - negative? If the soul is desperately torn to will, away from these heavy fetters of a working duty, in thoughts the iridescent picture how you is proud is drawn you throw the notice of resignation on a table, and the face of the chief at the same time looks perplexed? A conclusion one - to change the place of work, to try to be engaged in something in another. But here than?

You likely remember the phrase from the poem for children: “All professions are necessary, all professions are important!“, without confusion shadow, we openly admitted the childhood: “I want to be a driver, and I am a cook. And I want to be a doctor, and I am a teacher“. And it is the list not of the most prestigious positions at labor exchange. Then why in adulthood we do not want to be teachers, drivers etc. any more? The answer is simple - not prestigiously and not profitably. Then from where such dissatisfaction with the situation, even in the presence of the place of work and a stable salary undertakes? The answer following - you do not favorite thing. Strangely enough, but the people who are engaged in what it is pleasant to them, with diligence and patience achieve the highest results.

As was written by A.S. Pushkin: “All of us studied gradually something and as - nibud …“ However the first-class expert it is possible to become only in one sphere to which you devote yourself entirely. Metayas between two fires, you will not achieve success how tried. Not without reason popular wisdom says: “You will try to do two things at once - you will not catch not one“.

How to learn in what area it to you will carry more?

needs to strain memory - to try to remember what games you played in the childhood . At children`s age those knacks and talents which are most valuable to you are shown. If memory prompts nothing, then just take an interest at parents in what role they most often observed you.

If the answer is not found, analyse the “small victories“ - what the easiest is given you what activity gives you pleasure?

Do not mourn if your childish sports were reduced to game in shop. It does not mean that your destiny consists that you all life will sell printed materials in a newspaper stall. You look at the abilities more widely. the Vein “abilities to sell“ can be used in many areas of our life and quite successfully.

How to behave to achieve success?

Having found in itself abilities and thirst for a certain activity, at first sight even not really attractive, are not afraid to go against public opinion which will persistently brake you standard words and phrases - “is not prestigious“, “ridiculously“, “is ordinary“, “you will stand on a church porch“. The public opinion is only opinion of some group of people, they cannot know your true abilities, and equal you with a lump - that`s it it, you see, ridiculously.

Listen to yourself, and safely go towards the planned aim. Be sure, internal magnets of your soul will prompt the right direction to your success. If you go in the right direction, absolute obstacles will just not arise because it is the correct way for which you are created. The Universe will give you all opportunities for realization conceived, the main thing - not to give in and not to stand in confusion.

In way to the Olympus do not forget about two things: patience and diligence. the Patience will help you to keep belief in achievement of the purpose, and diligence will serve as the additional accelerator on the way to success.

Listen to yourself, believe in yourself, you look forward, go safely, keep patience, apply diligence and you will reach those heights of which you only dreamed. Good luck and success!