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Management of the present or future?


Creation of “educational reality“.

Training of specialists of high-tech business has to develop the rates advancing needs for economy, business and just in life.
She has to see prospect of “educational reality“ and itself to project, create it.
Degrading in that case appears treatment of training of “captains of business“ only as service which is provided on the market at the request of the employer.
Experience of the USA, Germany, England, to Japan with their qualitative educational systems and theories of marketing prove: successful branches form already many decades the markets, direct and stimulate demand, but not just follow the tastes of the consumer with his today`s requirements.
For the sake of a joke, call at least one theory or the concept of marketing created by theorists or practicians in our country!?
the Country fixes overproduction of economists and lawyers, and together with sociological services - absence at youth of feeling of prospects concerning spheres business - activity, not connected with the raw industry or a state machinery.
It that, market thinking, or such here joke?

For what to teach


Training of managers is not end in itself in modern socially - economic reality. Important, first of all, what conditions for life of society are created by means of these or those social institutes.
I a problem of educational systems of the state - to create these conditions most approximately to ideal, both by means of preparation of hi-tech shots, and by means of implementation activity within small business.
the state should set Only such task also for an education system as a state task and under its decision to allocate financing.
A questions what concretely to accept number of students and in what directions, have to fall within the scope of responsibility of higher education institution (Though here at once there is a mass of the questions which are left without answers, - A. I.). the Country leaders declare
: Higher education institutions have to receive the status of scientific centers is a considerable step to rapprochement of interests of education and society (it in the theory - A. I.) . And who will conduct scientific activity in so concrete format unclear.
A can all this for “reduction of costs“, for merger of inefficient higher education institutions (independent) effective?
A can do it just peculiar form of “scientific raiding“?
It seems, understand. This strategy declare as the most optimum and only true?!
is Only unclear why forget about a demographic problem, shortage of shots, insufficient adaptability of educational system of management to requirements of economy is a platitude for all countries developed and developing today.
But in one country (even the most remote - A. I.) not there is a speech about mechanical reduction of number of higher education institutions but only about their modernization, expansion of their functions, more active integration into social structure and about more active interaction with business and other spheres of life


Education of responsibility.

We do not bring up a private initiative, we do not prepare to take the responsibility to change the world, to transform it. In this way it is necessary to develop substantial filling of educational programs for management.
Means, we has to prepare not just hired shots in the priority directions, and the shots ready to independently create the enterprises such.
of the Innovation - search and development of ideas by means of which it is possible to shift fundamental opening to language in large quantities economically demanded business - a product.
Is undoubted what network interaction of various schools of management will allow to solve not only a problem of diversification of economy, but also “peripheral“ communities, and also a problem of introduction of innovations - it is important not only “as?“ (in what branches of business), but also “where?“ (it is far or close from Moscow) there are opportunities and conditions to apply fundamental discoveries.
the Problem arises not in case of temporary shortage “those who study“ training for all, and in case of strategic loss of professionalism “those who learn“. Especially it is actual
in the context of need of preparation of 25 million highly qualified specialists about which many sociologists and economists speak now, discussing realization mechanisms “Strategy - 2020“.
Quite so has to be understood also the actual today principle of a continuity of training in the world. Today it is treated not as the principle of continuous change of a profession, and as the principle of need of continuous expansion of the horizon, deepening of the available knowledge and skills any more.
Besides, education for managers of all age is today not especially educational technologies, but tools of the solution of many public contradictions, actually humanitarian innovation which is capable to provide to experts of various categories, not just new level of earnings, and new quality of life.
Having ceased to consider education only as a source of qualified personnel, having accepted “Lisbon strategy - 2010“ on transition to “the economy based on knowledge“ Europe unlike us actually relied on an opportunity to solve educational technologies public problems.
We, for some reason consider it as imaginations?!

What to do?

Trying on on itself world educational trends, optimum for reception, we always have to answer in focus attention to a question: how the sphere of training of managers of new type can promote development of hi-tech business, opposition to demographic calls and creation of just comfortable life today? not to catch up with
, and to advance development of all directions of business, quite so and it is necessary to understand education, training, formation of the manager of a new formation.
Similar approach profess the countries having and much more poor educational tradition for a long time (Brazil, India, Mexico, China, etc. - A. I.) .
Training of specialists on management - the independent economic sphere which not just delivers shots for some economy somewhere behind walls of some university or the direction and acts for a long time as the most powerful customer and the producer, social and cultural innovations as unique liquid goods.
If we refuse similar ambitions, we will be doomed.
We will lose fundamental nature of management as unique means of development of the world.
We will lose trust not only elite groups which pay us a salary, but also society in general for which we create the benefits, we build his life. all it seems to
A so simply: it is necessary to train learning to study and learning to learn to learn. * to learn to do to
I it not for fun, and seriously.
towards also depends on these two steps our future.
P. S. Really you do not trust in it?

* I in the professional activity, first of all, try to draw attention of society to a role of humanitarian knowledge in our life. Achievements in engineering thought are visible to each person. Achievements in humanitarian field are not so noticeable, but they are not less significant.
will not be in our society of any modernization if we have no corresponding human capital. Eventually, both management, and any administrative decision is humanitarian technologies. Any decision in society at the level of the country or the ministry is a humanitarian decision. It has humanitarian causes and effects. If it wrong, scales of the subsequent to it destructions are huge.
Here I also try to reach those who make decisions that it is necessary to put resources in development of the humanity, especially in her practician - the focused component, in particular, in management.