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To study girls with boys separately? Surely

Near my house kindergarten. I look at children - a paradise garden! You will listen to them - a continuous positive: voices are ringing, intonations vital: joyful, optimistical, - full of delight to live! It seems, happen a miracle - to become it in a moment adults - and married couples it would not be happier than them. Boys - active, girls - not aggressive. The boy, is even younger on age of the girlfriend, shows to her touching condescension - somewhere in the depth of his heart is put that on a sort to it is written to be the head of the family. Girls, appointing the boy “father“, though do not ask about service to themselves (it is visible, mother`s “ferment“), and order rather, but do not humiliate. What changes for nine - eleven school years? Why young, healthy guys and girls cannot establish close-knit, happy families? And whether only they are guilty of it?

The teacher of first graders in couples seated: the boy with the girl - they are glad, everything is good. But by the end of the first year of training all of them know: this is the honors pupil, this - the mediocre pupil, - adults successfully built a school “social ladder“. And the farther, the who grows into reason of the child stronger he is here. To the termination of elementary school above this “ladder“ mainly girls, and close ranks of “applicants of a place in the sun“ mainly boys. And, these last often are carriers of “brutality genes“. Yes, as not to give to girls preference?: clever, brisk, accurate, - also write purely and beautifully, and sit at a school desk quietly, and along corridors do not run on breaks, and do not shout as fire victims. And the boy - the complete antithesis. And took in head to show the best male qualities - you look - the chair broke, or ran, but it appeared not then not there, - generally, everywhere in school walls to the boy a fiasco. However, there is exit - to become as the girl: silent, appeasable and very correct from the point of view of adults or to ask mother to take away it in some section where exclusively men`s collective.

But at heart the kind boy it is saved as steam in a copper, a protest against violence over its nature, and this negative energy from it does not disappear anywhere if he does not thrash a punching bag in the evenings or does not destroy the rival in hand-to-hand fight. To teenage age of the girl were approved by means of teachers in opinion: I am successful, and Petka is the loser. And these Petek - all class, except for the few “correct“ boys and sports leaders. However, there are still rebels - which, for any reason, did not find for themselves occupation, a worthy male, but also could not break through in excellent students. It just direct road in “laid-back persons“ or in the company frightening mothers.

Here and teenage age. In ringing voices of boys bass notes make the way. And what begins to be created at first in maiden mentality here, and later, in process of understanding, and in heart and reason of the “regenerated“ boy! Why my maiden proud and successful head besides my will begins to incline before Petka? Therefore, a devonka that is put by the nature: the man - the head of the family! Why so? But because a deep voice in the nature - force sign, so and the authorities. Girls, of course, do not know it are because at school they almost to nothing useful to everyday life are taught, - and in all possible ways the place on a high step is tried to be kept: you to me - so, and I to you - even more abruptly. Generally, the fight result for superiority between the nature and the settled delusions is visible not to an aided eye: beer, cigarettes, “not nurseries“ of expression etc.

A that young men? Young men - shocked. Mind cannot be put: what with it “the materialized scepter“ to do to them? They already acquired: the woman - a strong individual, and I is better in a tenechka for a billeting. They do not want to dominate, are not accustomed to express the man`s word and are afraid: and suddenly again inattentively and again shout of the aunt - teachers, and again to hide an evil spark of the eyes under submissively the lowered eyelashes. The power - besides, responsibility moreover not only for, but also for this, now uncontrollable, the honors pupil.

But careful precept: to propagate and breed - it is enclosed not in ears, and in the heart that ailing soul the mankind did not shirk command to inhabit the earth, both pushes, and she calls young men and girls in embraces of each other. From it it is hard to disown. And, having forgotten the school statuses, run young, young and not really on appointments, in the REGISTRY OFFICE. But, having appeared face to face, remember the former emotions and feelings fixed by obliging memory. From these memoirs run separately and again in the REGISTRY OFFICE, but now on divorce, strong - so far wind without stones, patient and weak in spirit - when there is no hope left that it will be possible to cope with unclear, from where the arisen hostility to each other. There are also one more. But about them - too sad story.

Tell, in Russia most of men infantile, do not want and are not able to care for women and even for the children, are afraid of difficulties, do not know how to live in the world and love with the wife. Only by forty years, in those which did not divorce, thanks to parents or a maternal instinct of the wives there is an inspiration: “I am head of the family, the getter and in general, I can be quite successful“. But the bitterness of young nevyplakanny tears remains therefore so there is a wish to enjoy the power, is frequent to the detriment of itself and the closest people: to children and the wife, - and even to revenge the strong woman for the former humiliation.

Well and who was not held in family bonds, God grant, though would catch in the prudent networks weaved by “zamaterevshy“ horoshistka and seductive troyechnitsa of the next generation. Otherwise, to flit young soul an old moth on youth parties, tightening the drooped relics on long fashion of Fantomas.

Boys and girls cannot be put in position of competitors until in them the sexual identity did not become stronger! Behavioural skills, inside sexual and intersexual are inherent in this self-identification. Ask about it psychologists and children`s psychiatrists - and they will in detail tell you. The good professional with medical education will explain all malignancy not only “sexless“ education, but also still big malignancy of opposition of floors.

In a class - only boys, or only - girls, and school surely - “bisexual“ that there was no artificially created emotional vacuum. All school actions - all classes together. Programs, certainly, identical. And opportunities to everyone - by its nature and abilities.
I know
From experience: in “same-sex“ groups children quieter, more self-assured, easier and quicker acquire information, are aimed at knowledge acquisition, react to the remark of the teacher more quietly, is more friendly and even more cheerfully, - it is easier for them to study.

You think, I exaggerate harm of coeducation? Rummage in the soul, women, and it is sure, you will find confirmation to my arguments.

If the lovely woman has a husband the successful expert with quite decent purse, she thinks, and it is possible, and speaks: “My husband of everything achieved in many respects thanks to me. I was always a clear head - the honors pupil“. The almost inaudible cloudlet in her eyes gives one more her thought: “If Petka, then where there would be I achieved such situation is a clear head - the beauty? “, - and secretly, and even it is obvious, is jealous office success of the blessed. She precisely remembers from a school bench: it - the first, and it - then. She with pleasure would put it on the former place, but with age gets used to shine, reflected from its shine, light, and is content with it.

If the woman has a temperament from primogenitors who, speak, lived in hot Africa, then it will improve it day and night. I have examples of quite strong families where to the husband and to a gray hair did not allow to forget that the first - it, and he has to try every day and in every way to reach its star height. He speaks: “Zapilila!“ - and she sincerely tries to bring harmony in the relations.

The worst in coeducation and in a competitive situation that subconsciousness until the end of days of the person does not change the beliefs acquired by it, especially in young summer. And in soul of the “deposed“ princess to deep wrinkles there is an irreplaceable trace of the loss suffered by it. And it, especially in youth, apparently, that there is a prince on a white game which waits for it to exclaim: “I am your servant, my madam!“ But, having enjoyed former glory and pride, … it will banish it - the servant to it - not couple. And lonely wander about life or live together unloved with unloved.

There are, of course, happy couples loving each other colleagues - their happiness. Probably, men in them from among the former correct boys or strong-willed athletes. But such as you remember, in a class there was a minority.

Happiness consists of many components. Unfortunately, now inquiries, big at young people, - not on understanding. Unsatisfied, they and in the friend the friend cannot find pleasure. To rejoice together is and there is a purpose of love which brings the sincere world, desire to create and share with loved by fruits of the creativity and work. And so just it is happier, more successful, more exciting to make them, more purposeful, lyubimy more joyfully - it is necessary just to seat them to different cool rooms. Let`s seat? Or let toil not together, not separately further?