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Aroma of a lilac

the Door opened somehow quickly
- And, it you, - not that disappointedly, but it is quiet, smoothly said
Yes, it - the school, early developed beauty, and it - quite angular, some fragile teenager - as if osiyanny music, living it. It is not dull. Sometimes comes to play to it four hands, comes - and it is dissolved in its aura shining - how it seems to it
- to Tea you want?
- Aha.
In kitchen brownish plastic of furniture both a white tile of walls, and Gzhel cups, and in a vase - hrustky wafers.
- You played?
- Not - and gathered.
In the room - a grand piano: real, huge - as the ship - costs on a carpet, pestreyushchy children`s dreams.
- Chopin?
- Is better than Tchaikovsky. - Give
. Really he does not see
how her miraculously voluminous nutbrown hair frames such beautiful opaque face?
of the Spiral and knots of music hardly twist, sprouting magic flowers.
- Take your time Give at first
It inclines to the keyboard slightly below, than it is necessary.
Sweet mirages of music arise and break up Suddenly is sharp
having bent to it, she kisses his lips - dry, rigid
- You what? - he is surprised as if.
- Anything. Why you do not notice me?
- I notice, - answers, and his eyes darken not clear depth.
Music of bodies sounds labirintopodobno, and a carpet closer, closer and closer color scale to a rough celebration, to comprehension - Is not present
I cannot so Bestiality is some, - he speaks, escaping. - Let`s play better. It corrects for
a hairdress.
Something flickers in her eyes - itself would not understand that if sees from outside.

SUBWAY With some squelching sound the crowd in the car of the subway rushed back from it - high as if the loneliness surrounded with aura His eyes flew, flickered strange fire, and, podjyav a thin hand, he started talking loudly - loudly: People, where you go? Where you rush? Why wallowed in vanity? People, reflect who you are?
- the Madman! - was heard. - To Psikhiatrichk - Or cops?
But started gleaming light, motley station, doors parted, and the person left itself, and even in crowd it was visible to what it high - lonely and high to

In cuts of blinds are visible vertical cuts of space - the May blue sky, far cloudlets, a wall of the neighboring house. The beginning to boil light of a lamp eats away eyes - and the truncated pictures of the world vanish. You are pressed in the stomatologist`s chair; you sit, having contracted as it is possible - with a razzyavlenny, raspyalenny mouth in which sharply and strongly move different tools. There is no pain. But what to fill flickering, shivering, corroded with all life consciousness? The tile on a floor in a corridor is figured, separate segments of patterns remind chips and gorges of teeth. Pater Noster - at the next round of the boiling drill tinkling sound You will go soon the yards where the lilac storms, medovo filling with aromas air - gentle as silk; you will go to the station to go home because teeth you treat in Kaluga, at familiar stomatologists, and even including a road payment, it turns out cheaper.
Perhaps, for short pleasure of release from a tooth problem, for happiness filling during that instant when you leave hospital and spoil teeth?

From floridly - the noisy world of the subway - to not less motley world of the Kiev station; in the direction to a glass bulk of shopping center, and then - sideways, and, having crossed the street which is poured raznotsvetno - to the minibuses carrying to Kaluga. Took the place one of the first, ate banana, and began to look in a window. Started exactly in nine - according to the schedule. In fifteen minutes, on departure from Moscow of steel. Elderly, zolotozuby national exchanges - the driver jumped out, opened a cowl, and was accepted, to potter, from it tearing out something. In ten minutes the people began to get out, and national exchanges, a dirty hand squeezing mobile, violently spoke in it, spoke Still in a few minutes the big, dusty bus approached, changed it, and the woods and fields rushed,
which are occasionally alternated by impregnations of small towns, villages, housing estates In Kaluga descended at Moscow Square, near white palace of culture, crossed the square, passed a monument to the worker, dived into the extended yard. Opened the apartment of the wife, and told it, empty - Hi the apartment. Drank coffee with sandwiches, smoked on a balcony, and sustavchaty branches of a poplar slightly rocked from the easiest - as if from tulle - a breeze.
the Wife will arrive tomorrow, only tomorrow, and you? You go to wander about streets and alleys - iskhozhenny thousands of times, and again darling new, going down, rising, watching city life in which you are a guest. The theater is big, and the most beautiful monument at steps called so is awfully original: Whether there is no excess ticket - the thin bronze girl with a plate in a hand who is eager to get on a performance. The fountain is decorated by stone pigeons, one - a beak in water as though drinks.
Then - systems of the alleys flowing each other, their shadow equipment and wonderful - almost everywhere - a smell of recently blossomed lilac, happiness smell.
the New monument near the fifth Gore. hospitals - in an environment of bushes and lindens Tsiolkovsky something narrates Chizhevskoma, holding rocket model in podjyaty hand. Wanted to bypass, consider closer - yes guys drink on steps beer, - passed and moved down, on abrupt descent to the river which barkhatno is poured on the sun; to the river, it is so banal and
I which is so wonderfully reminding life floated again nearby, rocking, filling with itself layers of May air aroma of a lilac - easy, pleasant

K. and And.
Ksavery and Anton. Senior and younger. Similarity - zero. The senior is high, the kostist, is slanderous, younger - is good-natured, slightly plump, always equal warm mood.
Who knows that he generates rage? how sprout grains it - who knows?
- Why at you everything leaves, and?
Anton shrugs shoulders and looks good-natured. to
- I Smile, has to be, lives.
Yes, with a smile, easily, without straining receives the desirable.
Senior is necessary a crack - to squeeze into it to creep to the purpose The purpose is illusory - never reaches it. He cannot look at the brother, cannot suffer his good nature pleasing
- we Will drink, and? - Give
, - younger shrugs shoulders.
Senior - much drinking lately - is quickly poured lead,
flooding - Why, and?
- That why?
- Why at you everything always turns out?
- I do not know
- Because you are a reptile! Yes - a reptile!
the Thrown bottle absolutely incidentally gets younger into a temple.
Two brothers.
K. and And.