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Multifunctionality: whether it is always good and where limits reasonable?

Speak, the bad sign - to light the road in the dark lane with the last iPhone... we got used To multipurpose devices long ago. The closest example of the multipurpose device which many use daily - the mobile phone.

Except the main function - implementation of calls - the modern device has also a set of additional: viewing of video, shooting of a photo, Internet connection. But all these functions are realized on one hardware platform and do not demand essential completions.

As the device become multipurpose?

of the Requirement of the market . The producer, feeling need of increase in sales and strengthening of the competition in the market, introduces new opportunities in the device. Such step gives the chance to allocate the device among it similar.

Development of hardware base - achievement of such “critical weight“ with which addition of new functions does not represent any problems, except the correct organization of approach to the solution of a question.

If not so long ago mobile phones were big, and memory sizes - small, then at a modern level of development of electronics of computing ability and memory sizes it is enough for the solution of various tasks. So in phones multimedia functions appeared: possibility of playing of a MP3, viewing of video etc. of

Marketing mix . Let`s return to mobile phones again and we will remember the first chambers with which they were equipped. Removed these chambers worse than ever, permission of pictures 640 on 480 pixels allowed to put a photo of the person on a call or to look through on the monitor screen about any press the speech did not go.

But, despite everything, chambers in phone got accustomed and only then, with development of technologies, began to give pictures of decent quality.

For and against multifunctionality

the Positive side of multifunctionality - reduction of number of devices. Tyomny Lane can be lit with the camera flash of phone or the built-in small lamp, - to look at the next film masterpiece also on the screen of the automobile navigator, and at times and the navigator is not present need to buy if GPS - the receiver is in phone.

The main shortcoming is that the multipurpose device is not capable to carry out additional functions also qualitatively and quickly as the device specialized.

The rare phone camera will surpass the camera of average price category, the size of the screen of most of automobile navigators is less, than at players. To embrace immensity everything does not leave in any way, developers and users should make a compromise.

One more level of multifunctionality - hybridization

If was talked of a variety of similar functions or above about such which addition does not demand cardinal processings of the device, then hybridization is a merge of absolutely different devices in one. Sometimes turned out - the real eclecticism, but unexpectedly interesting decisions also occur among such devices, and very few people know about their existence. Here examples of some from them:

W7900, it is i7410 - the mobile phone with a projector from Samsung. phone Hybrid with so-called “Infokus“. According to the producer, brightness of lamps has enough to light a site with a diagonal up to 50 inches, but the powerful lamp quickly puts the battery: you want to watch film - carry charging with yourself. And phone turned out large.

of an USB column with the radio receiver, the changing color illumination and aromalampy - one of examples of a combination incongruous. Smartech USB can receive power supply from the computer, and can work from the built-in accumulator in a tandem with a player. Dream of the music lover - the fan of an aromatherapy.

of Lexand SR - 5550 HD - the automobile navigator with the built-in video recorder. In this example competent approach to hybridization is available: developers did not cut off function of the navigator, realized shooting of video of the HD 720p standard and a possibility of simultaneous work of both components, provided two independent slots for memory cards, strengthened the battery. Such options as additional illumination, the movement detector in a shot and a sound recording, the video recorder is deprived, but the decision, certainly, interesting and is a reasonable compromise not to buy separately two devices.

the Embodiment of uncontrollable thought of inventors - the air ionizer, the dryer for towels, a sterilizer, the hair dryer and the handle for a bathroom in one case. this miracle of Breese Rack Is called and really looks as the massive handle for a bathroom. However all above-mentioned is located inside. The hair dryer - wireless, works from the accumulator and is taken out from the device sideways. I hope that the device is made intelligently and to place it indoors in which constantly high humidity, it is rather safe. whether

the limit to the level of multifunctionality of devices Is? I think, a variety is limited only to quantity of available combinations and the imagination of developers, in other words - is not limited practically to anything. However to us, users, it is necessary to remember that is newer and more not always means better, and it is necessary to choose any device, being guided by balance of its opportunities, qualities and the prices.