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What is it: it is black, a bit, in a dress jumped, woke the tsar?

at the mention of only one word “fleas“ the majority of us will feel quite clear loathing, and some perhaps will begin even to scratch involuntarily. What to tell about the person in whom these fleas lodged - from him will jump aside, as from leprous.

And all some 100 years ago fleas were so habitual companions of the person that devoted them verses, stored in medallions and even used as a subject of amorous games. But about it later. Let`s consider for a start more fixedly our heroine. It such small and restless...

Not the servant, and has the owner

the Joke: the Student learned
on examination only about fleas. The examiner asks it about cats. The student begins:
- Cats... these are such animals who have wool, and in wool there are fleas, and fleas it...
- is fine! Tell about fishes now!
- Fishes... these are such animals who have scales and if there was a wool then there would be also fleas, and fleas...

Today when the person with fleas is a rarity, we can meet these creations generally on pets - usually cats or dogs.

N. Zabolotsky:
Only one cat in the deaf foreign land
Sits, is thoughtful, does not sing.
In its tousled sheepskin
Celebrate fleas a round dance.

the Dagestan fleas, having heard the Lezgian`s sounds, trampled a cat to death...

Of course, the cat`s flea can bite also the person, but in general fleas of foreign owners do not love and usually long do not linger on them. By the way, on wild hoofed animals and our relatives - monkeys - fleas practically do not live. Even the human flea as a look, was created on a pig, and only then decided to emigrate on homo the sapiens.
A here on house hoofed animals of a flea perfectly live as they live and on birds, bats, moles, hedgehogs and rodents. Inhabitants of hedgehogs have special combs which cling to needles. Also inhabitants of flying owners have similar “insurance“.

Once D. Swift wrote a venomous rhyme: “Hobbes proved
: everywhere there is a war!
You is bitten under clothes
by the Flea, and in the turn it
Is bitten by the smallest flea beetle.
On smaller smaller sits,
I everything goes ad infinitum (Latin - indefinitely - S. K.) .
And the considerable poet
Is bitten by the little poet“.

Actually fleas on fleas do not live. And here in fleas there can quite live smaller and dangerous parasites. Therefore from all species of fleas the greatest harm to the person was done not by actually human flea, but rat which transferred plague bacilli from rats. Thanks to rat fleas in the Middle Ages plague managed to mow clean to a third of the European population once.

the Sucker - a prygunok

the Joke:
“The bald man at restaurant sits. Suddenly to it in soup the flea falls.
Man sympathetically: - What, slipped, the darling?...“
Life of a flea is very similar

to life of the taiga oil industry worker. Only instead of the wood - indumentum, and instead of oil - blood. That it was convenient to be torn through indumentum, the body of a flea is strongly squeezed from sides. A flea so flat that it is possible to crush her only having clicked a nail. It is even more difficult to catch a flea because she is an all-around champion on jumps - as in length (to 32 cm), and in height (to 15 cm). Having transferred these indicators to human proportions, we will receive the new superhero of BLOHOMENA jumping on 150 m in height and 300 in length. There are in the nature also grown lazy fleas who absolutely forgot to jump. So fleas of a South Asian bat use an ukhovyortok in a type of transport!

If the flea nasosatsya blood, then it is easier to catch her. And she sucks blood in large quantities, sometimes even right there during food and defecating. However, fleas are able to starve too and can live without food of 18 months.
Unfortunately, evolution did not develop at fleas of an anesthetic. But produced the saliva interfering fibrillation. This saliva already of 0,00004 cubic millimeters (!) causes that itch. It dread to think what torments the milligram of similar substance can cause.

Insanitary conditions - pledge of the happy childhood

As well as any normal parasite, a flea is very prolific

. These insects approach a coition in details. A male, having found a female, climbs up her and gets by means of a difficult and long genital which even in an inactive state makes a third of length of a male. Sexual passes of a female are also long and confused therefore “probe“ at times looks for the right place more than 10 minutes. But then - after fertilization and maturing - everything is simple. The female just shoots to 450 eggs which fall to the ground in habitats of the owner.

Here we will make small retreat and we will talk about the place of fleas in a class of insects. Let`s begin with the fact that fleas, despite a similar way of life, at all not relatives to louses. Besides, fleas treat insects with full transformation - that is, pass a stage of a larva and a doll as well-known butterflies. At the same time fleas - only of full-turning - not having wings. Their some rudiments appear at a flea doll, but then they disappear.

So, eggs of a flea fall down. They leave very mobile worm-shaped larvae. If in the house of the person there are a lot of dirty carpets, dusty cracks and garbage, larvae feel excellently - is what to eat.

A.S. Pushkin: “Now at us roads are bad
the Bridges forgotten decay,
At stations bugs yes of a flea
do not allow to Fall asleep minute...“
All “flea markets“ (on ours of “flea market“) are well-known

where they sell stuff without analysis. There are several versions about an origin of this naming. On one - it arose from - for low the “flea“ prices, on another - from - for the fact that, the person rummaging in second-hand articles reminded trying to discover fleas. But the most logical the version that when at re-planning of Paris Napoleon III drove all ragmen on one area, there was a lot of old furniture and carpets which teemed with fleas looks.

Therefore purity and good vacuum cleaners caused to human fleas irreparable injury.

However, extinction hardly threatens all flea group. Judging by finds in amber, fleas already successfully exist 50 million years. And, judging from the fact that the found fleas on the appearance actually did not differ from modern, it is possible to assume that their ancestors quite could bite some shaggy warm-blooded dinosaur. However, also the fleas capable to parasitize on cool animals - on snakes and even caterpillars meet.

On it we will finish biology, and next time we will consider a flea as a cultural phenomenon.