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Movie “White Tiger“. How the fantasy and mysticism intertwined within military subject?

In May, 2012 are released the movie of the Russian director, honored worker of arts, Karena Shakhnazarova “A white tiger“. The director acts as the screenwriter together with Alexander Borodyansky and Ilya Boyashov. Karen Shakhnazarov is a producer, the executive producer Galina Shadur. Music to the movie was written by composers Constantin Shevelyov and Yury Poteenko. The operator of a picture is A. Kuznetsov.

Karen Shakhnazarov in interview of television to the first channel calls military subject aerobatics in direction and characterizes it as a call to herself. The movie is devoted to the cinematographer`s father who passed through a war hearth. In a picture both the Russian, and German actors acted. Adolf Hitler`s role was played by Karl Krantskovski, the general Wilhelm Keitel - Christian Redl. Also Vitaly Kishchenko, Vitaly Dordzhiyev, Vladimir Ilyin, Alexander Vakhov and other actors are engaged in a picture.

War for the younger generation anxious with pressing problems, searches of earnings and desire to buy clothes or furniture, a latest model of the tablet PC or new “plasma“, was removed on huge distance, reminding of itself only festive parades on May 9. For those who were born in post-war years when on each family war took place heavy, the pressing and destroying skating rink, memoirs and impressions about it, obtained from stories of the people who worried military years and the Soviet movies, remain heavy and painful.

The fantasy and mysticism in “A white tiger“ framed with events of military years does the movie rather interesting and fascinating. The duel on the result of war of the invincible fascist tank “White Tiger“ and Soviet T - 34 becomes the main keynote, as well as in the story “Tank History“ of Ilya Boyashov. The movie develops according to the mystical scenario when the duel between the Hitlerite tank and the soldier who left hospital literally burned with war is filled with mysticism and fantasy turns of a plot. Specially created model T - 34 enters fight with the imperceptible opponent whose traces cannot be revealed and counted. The ominous tank appears suddenly and, having shot at point blank range at once several cars of the Russian troops, also completely disappears.

He is also tracked down by group of our tankmen with the commander Ivan Naidyonov who not only the fighter, but also is a little psychic able to talk to tanks. The terrible ordinary of war, her oppressive mood are well shown in the movie. History of war is read in the opinion of the prisoners going along streets of Berlin and in self-sacrificing acts of simple soldiers, and in philosophical conversations of the German general. The big impression is made by remarkable game of Alexey Vertkov who is playing Naidyonov`s role, deeply and very precisely giving a condition of the hero entering a duel with a mystical monster.

Release of the movie on DVD will give the chance to see his houses. And if there are good acoustics and new “plasma“, it is possible to derive from viewing not smaller impression and pleasure, than on the big screen of a cinema hall.