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What communication of medical chemistry and patokhimiya?

Medical chemistry - chemical discipline which includes aspects of biology, medicine, pharmaceutics. She is engaged in detection, design, identification and receiving biologically active connections, studying of their metabolism, interpretation of a way of action at the molecular level and creation of dependences “structure - activity“.

Thus, having begun with medicine in the 16th century, the chemistry comes back to it, despite a certain snobbery of physicians. It is enough to tell that of 70% of medicines - products of synthetic chemistry, and other 30% - phytochemistry .

The scientific research institute of biomedical chemistry of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (Moscow) works. There are Questions of Medical Chemistry and Biomedical Chemistry magazines. It is possible to esteem: Hargitta And. Frank science. Conversations with coryphaeuses of biochemistry and medical chemistry. M.: URSS, 2003.

Patokhimiya studies chemical mechanisms of pathological processes. A problem of rejection of bodies at change - in many respects a patokhimiya problem. Passions on synthetic substitutes of blood are indicative. In 1979 at Institute of biophysics of Academy of Sciences of the USSR in Pushchino under the leadership of professor F. F. Beloyartsev made the country`s first experiments on application in medicine of a perftortributilamin (PFTBA). On the basis of this connection in 1982 it was succeeded to create the synthetic substitute of blood capable to transfer oxygen, perftoran , so-called blue blood. After carrying out pilot studies farmkomitt the Ministry of Health of the USSR in 1984 resolved the first, and in 1985 - the second phase of clinical tests of a perftoran during which material on use of this plasma substitute for 234 patients was built.

Despite relevance of a problem and positive results of researches, further clinical tests of a perftoran since 1985 were forbidden. In scientific community the real persecution of creators of a preparation was developed. Squall of charges fell upon F. F. Beloyartsev`s head, and it, without having sustained, committed suicide.

Researches were resumed only in 1992, and in 1996 perftoran was allowed by the Russian Ministry of Health for industrial release and broad clinical application. Advantages of a perftoran before donor blood and plasma consist that it is suitable for people with any blood type, can is long to be stored and at its application the possibility of transfer of infectious diseases is excluded.

The Patokhimiya of Blood Center at scientific research institute of transplantology and artificial organs of MZ Russian Federation (Moscow) works. It is possible to esteem: A. Sh. hare, patokhimiya Bases (SPb.: CJSC ELBI, 2004).

Thus, communication is obvious. Direct chemical intervention in medical actions often is not unambiguous. One we treat - another we cripple . To here catch this side between advantage of chemotherapy and negative impact, minimization of harmful consequences - a task of medical chemists and patokhimik.

I, however, faced once a certain snobbery of physicians. During short work in SES in radiological laboratory in 1986 I did not receive an extra charge for degree of Candidate of Chemistry just because was the representative of other science. Only accident on the CNPP and elimination of its consequences for Khabarovsk allowed me to confirm need of chemistry (radiochemistry) for medicine.

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