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Pompovy shot-gun “Snipe of M“. Why it is called “the gun with four persons“?

the Snipe - here he, in all shops, and at the same time, consider 4 guns on one brilliant green - a butt + a long trunk, a butt + a short trunk, a pistoletka + a long trunk, a pistoletka + a short trunk.
(From the weapon forum talks. guns. ru)

Actually “faces“, to be exact combinations at “Snipe“, the remarkable Russian pump gun, is much more.

“A snipe - M“ - the multicharging fowling piece with mobile tsevy at a recharge, is issued under cartridges of calibers 12x70 and 16x70. The gun is intended for different types of hunting in various weather and climatic conditions at ambient temperature from - 30 to +50 °C“. This information from the website of the producer, Vyatko - polyansky engineering plant. By the way, the same plant does also the well-known manual machine gun of the Kalashnikov.

At first, in 1997, there was “a Snipe 16“, the classical pump gun with a recharge mobile tsevyyom. As well as all novelties, “Snipe“ was cold accepted by “general public“, that is those for whom he also intended first of all. Though in America pump guns are applied on hunting already nearly half a century, the Russian dobyvatel of a game did not hurry to replace the old double-barreled guns (here for what already outdated 16th caliber was chosen) on new, let more skorostrelny and modern guns.

However developers, having considered this undoubtedly negative experience, released newer, upgraded gun “Snipe of M“ in the 12 and 16 caliber.

Practically without any changes it is on sale still.

Structurally “Snipe“ represents the classical pump gun. So, the recharge of the gun is provided with the movement is longitudinal sliding tsevya. Mobile tsevyyo moves on a tube of subbarrelled shop. From tsevya to a lock there are metal drafts which force a lock to open at the movement tsevya to a lock, that is for a recharge to a tsevya sharply moves a hand on himself. At this movement the lock consistently opens, it is taken from a cartridge chamber and the shot sleeve is thrown out through a receiver window to the right. Then from subbarrelled shop in a cartridge chamber the new boss moves and it is at the same time cocked.

The channel of a trunk and a cartridge chamber are chromeplated. The trunk is fixed in a receiver by a special nut for fast change. Trunks of 680, 720 and 750 mm are executed in dulny part with base for installation of dulny “cylinder“ plugs, “check“, “poluchok“, trunk extenders, and also a nozzle “paradox“. 535 mm - a cylindrical trunk for firing by a bullet. The shop is tubular, subbarrelled. Mobile to a tsevya takes place on the case of shop.

The receiver is made of a lung, but a strong alloy. A safety lock on old “Snipe“ lever, on a new “Snipe of M“ - push-button. Now it is possible to choose execution of the gun both in a tree, and in plasticity.

So, than this gun is interesting? First of all as from the designer to assemble by a modularity, an opportunity guns under absolutely different tasks.

It is possible to buy just fowling piece. It is possible purely self-defensive. But it is possible to buy the gun with replaceable trunks and handles - and that`s when real magic begins. Only standard complete sets will be four.

Completing options:
00 - length of a trunk is 680 mm;
01 - length of a trunk is 535 mm;
02 - length of a trunk is 720 mm;
03 - length of a trunk is 750 mm;
04 - length of a trunk is 535 mm, the pistol handle;
05 - length of a trunk of 680 mm, is completed in addition with a trunk 535 mm long and the pistol handle;
06 - length of a trunk of 720 mm, is completed in addition with a trunk 535 mm long and the pistol handle;
07 - length of a trunk of 750 mm, is completed in addition with a trunk 535 mm long and the pistol handle.
(according to the website of the producer molot. biz) by

So, from the fifth, sixth and seventh option it is possible to assemble two guns with a classical hunting butt, two guns with the pistol handle. Already four different guns. It is possible to buy longer or shorter hunting trunk. It is possible to fasten the trunk extender to a hunting trunk, having turned the gun for hunting for a quail (range of 15-25 m) into the gun for hunting for a goose (range of 70-80 m).

In a trunk it is possible to put replaceable checks (dulny narrowings), having reduced or having increased the radius of scattering of fraction. And by means of a nozzle “Paradox“ which twists a bullet in a trunk it is possible to turn the smooth-bore gun into such large-caliber quasicarbine for firing by a bullet on long distances.

This “device“ for self-defense and security activity is very good. Well and one more plus. Around the world today the sector of the civil weapon in “tactical execution“, with special levels for optical and collimator sights promptly develops. And here creators of “Snipe“ did not miss the moment, having released the gun with the developing metal butt and Pikanilli`s level on a receiver.

The gun keeps all advantages of the pump gun: a fast series of shots, noncriticality to ammunition, tremendous universality. To quality of complaints too much less, than to other, Izhevsk pump guns.

And the modularity and the low price (the universal shot-gun “Snipe“ complete with two trunks and the pistol handle is equal at the price to IZh 27 double-barreled gun) does it to one of the most bought Russian guns.