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Hero our time. Who is he?

I will note At once that in this trial article I express the subjective opinion.

Whether there is in our society a person whom we can, safely to designate by the hero of our time? One will answer that there is no such person -. Others will tell that at everyone the example for imitation and admiration. I will agree with the last, despite of all the known precept - do not create to yourself an idol, I will tell the name of the. Believe, me on the word that when I sound, a name of this young and successful man, you will not remain are indifferent. And it is a phenomenon because not one name in our media space does not cause so much hatred and admiration . This phrase is often used by TV hosts, journalists representing my hero. Already my dear read, a drumbeat and this name - Ksenia Anatolyevna Sobchak. I will not be surprised that not which of you with fastidiousness closed my article. But everything, I hope that there were also those who will continue to study my modest creation.

Diligence the first and likely the most important quality which helped Ksenia to receive wide popularity. Vezdesushchest KSENIA SOBCHAK is explained by it. At the moment it keeps 6 projects on different TV channels and is perfect with different target audience. Show me at least one leader of our big country who is engaged 5 at once - yu in projects at the same time? conducts the show on radio, writes books, does charity work, conducts honourable awards ceremonies, and + plus to all this the last time is engaged in public work.

What what; to reach that the will, but not laziness has to be our law and my hero as we see perfectly it understands. We can object, - Many celebrated personalities write books, conduct awards ceremonies, work at projects why you allocate Ksenia Sobchak? Because my heroine does these projects on hot, interesting and provocative topics. They can to us are pleasant, to irritate, but we all the same pay to them attention and to that image which she created. For example I cannot tell the same about the great leader Anfisa Chekhova. I think you understand about what I as Vladimir Posner - a difference between these leaders in existence of talent told.

One more important quality is ability to express the opinion. Not to be hypocritical.

All of us know a situation which it developed at a ceremony of delivery of cinema - awards of “Nickname“. From - for

question Ksenia lost an opportunity to conduct any ceremonies on the federal channels, and she made it is realized for the sake of the position without regard to what at the same time loses not, how many thousands of dollars. And money superfluous does not happen. For such act she can be respected. Also she is not afraid to express the opinion and there is in constant a development in what we can be convinced, having looked at passes which she makes now and what it did about 5 years ago. From the celebutante, the waster she turned into the successful TV host, the journalist and the public figure. Progress on the person and it is too one of the main reasons which helps a brand to remain Ksenia Sobchak afloat and to compete with the most odious persons of our time.

A combination of talent, diligence, ability to give itself, sense of style, straightforwardness, continuous progress all this also has to be combined in the hero of our time and that is in successful being in continuous development, the young man.