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Than rest in Russia is good?

Came summer, and with it and it is time holidays. We already anticipate pleasant efforts on preparation for departure for the sea or to mountains. But where all of us - will go? To Turkey, Egypt? Or nevertheless to us on the South? Perhaps someone just will prefer to fish on the beautiful lake which at us are enough. Our many fellow citizens never were in domestic resorts! Let`s understand: and than rest in Russia is so good?

If to speak about men, then many men will absolutely sincerely tell you that it is much lovelier to them to have a rest with a rod on the bank of the picturesque lake, than to lie idle whole day in the pool, at the other end of the world. It is a lot of also women who will like a taiga, for example, with its beauty and unique animal species more. Even our many children will tell you that rest in the village is much more interesting, than to sit in the days in hotel.

Of course, there are also other people. For example, our compatriots who did not decide on the choice yet. Let`s list the most obvious and undoubted pluses of our resorts.

In - the first, it is of course the price. Whoever what told, but our rest is much cheaper, than the same Turkey. Think. You should not make out the international passport, it is not necessary to pay for the visa, for any health insurances. And remember, how much is flight?

In - the second, this lack of a language barrier. If you think that it is a trifle, then you strongly are mistaken. Many tourists feel big discomfort in this regard. Of course, in such countries as Egypt and Turkey, in hotels some can also tell couple of phrases on great and mighty. But not all speak on it, of course.

We have in the country, as well as around the world, a category of vacationers who go to resorts with the purpose to restore health. Let`s not forget that our recreational resources the biggest in the world. We have a huge number of sanatoria with the first-class treatment which is recognized around the world. Many Europeans literally dream to get to our sanatoria, having found out from friends tremendous effects of treatment at us. Thermal and mineral sources, coniferous forests, the purest air are our advantages, and about them it is necessary to know and use them.

For the people leading active lifestyle and fans of travel in our tourist system, the set of the most interesting routes is provided. Many of us are limited to the road from work home and do not even suspect how many interesting and surprising is on our Homeland. Dolmens, caves, geysers, volcanoes You, probably, about never heard even it. And it here and all it nearby.

P. S. All people different and everything like to have a rest differently. Perhaps, you depart on a habit abroad. But I assure you, you will be pleasantly surprised to a huge number of offers from domestic resorts. For certain you are surprised also to the level of service which improved many times, for certain you will relieve yourself of a heap of additional efforts, feel all charm of native places, and most likely, the next year the desire to have a rest abroad at you will disappear. Pleasant rest!