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how to make a breakfast in 25 minutes?

We faced such problem. It is necessary to prepare urgently everything, and there is no time. For example, you woke up in the morning, you have half an hour, and then for work, and at work in general it is unknown whether it will be possible to have a bite. That is it is necessary to prepare fast everything, to have breakfast and run away.
Of course, we do not offer extreme recipes. Like a salatik, so, to be indulged. Salad is good, but to something, but not just like that. In addition to some dish. And salad too not approaches all dishes. For example, tomatoes are perfectly combined with rice. Rice and tomatoes cut by segments. As a last resort, ketchup, but we prefer all natural. On the other hand: rice and salad - continuous carbohydrates. In an hour you will be hungry, and till the evening still far. we took
In this dish buckwheat as a garnish. And as the basic making - haricot or stewed meat. Let`s note: both that, and another of factory production. In house conditions it is impossible to boil thoroughly haricot to readiness. (Though to us approved the return, as they say “Experience - the son of mistakes difficult“.) And meat - as will carry. A turkey, for example, how many cook - tough meat. At plant autoclaving is applied (pro-cooking under pressure). After such processing all perfectly boiled thoroughly. Offered us instead of the pressure cooker autoclave, but, freankly speaking, I am not sure that will turn out, and it will be possible to boil thoroughly. I did not try.
Actually haricot is something from area of vegetarianism. But we tried, for a change. Stewed meat is better. On a saucepan half-banks - 200 grams. Stewed meat any: beef, pork, chicken, turkey. Half-saucepan buckwheat - it will increase in volume almost twice. And it is obligatory for croup to wash. Most likely, more than once. By production and packaging it is not washed. &ndash water; the others half saucepan.
stewed meat Advantage: it is already prepared. That is it already (!) it is possible to eat. At preparation our task - to boil it within 5 minutes, and to watch that grain cooked. And buckwheat cooks 20 minutes. Then to cover, switch off heating and to wait for 5 minutes.
did not tell about seasonings. Someone loves with black pepper, someone with red, someone with greens. Hot dishes are contraindicated to someone. (Something with kidneys - doctors told that sharp it is impossible.)
All. 25 minutes - and everything is ready. If you want - it is possible to hire with himself in the plastic container. The dish is simple, does not demand special efforts, nutritious.
As option: instead of buckwheat it is possible to use rice, vermicelli, millet grain, it is possible to do allsorts (buckwheat with addition millet). Instead of stewed meat it is possible to use chicken broth, but it will not prepare so quickly. Meat cooks 2 hours. That is it is necessary to cook in the evening to cook longer in the morning.
I Hope, my modest recipe is useful to you.
yours faithfully

Which - that else. If someone thought that porridge will turn out, it not so. The consistence depends on the cook. It is less than grain - not second course, but the first, that is soup will turn out. Here you watch that you wanted.

• Liouba Melnik is a Moderator on May 15, 2012 at 22:29
the tractor operator`s Breakfast. there is no
• Igor Vorobyov the Debutant on May 16, 2012 at 03:43
, I a tractor operator never was. You something efficient is better would offer. Not banal fried eggs, and something good. There is a lot of work, the breakfast could not be made. To employ the cook? Already write me that there are also other options. And you as a breakfast prepare? If • Igor Vorobyov the Debutant on May 16, 2012 at 04:51
Ya simply wanted to tell not a secret
that there is such problem. To me young people who complained that the wife cannot cook pelmeni came. Well, cafe, apparently, this decision. I was familiar with the cook. That is the person who studied and worked in the specialty. Communicated. Meat was gone 3 years ago. Where it? In pizza, in sandwiches, in forcemeat. And it is more pepper. I in cafe am afraid to eat after that. There is such problem. What to prepare for breakfast?
• Igor Vorobyov the Debutant on May 16, 2012 at 05:14
Is good, fried eggs. At us in the city threw out 1000 cakes. Yes not just threw out, and the sanepidemstantion arrived, everything was surrounded and personally checked. By production crude eggs were used. Salmonella. Tens of poisonings on all city. 03 at full scale. And I at one time loved fried eggs with tomatoes, with
cheese • Igor Vorobyov the Debutant on May 16, 2012 at 06:04
Ya I worry about people. About those who wake up early. Because 12 more hours it is necessary to stack paving slabs, to asphalt, plaster, sweep streets. And the only pleasure in their life - at least to eat properly. I do not speak about mayonnaise - still it is necessary to live up to this poison
• Igor Vorobyov the Debutant on May 16, 2012 at 11:08
For me mayonnaise was the only pleasure 3 years. So far I protected the Homeland. Here you sometime protected the Homeland? I think, no. And I protected you. And “Tractor operator“ - (if you do not know) this name of the terrorist who was killed at the beginning of the Chechen war. So you with words are accurater