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How to salt a salmon?

how to salt a salmon, are written many articles. I would like to share recipes which I use. The most tasty fish turns out from not frozen carcass.

What is necessary to salt a salmon?

- Salmon;
- salt;
- sugar.

We will begin with training of fish. For salting it is not obligatory to scale. Fish should be cut lengthways on a back. To pull out all interiors. Why I advise to cut a salmon along a back, but not as we got used, - along a paunch? The matter is that along a paunch there is a fat which during salting follows outside. If we cut fish on a back, then all fat remains inside, and fish turns out is more juicy.

Along ridge under a film fish has blood. She should be moved away accurately. It is the simplest to make it a teaspoon - carry out by it along ridge, and from blood there will be one reminiscence.

As fish spoils from the head, I advise or just to pull out gills, or to cut off the head and to cook from it soup (previously all - having taken out gills). As I do not like tail part in a salty look, I cut off it too and I use when cooking fish soup.

It is very important to wash out well fish before to salt her. It is for this purpose better to use cold boiled water. If to wash out flowing water, then fish will quickly deteriorate.

Fish is ready to salting. Let`s prepare hydrochloric mix. Generally all advise to take 2 parts of salt and one part of sugar. Quite tasty salty small fish turns out. By practical consideration I came that on a polutorakilogrammovy small fish (without tail and the head) I take 4 tablespoons of salt and 3 tablespoons of sugar. And it is better to use salt stone, large.

At first we strew with mix fish on the one hand, we rub salt with sugar in scales. We reveal a salmon and we strew with salt mix inside. How many to pour? Approximately. I pour so much that all fish was covered with a thin uniform layer. We close fish and we rub with mix the top part of fish.

We put the carcass rubbed with salt and sugar in a plastic bag and we leave at the room temperature for 1,5-2 hours. Then we clean for 10 hours to the cool place, it is better in the refrigerator. The small fish is ready. Thanks to the increased amount of sugar the salmon turns out gentle and juicy. If you love more tough meat, then take salts twice bigger, than sugar.

You got acquainted with classical option of how to salt a salmon. Based on this recipe, it is possible to prepare a set of tasty dishes.

Add small cut greens in a carcass, put bay leaf and black pepper - and at you the salmon of a spicy salting will turn out. Water a salmon with juice of a lemon or lime, and at you fish with absolutely other taste will turn out.

If you do not want to potter with bones and scales at dinner, prepare a salmon in advance. Cut off a tail and the head. Accurately husk with carcasses. Cut fish on a paunch and remove interiors. If there is a caviar or milk, then they can also be salted.

Cut fish on ridge on 2 halves, remove ridge (it will go to soup). Get rid of all stones (it conveniently to do by nippers for eyebrows, I bought them especially for fish, and they are stored at me in a kitchen case).

Cut the prepared carcass across on pieces 1,5-2 cm thick. Salt fish and put in glasswares. Fill in with vegetable oil and put in the refrigerator. Next day you bravely and with pleasure can enjoy a tasty small fish.

On 1 kg of net weight 3 tablespoons of salt and 60-70 ml of oil are required. If fish with the small content of fat got to you, then it is possible to increase amount of oil to 100 ml.

Now you know how to salt a salmon. Bon appetit!