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How to stuff champignons?

Champignons are in special demand in our country. It is impossible to tell that they were to the taste to everything, but that they are pleasant to much, I am absolutely sure. Champignons have small caloric content (less than 30 calories on 100 g) therefore they are loved even by those who constantly keep a figure.

Champignons can be met in soups, in cutlets, in rolls, in baked puddings, in salads, in the form of a stuffing of different dishes. Besides, champignons are very convenient for a farshirovka.

How to stuff champignons? With what products these mushrooms are best of all combined? I want to share with you the recipes. I do not exclude that someone already cooks champignons in this way because the dish turns out very tasty, nourishing and beautiful.

The following products will be necessary for you for preparation:

- champignons;
- the cleared shrimps;
- cheese;
- cream;
- salt, pepper.

For a start accurately we cut off legs. From a hat we delete the top white plenochka. It is possible to prepare also with it, but it is not pleasant to me how it looks in finished form therefore I remove a film.

It is possible to stuff champignons in two ways. How to do it quickly?

1. At first we prepare a stuffing. The cleared shrimps together with the crushed legs of mushrooms we put in a frying pan, we put on fire, we add cream, we salt, at desire it is possible to pepper. In conclusion it is necessary to strew with grated cheese. To wait until cheese melts. We remove from fire.

We lower the peeled champignons in the boiling, well added some salt water not 2-3 minutes. We take out from a pan a skimmer. We allow to flow down to all water. We spread champignons on a dish and we fill with the prepared stuffing. It is ready, it is possible to enjoy.

2. the Second way demands slightly more time for preparation. Champignons should be baked in an oven.

The cleared shrimps we mix with the crushed legs of champignons, we fill in with cream, we salt, we pepper to taste. We wait until cream thickens. We spread hats of champignons on the baking sheet oiled vegetable.

We fill hats with a stuffing, from above we strew with grated cheese and we put in an oven for baking. As practically all products do not demand special heat treatment, we watch when cheese is reddened. It will also be a signal of readiness of a dish.

It is necessary to cook champignons at a temperature about 200 degrees.

How to stuff champignons which will approach as cold dish ? Such mushrooms prepare also quickly and very simply.

The peeled champignons without legs can or be boiled in salty water, or to drench with boiled water then slightly to add some salt. To salt small cut tomatoes to taste. To put a thin layer in hats of mushrooms. To add half a teaspoon of mayonnaise. From above to lay out ready curds or cheese, it is desirable with greens. To it Almette cheese or similar perfectly will be suitable for this dish. At desire you can mix tomatoes with cheese and stuff champignons with this mix.

Recently I as snack offered guests the champignons stuffed with pickles and potatoes. This dish was to the taste to all.

For preparation it is necessary:

to boil potatoes in a uniform, to clear and to cut small with cubes (as on Olivier). Also to cut cucumbers. To fry small cut onions. To mix onions with potatoes and pickles. To add mayonnaise. To take the champignons prepared for a farshirovka. To fill them with a stuffing. At desire it is possible to strew the stuffed mushrooms with grated cheese.

If you still did not know how to stuff champignons, then from this point you are able to do it. Bon appetit!