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Modern China - what it? Food of

Table at work, cafe after work... Right at the beginning, before business trip, the person who sent us to China and gave clever parting advice answered a question of the local dining room: “Forget, there are you there will not be“.

We did not believe, but it appeared the rights. The dining room at the enterprise was very Chinese. And to eat there though something edible turned out so difficult that already every other day from our company the first desperate broke away. In a week meal tickets took the person two of fifteen. The most stubborn.

At the same time I will not tell that “everything so was bad“. The bowl of rice and a bowl of soup could be taken without any caution there. Here only how to explain aglossus what it would be desirable to take as seasoning “to it“? Moreover - having waited in line moreover when cooks are excited by flow of eaters moreover... moreover... Generally, all our for lunch soon began to go outside and there to buy some having a snack in shop. And then, after work - to have supper.

We had supper usually at the Chinese small restaurant near work. Very decent food, it is very cheap (for 20-25 yuans - a dish the size “to a dump“). The only minus - the Chinese playing nearby some games and with all the heart smokers. Too much a smoke - unusually already.

Food at Chinese - extremely peculiar (as well as a way of its consumption). Well, all know about it, and with distribution of the Chinese small restaurants across all territory of Russia - far not by hearsay.

Somehow time at the very beginning of business trip we chipped in together all together for exotic restaurant with special kitchen. Ate frog legs, the snake somehow prepared, apparently, there were snails, bloodsuckers etc. - only about 10 dishes from different animals, exotic for us (and insects)... Generally - abrupt exotic up to marinated jellyfishes.

The table was round, and the central part it, with plates and dishes, turning so, sitting in place, it was possible to scroll quietly it to the interesting dish. Frog legs, on my taste, were the most successful, and marinated jellyfishes - strange, though edible. And generally, it was possible to be sated with everything that is given on a table. (IMHO, is boiled mussels in Antwerp it was not less exotic, but it is less pleasant.)

We spent money not for nothing - after that in us the passion to exotic in Chinese cuisine died away. On days off we had dinner where - nibud in the city: quickly enough for everyone there were places where it was pleasant to it most of all.

I preferred to eat either in KFC, or in McDonalds, or (nevertheless remembering harm for health western fast - foot) at two small restaurants - one on “a tourist track“, another - on the street crossing it in the polukvartal from crowds of tourists.

Names of both restaurants were designated by identical hieroglyphs as to call them, we did not know. One of us perefotografirovat names and asked the Chinese colleagues in firm what there is written. It became clear that it is restaurants of Japanese cuisine.... Surprisingly, but if necessary to learn to eat with sticks it is possible for several times (is - that there is a wish). However, then it appeared, as it is possible to forget almost instantly.

In China - the same domination of Kok - Cola and Forfeits, as at us, but with the Chinese color. “Nestle“ at them lets out an abyss of different types of “teas“ in small bottles. All tastes from sweet to kislenky, all types, though generally - green teas.

Customs does not give a green light

Coming back home from business trip, I took on “having split“ a bottle of the Chinese vodka at work. Specially bought in little shop on “a track of tourists“ average at the price and exotic by the form. Its exotic was that the bottle was not round, but many-sided, and glass was not transparent, but “uneven“ with the hieroglyphs which are squeezed out on it. It cost yuans 15 for half-liter. However I with it was dexterously caught at customs on departure. It appeared, they have enough to take out vodka in hand luggage, and in baggage I did not decide to hand over such beautiful bottle. Prohibition was sounded by customs on the latest raying, before the entrance on a landing zone (I suspect that, having seen a bottle on the first raying, I was elementary “conducted“).

No, the bottle directly from me was not taken away, to me it was just declared that I need to declare it baggage, to return to the beginning of all raying, to buy a plastic bag, to pack there a bottle and to hand over in baggage, and then to undergo all testing again...

I not so love vodka and not so wanted to strike with a type of this vodka of my colleagues at work. It was necessary to give a bottle to customs. Faces of the Chinese customs officers were orientally passionless. And in the bag which is laid up under a table where they put my former bottle, tinkled with all the heart.

P. S. And that to modern Chinese... So they are the same people, as well as we. Not better and not worse. Just well-mannered in a different way, than we...