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Modern China - what it? Tourist track of Shanghai of

... The river with evil-smelling water light-yellow color as though all one and a half billion residents of the country worked on giving of this shade to it. It is clear, that color generally is explained by the loess on which the river flows, but... As they say in a joke, “îñàäî÷åê“ from a type of water (and, above all - from a smell) remained. The river divides Shanghai into two parts. Both embankments - the favourite place for festivities of both tourists, and local population. Hieroglyphs

When you watch

at them - they are very beautiful. But when you departed from tourist tracks in I will shift for a quarter - another and suddenly were absolutely alone on ragged streets on which names are designated only by hieroglyphs... Such business possesses powerful toniziruyushche - the mobilizing effect.

the Tourist track

Simply the street with the closed traffic given entirely to pedestrians (as, say, Big Konyushennaya at us in St. Petersburg or the Arbat in Moscow (it pedestrian?) along which are already built and still skyscrapers - hotels, with the houses remade from residential buildings in multystoried shops are under construction.

The hotel where we lived, was at a roadside of a tourist track. Smart shops, the sellers speaking in English. The McDonald`s and KFC filled by the Chinese for both cheeks joining the western civilization.

We were warned in advance that for drugs and “girls“ it is possible to fly also on the highest measure of local social protection. We like. But contrary to everything and “girls - to have a good time“, and “the grass - was suggested to be smoked“ to us through each 300 meters of “track“.

On a tourist track it is always pure. Though in crowd of tourists and “not tourists“ many do not differ in accuracy. Imperceptible janitors almost instantly pick up thrown, but not got to a ballot box. Long enough I was surprised also what even in ballot boxes was almost always empty. Though on a heat pedestrians drink a lot of water and the cooling drinks in plastic bottles and cans, throwing out in ballot boxes (and by - but see above) an empty container, and in ballot boxes - is empty...

Janitors do not allow to collect in ballot boxes to banks with bottles. Some time I was perplexed - well, banks and glass bottles - it is clear, they are accepted, and here where plastic small bottles? But once I tried to cut off the road from work to hotel and passed one minor street crossing “a pedestrian track“.

There, near a track, besides “Chinese fast - foot for Chinese“ and the Chinese shops for Chinese, sorting of the garbage collected on “track“ was made. Here paid for collected. Also accepted here not only glass bottles and cans, but also plastic small bottles. Janitors worked at “track“ not from altruism at all. And the real China begins not less than in couple of quarters from “China - a tourist attraction“. And it is not too similar to the advertizing picture. But why to the tourist to climb where he was not invited, let goes along tourist routes and watches what to him is shown.

Market. The Chinese quality

Three t-shirts of one color, the size and bought in one place - not in the market, perish the thought, in little shop near a tourist track - after washing behaved absolutely differently. I carry one of them up to that moment, it ceased to fade long ago as in the beginning, the second just “shrank“ after the first laundering, having decreased by pair of the sizes, and the third not only strongly sat down, but also collapsed on all seams. Two bought belts collapsed in superrecord time, for several months. The bought support for the camera broke for a week of operation.

The only thing really good, bought in China is a tea. A years more two after business trip on holidays we made the “tea in balls“ bought on one of markets of Shanghai. Both it is beautiful, and it is tasty, and is instructive. Each ball - the micromiracle collected manually a work of art, revealing in boiled water in a glass teapot... And taste... And began to smell...

Photo: zhangyang13576997233, olly/Shutterstock. com