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Modern China - what it? The road to Shanghai of

the Beautiful country with incredibly long and interesting story. The country, for which she - the center of the world, and all other countries and the people - suburbs, the periphery. At the same time - the country deprived on the whole of the western conceit and snobbery. Chinese know that they - the center, and it is not necessary to them at the same time at all (for greater self-confidence) to consider all others by nedocheloveka, or monkeys.

the Airbus from Moscow

We flew from Sheremetyevo - 2 on the airbus. Flew very long, the airbus was quite strongly filled, that is to roll about, having lifted armrests on several adjacent blank spaces, it was impossible. One my acquaintance so described the recipe of normal non-stop flight Moscow - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky: “One bottle of vodka taken aboard and drunk right after take-off gives the chance to oversleep all the time of flight, and still there is time to sober up before landing“. Here we flew not much less, but especially boringly it did not seem. The company was big, all colleagues, many went abroad to business trip on the first time. Especially it was pleasant that it was succeeded to sleep well in flight. When around there are a lot of, especially it is not necessary to care for safety of hand luggage.

Expectation at the airport of Shanghai

Imperceptible, but careful check of the noisy company. When our group arrived, some time was necessary to us, having already taken away baggage and having put suitcases to one place, to wait meeting from firm. By, at all without paying to us attention, there passed local frontier guards. To a heap of suitcases of time 3 - 4 the boundary spaniyelka which carefully sniffed several times at all our things was sent. She did not find anything suspicious in our things, and the “idle“ frontier guards who were scurrying about around us were gone somewhere. Soon after that one guy from our company was upset that time on us so nobody even turned attention supposedly would be possible “that - s“ forbidden to take. The guy did not notice at all, how carefully he was checked just.

Hotel 4 stars

before I lodged in business trips in three-stars hotels. Four stars where we were lodged this time, - absolutely other thing. Besides normal “bed and breakfast“, there was a floor of SPA where it was possible just to pass from number and, for example, to pobanitsya in the pleasure. There were both a sauna, and the Roman bath, and bathtubs with a hydromassage. I will tell nothing - pleasantly not just to stand under a shower in number, and to get warm with all the heart - and under a cold shower, or in a bathtub with a hydromassage...

Has to tell that “the Roman bath“ and “sauna“ strongly differed from same, but in Finland or in Russia. The sauna was much more cool than the real sauna in the country of Suomi (or in St. Petersburg). And here the Roman bath was much hotter than its Finnish option here.

Chinese on roads

Are wonderful

streets of Shanghai in the mornings. On bicycle strips in 5 - 6 rows nearby with each other scratch crowds of cyclists. This rough stream when it is raining is especially beautiful. Then all cyclists cover themselves and a faithful two-wheeled horse with a body cloth from color polyethylene. At us sell many “kak_by_odnorazovy“ polyethylene raincoats, but we have no such richness of coloring and the sizes, and hardly when will be. And the size of a raincoat of the cyclist, I will repeat, allows to hide from a rain not only the owner, but also his faithful Rossinant.

Multystoried outcomes

From hotel before work at us was minutes 20 on foot. (And even softer option - “a la St. Petersburg“) I did not see any special traffic jams of “a la Moscow“ there. Perhaps, put also in what, besides usual streets, directly in the city (where the movement is especially strong) is full of multystoried outcomes. Height of these outcomes is really big - for example, the four-storeyed lodge which was not lucky to be constructed in the “successful“ place, about an outcome, was through looked through - windows of its top floor are in exactly at the level of sidewalks of the top part of an outcome, in several meters from pedestrians.

By the way, about sidewalks. How in the West sidewalks in decline, so in China care for them. Not all have money for the car. And even - on the bicycle...

Photo: ssguy, Antonio V. Oquias/Shutterstock. com