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What do cats think of people?

you never turned attention to how cats look at people? Whole scale of emotions and feelings: care, bewilderment, contempt, attention, thoughtfulness, tension (as if at the solution of a complex challenge), politeness and even tenderness. At the same time behind a shaggy forehead some thoughts obviously move.

You know that cats when they consider people think?

In - the first, they are surprised - as such being, unadapted to life, as the person, manages to survive. There are no claws, instead of them - any laughter (special bewilderment calls manicure in cats, they cannot understand - well why to polish and paint these flat bits with which even not to seize a mouse). Teeth are stupid, even not to consider canines almost (special curiosity the toothache - causes in cats not only that human teeth are useless, they also hurt!) and at all it is not necessary to speak about wool. And this freak of nature for some reason considers itself as a creation wreath, calling cats “smaller brothers“. Yes any cat from shame would burn down, have she such relatives as the person!

Many cats like to sit on a side of a bathtub and to look thoughtfully at the owner who is smoothly entering a nirvana in warm water. No, they do not wish to keep the company at all and to swim for a while. They reflect that distribution of wool on a human body does not give in to the logical analysis at all. It is asked: why to heat hair the head, and then to complain that “brains melt“? And why there is no wool on paws which need to be kept in the warm?

Bipedalism of the person causes bewilderment in cats too. On hinder legs it is heavy and inconvenient to go! And even the tail as the balance weight not especially will help. And the person has here a laughter - that! - there is no tail at all. It is asked: for what people so suffer? Would rise on four paws, maybe, they and would be have less problems. In general, cats are convinced that the majority of human diseases is connected with bipedalism - this pure mockery at an organism!

Sometimes the person wants to play with a cat and offers her a string. The similar invention causes a polite sneer in a cat (polite - if she has good feelings to this person). Well, judge for yourself, at first offer a string and are dissatisfied that the cat behind it jumps without due enthusiasm, and then when the cat finds the whole ball of strings and begins to send actively him, behind it run with shouts and the newspaper, select a ball, and the newspaper try to splash. Where logic?

From the point of view of a cat, people - a being extremely illogical.

By the way, human games nonplus cats too. For example, my cat resolutely refuses to understand what good I find in the computer. And it is valid how it is possible to look for hours in a rectangle with unclear flourishes when there is it - warm, soft and purring!

Human work and all related disorders for a cat are incomprehensible. Though cats agree that people have to work. In - the first, it though some occupation for ridiculous beings (as for a kitten - jumps behind a ball of threads), and in - the second, somehow it is necessary to extract milk for a cat!

A sacred duty of the person - to go shooting and bring production to a cat.

Sexual human life - a source of constant cat`s curiosity and bewilderment. It is fine, clear why it occurs quietly - people do not possess congenital cat`s musicality and are not able to execute opera arias at such responsible moment. It is clear also, why under a blanket - without wool cold. But where children? How many it is possible to make all these exercises? And when, at last, there will be a child? If children do not appear at all, the cat begins to worry about health of the person. From her point of view, in most cases “sex = children“. As this rule does not work for the person, the cat considers its physiology defective.

If the cat is happy with the person, she can suggest him to divide her games. For example, to take for a drive a ball. Even if it is not too interesting to a cat, but she considers that she will please with game the person. It is encouragement, an award for good behavior.

If the cat is very happy with the person, then she can sing for him. In cases when special encouragement is required, the cat executes a lullaby. At night. On an ear. Usually - sitting on the head of the person.

If the cat looks at you with tenderness, then be sure, she at this moment thinks: “Ridiculous, in effect, being. Also I pound from it a little. And meat was last time hardish. And there are no mice in the house, and I asked that got. Yes, ridiculous being, foolish. But mine! My own! I will give nobody!“

Having reached to “I will give to nobody“, the cat can approach and be rubbed about a leg. No, it not manifestation of love. It politely marks the busy territory.

Generally, despite awareness of human lameness, absurd and senselessness, cats love us. As an award for good behavior they even allow us to stroke themselves. And - the highest degree of cat`s self-sacrifice! - allow to take a soft warm carcass on hands.

And we, ironing a wise, all-knowing cat, we thaw from tenderness and we sentence: “Ah you, foolish my, downy, myakenky, lukewarm, ah you, my princess …“ And sunshine, refracting on fluffy cat`s ears, draw the sparkling crown, the moustached head by right crowning.

And a cat, listening to gentle human rumbling, thinks that her person is happy now, and it is good.