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And I fell in love with Bosphorus …

Bosphorus - heart of Istanbul. Its mirror waters betray to the city an incomparable charm. I fell in love with Bosphorus, never in life seeing it. But now it seems to me that I am familiar with it many years. And that I already stood more than once on its coast, more than once inhaled its smell, felt its drops on the skin.

This passion to Bosphorus was transferred to me from Elchin Safarli`s novels. In them Bosphorus the living, native, infinitely dear, most true friend able and to rejoice and worry together with you. Whether it is possible to describe it somehow differently? Well. Only this way. And reading Elchin, you not for a second do not think that Bosphorus can be another. For you it such what it is described by the author and to others it will never be.

The novel “There without Back“, in electronic option, became dusty at me on the USB stick of month four. Everything did not find in any way time to read. And then, for some reason opened it from the last page, read words from the author, and something missed a bit.

And later, for me minutes just departed. It was read easily, practically on one breath.

In it very strongly the soul of the heroine, her experience, feeling is also thinly experienced. When you read, apparently, that you hear it, you catch a smell of its spirits, her experiences rush on all your essence and it seems that you begin to watch at the world it eyes. But it and is clear, the book is based on its diary, and these a lot of things mean. Each of us dreams though once in life to lift the veil of others experiences and to rummage in foreign thoughts. And here, here and so just, on a silver platter, Elchin presents us others life. Yes not just life, and life full of events, experiences, bitterness, pains and most important, love.

This book vividly transfers history of life of the ordinary prostitute. And life this such what it happens actually. This story about how people try to get out and seek to become better. There is no replacement of words for level of culture. All is told directly and called by “names“. You will not find desirable Happy End in this novel. Though if to look at everything differently, then for the main character it really there was almost Happy End if to consider that everything could develop much worse.

And, despite not the most positive descriptions of life of Aleksandra, namely so call the heroine, the book is perceived easily. Perhaps, from - for character of the author or his sympathy to the heroine, and it is possible, from - for her, she always trusted in the best. Ability in any, even to trust the most difficult situation in the best, not each person possesses. And when the person, it is similar to Sasha, falls by a bottom, very difficult happens to find forces to live further. And not just to live, and to find the delights in life. And also again to believe and again to fall in love.

To tell about this novel as just about the book, it is impossible. The book is delightful the language - good, correct Russian which in all the beauty describes life of the Russian prostitute in Istanbul. To tell that the book about love - is not enough. It about all-consuming love - to life, to the man, to world around, to Bosphorus. To tell that the book sad - is impossible, but for some reason there is a wish to cry already from the first pages. To tell that the book cruel - well: in it harmony between the good and evil, in it search, but not sitting on the place, in it is punches, but also gingerbreads are present. The novel carries away, takes away, shows contrast Istanbul, peacefully lapping Bosphorus, cats of the big city and feeling of one person. The whole picture painted by small shtrishka, but opening all new sides of life with each stroke.

It is just that kind of literature which does not cause opposite feeling of cheap stuff and at the same time is the excellent weakening thing. But nevertheless, Elchin has an indisputable quality - ability to carry away the reader, and at the same time to enrich it with knowledge of Turkey, its inhabitants, the atmosphere, recipes. Perhaps, this rather rare ability - to write is good, sound.

Reading this book, seriously thought of the fact that all my problems against the problems described in the book are just trifles. In life there is everything, just it is always necessary to find forces to pass through all obstacles prepared for you by destiny.

And precisely it is impossible to tell that the book only about whores, lives in each of us the prostitute, and only the woman decides how many freedom to give to this essence. This book about all women in general. About the women loving, feeling passion about those who wish good luck, and try to find themselves in this huge world. About those who seek to survive and at the same time not to lose a human face.

When Sashka spoke with Bosphorus or tremblingly Hayal cared for a turtle, heart clenched in a breast. Because the shade of terrible loneliness and desire to escape from this terrible vicious circle right there was evident. In this novel, the heroine has enormous patience because not each woman is capable to pass through similar tests.

But nevertheless, many consider this work dirty, disgusting and empty. Having read this book, I wanted to share the emotions and feelings with the whole world. I cried, without hiding tears. And then I faced the person who read this thing and so understood nothing. Can be because men are more constrained on emotion. But the person told me absolutely not that I wanted to hear at that moment. He apprehended Sasha as he the girl loving sex, loving the profession and did not see all tragic element of its destiny at all. I tried to argue, prove the, but then thought, calmed down and told - let will be so, let everyone will agree to differ, for me, the novel will remain something gentle, philosophical, and strong.

The novel “There without Back“ is a life long way, with the one way ticket. It cannot be read quietly, having collapsed on a sofa and having forgotten about everything. It is the penetrating novel which each letter you carry by through heart. In it is mute there is no far-fetched plot, snotty emotions. In it there is too much reality to dare to doubt its truthfulness.

In it there is from what we often try to escape, hide, be fenced. We often condemn people, similar Sachets, but is very rare when we try to watch at the world them eyes. And they have the truth too. And it is possible, it is more truthful any other.

Elchin did not see the prostitute in Sasha, he saw in her the person. The person strong, resolute, loving, capable to find forces to cope with all sorrows and misfortunes.

My acquaintance to the author began with this novel. Not each man is capable to write so sensually. Such stories in Istanbul, perhaps, thousands. Stories with feelings, love, the human relations. But in this history destinies, and including destiny of the author intertwined.

Who is he? The writer, or the man with thinly - feeling feelings not only women, but also men, soul? Romantic? Culinary specialist? Man of east nationality?

Why after its books, you begin to dream of Istanbul and madly you fall in love with Bosphorus? How so it turned out that I, the person who grew up on the seashore and adoring the Caspian Sea was subdued by this passage? And why, reading the novel, there is a desire to give up all the affairs, to rush to kitchen, and to begin to prepare according to Ozan`s recipe?

I read about Elchin much, and I know that in the opinion of many women he is the most real man. The man who does not hide feelings is not afraid to seem sentimental or too romantic. It a riddle and in too time the open book. Through the works he tells about himself, and we begin to see the world him eyes.

But the most important, he does not dare to condemn someone. And we to it should learn from him. Because it is always necessary to remember that one wrong move, and we can appear at the bottom too.