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How to return romanticism to the matrimonial relations after the child`s birth?

It is no secret that with the child`s birth life of a married couple undergoes serious changes.

Still a year ago you possessed all free time. At any time you could dart off and go to unplanned week holiday to stay alone and to enjoy communication with each other much. You rushed in embraces of each other at any moment of day and night, and nothing could prevent you. Your relations were decorated by romanticism and the passion concerned; you loved each other and reveled in this love.

And after a while you give birth to the child. And together with feeling with anything incomparable happiness changes come to your life. They concern all components of life, including the matrimonial relations. You begin to notice that for the communication which was earlier giving so much joy and pleasures there are enough neither forces, nor time. In increasing frequency your evenings pass according to the same scenario: “Silence in the room. Spouses sit, having buried in screens of the laptops“. And then you go to sleep, and in the morning everything is started over again...

When in my family there was a similar situation, I understood that it is necessary to change something. My main merit consists that I did not wave a hand, having told “Such is life“, and began to think strenuously how it is possible to return novelty and romanticism to the matrimonial relations, holding the six-month-old baby and not having the help in a face of grandmothers, grandfathers or nurses.

I began to try, to experiment, think out various ways of kindling of former feelings. And I managed! I managed to make our life the bright, filled love, mutual interest, passion and surprises.

There are several secrets which helped me to inject a new life into the relations with own husband. All of them take not enough time, but believe, even sometimes it is enough one hour to wake up the dozed-off feelings.

So, dear women, these secrets for you:

1. Allocate in a week one evening for a romantic dinner . In advance plan the unusual menu which will surprise your spouse. At the same time it is not obligatory to make a magnificent dinner from five dishes at all. You should not load yourself with additional work in kitchen. Choose that dish which you want to prepare, beautifully decorate it. Light candles, put pleasant music. It will be enough to create the romantic atmosphere in the house promoting confidential communication and pleasant pastime.

Believe, your husband will be inexpressibly glad to attention with which you surround it. And the feeling of pleasure and enthusiasm which arose in communication with darling will accompany you some more days.

2. Appoint to the husband meetings! Unlike the romantic dinner planned once a week, appointments are good the surprise. You can leave since morning the intriguing note with the invitation to appointment. Or to write during the day the love letter and to send it by e-mail. Present how your husband sitting at this moment at work and about anything not suspecting will be surprised!

3. Suggest the husband to play game “Surprise me!“ Game is in what during the day you and your spouse do each other small to “gratefulness“. It can be anything - a love card, a small souvenir, the prepared surprise, sincere recognition. The main thing that you will think about each other and of what can please darling. These trifles pleasant, insignificant at first sight will create excellent mood and feeling of special proximity between you.

4. Think up joint occupation ! Nothing so unites people as common interests and creativity. If you have different hobbies, then it is possible to think up what will be interesting to both. For example, if you like to receive guests, then can organize the party dated for any holiday. The benefit, in our calendar is a lot of them! Joint inventing of the scenario will be to you in pleasure, and pleasant communication will recover and will add a highlight to your everyday life.

In conclusion I want to wish you, dear women, to be courageous and inventive! Be not afraid to invent and ekperimentirovat! For certain you have romantic dreams - carry out them!

Show an initiative, and you will see with what pleasure your spouse will be connected to creative process of revival of the died-away feelings which will fill your joint life with pleasure, interest and romanticism.