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How to outargue the debater?

As the person adoring verbal sparrings I love the people confident in the correctness. On the Internet there are a lot of councils on a subject how to find such confidence. And it is not enough how to cope with those who already found it. If two rested persons clash in deadly fight for truth, very curious dispute - dispute in which the truth is not born can turn out.

The incorrigible aerophobe to the last will convince you that the train is faster than the plane. But if is not faster, then is cheaper. More safely, in any case. And why? Because if he tells the truth, you will begin to convince him that it is not terrible to fly. Generally, if the lamb already chose gate, then the burro has nothing to do there.

Fans of verbal fights help the rest to enrich the lexicon with interesting, unexpected turns. If not they, I would never learn how it is correct “to be spat by poison“ and what wanted to tell to the world of people, “smoked old grandfather`s bath brooms“ of . Generally, you will have heard plenty, will read and you will feel that soon from you “the first to pouring“ will not have also a trace.

Experienced debaters have one more remarkable line - they like to ask others tricky questions, to answer independently them and to laugh with all the heart at the answer. With such you will not miss even if, as they say, “you will be silent in a rag“.

Therefore “in a rag“ it is not necessary, use tactics of an advancing. Take words of the opponent, turn their sense exactly the opposite and present so as if he told about it. Do not give it time to object. Let will only manage to become angry - angry look more ridiculous.

How to find ““ where there is “no“, we will consider on an example:

The fellow of years of five is trampled down at a counter, examining a mint chewing gum. Then very quietly “reads“: “Ru - vach - - is empty - on - I!“ And right there takes the loud offensive: “In give! Zhuvachka - that cabbage, and smells of salad!“

Some people so respect own opinion that lose sense of humour. Enemies seem to them everywhere. And it is very bad for this purpose who came to be nearby. I admit, it is awkward to feel like the cheerful little fool in an environment of such gravity.

To be released from iron embraces of the rested person who is not understanding jokes, catch and use one small, but lethal weapon. With braids and the face soiled in chocolate. Because “the ordinary child“ - a source of confidence and antidote from it at the same time. Just talk to some child in the presence of the opponent. to you will be pleasant to be observed how the head of “cracker“ disperses on seams, trying to analyse, for example, such dialogue:

- Mother, you are a father!
- And the father who?
- And the father - a horse!

Simply talk to the child!

At judgments of the debater there has to be an iron logic. But if it at some moment changed you, then it is necessary only - to knock out one the interlocutor rigid, indisputable argument. Short and categorical, as shot. And in this direction children will serve as a worthy example for us, adults again.

- Hare, well why you painted a log hut in yellow color? It is written: it is necessary to paint with yellow color flat surfaces, but not flat - green.

- So the teacher told.

- Well, look, a log hut from logs, and a log roundish. Even it is separately drawn that you saw that it is roundish!

- Mother! The teacher is cleverer than you! to

generally, now it is clear from where adults, confident in the correctness, undertake. From children. And therefore I always admired those who in no time answer rhetorical questions, specifies to the TV what steps and in what direction of development of economy (sport, culture, etc.) it is necessary to undertake.

But above all I admire a sharp eye (hearing, a scent) of judges of art. Those who convincingly explain that Dostoyevsky, behind “A black square“ - Malevich hid for the Raskolnikov.

Most likely, at the time of creation of works someone from them (or perhaps and all together) was nearby. Whether in a bedroom, under a bed; in a boudoir; or in that notorious bath in the form of that grandfather`s broom that was smoked by the author.

And in this world of conjectures and guesses, assumptions and full gloomy confidence that will rescue the creative person? Only profound gloomy knowledge of a subject. And clear, absolutely transparent, statement of the thought. It is desirable, one. Also it is desirable - in a column.