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Life as theater...

the World where we live - only collective visualization which to perceive us train since the childhood. Actually, this that only thing that we are really trained in.

If to think that our life? Continuous shadow play. Each of us a peculiar actor, with huge clothes of suits and thousands of masks.
the Audience are rather our environment, among them can be as the people who came to look just indifferently at representation and the people worrying all heart about destiny of actors.
our theater began, probably, with the birth. The curtain rose, and a scene offstage the audience observes our childhood, a growing, our offenses and tears, pleasure and happiness.
After not pleasant moment in a performance some audience can rise from the chairs, pack things and die for a door. It is a little of those who will remain till the end. New and new people come to blank spaces. Some laugh, some indifferently observe, but there are also those who endure our chagrin as if it is it, their life, but not incorporeal theater. A scene offstage we pytaatsya to beat ourselves. We try to put on others mask, to hide true feelings, emotions. The shadow play is replaced with doll. Time came. Behind each doll there is a spiteful, ruthless puppeteer, the manipulator. It pulls strings of a heartless doll and uzkhmylyatsya, presses on feelings, plays...
Yes, rather peculiar theater but habitual for ours of a vemena.
Scene offstage...
the Audience everything changes.
A then and the puppeteer will decide to replace a doll.
the Doll shouts, cries, begs to remain....
But the puppeteer indifferently throws it in an old chest and leaves a scene.
Lonely, shabby, to nobody necessary....
of Potrepanaya, but strong. the Doll costs
at threads now and plays. To a doll it is cheerful. She revenges and gloats over...
I so, for one scene grew from the shabby doll the spiteful puppeteer.
All our life is based on it. Or you play, or play you.
A the new viewer will come then to the hall, he will self-confidently rise by a scene, without knock, without the prevention will open the door of your soul and will seize threads. It will play
you too, knowing your vulnerability and hopelessness.
I so around.
All life has a peculiar circulation.
the Boomerang, a wheel, everything comes back.
is also based On it our life.
Planet, food chain, whirlpool of water, sun. Everything spins with
around, everything comes back.
the World only seems small, actually it is incredibly close...
A will be then an interval, a pause, a respite, the second chance.
You can get it together and change the subsequent scenario! You can change
masks, change suits, scenes!
your life - your theater!
But you can also crumple all texts, all scenario and begin to write all over again, from a blank sheet, it would be remarkable!!
But audience. they can not understand
... *************************** You choose
what mask to put on what scene how to play, itself you choose the role in this theater... And it is necessary to solve it as soon as possible to manage to enjoy a performance before closing of a curtain...
Speklakl, long in life...