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Interior design. What to begin with?

Quite recently you got the one-room apartment and before you there was a question how to contain in the area of 31 square meter all necessary so that the room did not look conspirational, was functional and met all requirements? Or you want to change something in an interior, but do not know what to begin with?

With it you will be able to be helped by some knowledge from interior design. Fortunately, design elements come to any interested person possessing taste and sense of proportion easily.

For reference: interior design is an absolutely not internal finishing of the room as many think, it is process of formation of internal space, by means of a manipulation spatial volume, and also it is surface processing. Interior design relies on ecological aspects of psychology, architecture, design in addition to traditional jewelry. The design purpose - to create harmonious, unique space which reflects an inner world of the owner of the apartment and which will allow to execute the function allocated for it, and at the same time to keep comfort and functionality.

So before beginning any changes, it is necessary to be defined that you go to see as a result. it is better if you use a pencil and you will sketch, at least schematically, all the desires. It is important to understand that the design of premises very often goes in parallel with repair of the room. Be ready also to this aspect.

If your idea of changes does not include repair, and there is a wish to increase space very much, begin with the fact that exempt the room from things which you do not use. Attentively look narrowly at “lovely knickknacks“ on your shelves. A large number of small bagatelles is given to small space by a type of a clutter and slovenliness. And what to do if memorable things expensive to heart do not want to be thrown out? In that case choose the most stylish from these things, suitable under your future new interior, and for the others find the secluded place in cases, bedside tables and mezzanines.

Think over re-planning of the room. However, it must be kept in mind that re-planning is not always pertinent even if she is desirable and possible. So far only combination of a bathroom and toilet in small interiors can be considered as unconditionally useful re-planning. And here combination of kitchen with a living room, a hall with a drawing room or fashionable combination of a bedroom with a bathroom has both pluses, and minuses. Carefully consider whether these options will suit your way of life.

Answer yourself a question how many rooms or zones are necessary for you? the Question is not so simple as it seems. Very often in some rooms we spend not enough time from - for absence of sharp requirement. For example, many bachelors almost do not use kitchen. It is quite possible that you will arrive at idea that are ready to refuse some rooms and to convert them to the room with other functions. Here so, the kitchen for the bachelor can have an appearance of a small corner with the microwave oven and an electric kettle, the shelf and the small refrigerator, and all other space is transformed to a study, a workshop or a bedroom.

Designers have such concept as composition. The composition is an expression of interaction of various home decoration. There are laws of composition which cannot be broken at all. The main objective of composition - allocation of the semantic center , what first of all the attention will be directed to. The most widespread is the centric composition. Most often the role of such center in scales of all apartment is carried out by a drawing room or the dining room. At the same time in the “central“ rooms the semantic centers are allocated. The dining table, a fireplace or a sofa can become them.

Usually the design of the apartment is begun with so-called “face“ of the room. In apartments it is a hall, then pass to design of a drawing room which is called “soul“ of the apartment.

We will divide the defined zones. for this purpose can use the mass of decisions, beginning from cases, aquariums, bar counters, racks, bilateral fireplaces, finishing with decorative screens, sliding curtains which can be used also for temporary zoning of the room. Within one room of clear split of zones it is possible to achieve by means of color and lighting.

We will consider lighting. Lighting is defined by placement of artificial light sources, and also an arrangement of windows and subjects where they leave. By means of selection like lighting it is possible to change considerably the atmosphere indoors. If it is about the big room, for example, the dining room or a drawing room, it is necessary to use direct lighting (the stream of light is directed from a ceiling down). Then light is evenly distributed on all room. Absolutely other effect arises when streams of light are reflected from a ceiling. Such light, soft and muffled, best of all will be suitable for a bedroom. At last, the third type of lighting - dot. It serves for allocation of any remarkable detail of an interior (a picture, a sculpture or other element of a decor) or space zones, for example, of a desktop.

We will decide on color scale. At the choice of primary color indoors needs to be remembered that colors influence subjective perception of the sizes of the room. Namely, warm colors create cozier atmosphere, but the room at the same time will seem less, than is actually. Influence of a cold color is opposite. To avoid both monotony, and excessive diversity, choose one primary color, and emphasize it with several small objects of a contrast color. In certain cases for design one primary color, and several its shades undertakes in attention. Besides, you should not use bright colors in registration of the room which comes to sunny side.

We will organize system of storage which can be carried out by cases - transformers, and to resolve by also modern wall shelves, “witty“ shoe cases which will help to use effectively space an issue of placement of things necessary to you.

Visually will help to increase space several simple ways - it is use of monophonic light shades for walls, use of a white shade of a ceiling, smooth surfaces from a ceiling to a floor, existence of bright ceiling lighting, use of a large number of transparent and smooth surfaces of furniture, lack of a set of pictures and prints.

Success of realization of any the design - the project, will depend first of all on that, how fully and the basic principles of design, the general for any style and the direction were correctly involved. From as far as an environment is comfortable and organic, the state of mind, but also our physical health depends not just. Correctly constructed interior not only does not create discomfort, but is capable “to load“ with positive emotions and energy, to instill confidence and optimism.

I hope that these councils will help you correctly and to effectively organize your inhabited space which will bring you only positive emotions.