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Why for cottage settlements inhabitants have to think out names?

By the nature of the works (a house system) visited many cottage settlements of the Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod regions. And so still also did not understand that good people find in them. Life behind a fence under continuous video surveillance and continuous payment of constantly growing utilities personally inspires me a little.

I ask one acquaintance who bought the house in the prestigious settlement on Rublyovka, then still the banker, and now disappearing from creditors:

- What for to you to live in such crowded conditions and it is so expensive?

- The status does not allow to live in other place, - he bitterly sighed, looking at a wall of the next lock which covered almost completely its site.

Or was in one settlement on Kiyevskoye Highway recently. The site together with the house under finishing begins from one million dollars. The settlement accurately reminds a reservation of Indians of times of development of the Wild West. The cut small squares on 20 hundred parts and the same video cameras which are sticking out from each column. To drink with the neighbor on a shop already stremno - all protection will know in the mode he - a line. Also nastuchit blessed when that appears.

One more familiar, Nizhny Novgorod VIP told how he flew from a position and neighbors in the prestigious settlement ceased to greet at once. It was necessary to go to that to the Mediterranean Sea to Croats. There neither fences to you, nor video cameras …

A communal flat? Begins from 1 000 c.u. Here to you both protection and cleaning of streets of snow and repair of a water supply system. And if you have financial difficulties at present? Will disconnect gas, as in “A diamond hand“.

So why all our lodge in settlements behind high fences? Are afraid of thieves and want to live in the environment. Sat week among the, there arrived to the dacha, and there the same persons. Just all smoothly moved from one geographical point to another. Is called - stability.

At the beginning of 90 - x years in Moscow on Shchukinskaya one of the first elite houses was under construction. Was under construction on the place of a children`s skating rink. All protests of inhabitants were suppressed quickly and resolutely (three minutes on foot from the subway the skating rink was). But construction of a playground was promised. And precisely, constructed. Only its most part was in free access, and smaller belonged to an elitka and was behind a big iron fence. And children, then even with amazement, each other from - for a fence considered.

“Elite“ children grew up and began to live behind big fences in elite cottage settlements. The habit to zazaborny life was fixed already at the beginning of construction of capitalism at the genetic level.
Krom of desire to separate itself from bulk of the population, the main reason for purchase of a cottage - places was care of safety. Tea not in an eurogroin we live.
Protection in spotty jackets, video cameras. A barbed wire on a fence. Doggies on perimeter it is quite good too. All this reminded something, well is fine.
the person Has money that all this has the right to pay. I here about another. Let`s assume a situation:

I want to lodge in the country. Money to live behind perimeter with doggies at me is not present and not painfully there is a wish. To buy a lodge in the village it is scared from - for constantly drinking (at least, so I was told by the knowing people) local population. How to be?

The first, I look for the place for future settlement. Requirements: road, electricity, gas, river, wood. The earth at the normal prices. A possibility of connection too at reasonable price. And it is not so far from the city.

Wait to be indignant - such places still are. I will tell later. we Will assume
- it is the suburb of the village of Ivanovka. Lands were agricultural appointments until recently, are just transferred to IZhS. Plus recently the state carried out gas to Ivanovka and asphalted the road. Landscapes - a miracle. Payment of utilities at the rates for locals. Connection too preferential. Also the wood is written out on construction as rural.

I go to the owner of land who already intended to build the standard cottage settlement and I speak to it:

- Wait, I can it I will buy all the land wholesale soon. But at a discount.

Also I agree for several months of a delay on search of companions in construction.

And here I remember about “Facebook“ or VKontakte. I create group: “Who wants to live in Ivanovka“. I state the vision. No more than 10 people are necessary. We chip in together, we buy the land, we become rural, we build houses in one style and on the general for all to rules. Not to interfere with each other. And together we resolve all issues. To build a fence or not. To put protection or to employ the watchman of the neighbor from other street. Etc.

Deification of all becomes the choice of the name of the new settlement by inhabitants. And that is boring to live in the settlement which to you someone thought up. Next “It is new - Zybunovo“.

So, you give construction of settlements of new type by means of social networks!
A for those who consider that it is a fantasy, report. That such project starts on Volga soon. I will monitor its development and to report whenever possible.