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How to stuff a pike?

Today I want to share with you a secret of my grandmother. Recently she told me how to stuff a pike. Perhaps, this recipe is already familiar to someone, but I did not meet such dish yet. I long time could not force to stuff a pike as it seemed to me that a pike - very bony fish. As soon as I thought of it then hunting disappeared to potter with it.

But once the husband brought a pike from fishing, and I just had to train her. Fish mine do not eat some cutlet, cannot look at fish soup any more And here I remembered the grandmother`s recipe.

How to stuff a pike?
For preparation is required to you:
- a pike - 1. 5 - 2 kg (it ideally, and in general, will approach any size);
- sauerkraut - 200 gr.;
- onion - 1 piece;
- mayonnaise - 3 - 4 tablespoons;
- cheese - 100 gr.

Process of preparation is begun with cutting of fish. Accurately husk with pikes. It is useful to us later, in it we will stack forcemeat. Cut a pike on fillet, remove a spine and big bones. I always thought that if not to remove small stones, then they will be very noticeable in forcemeat. It appeared not so. If to pass meat of a pike 2 - 3 times via the meat grinder, then in the course of food you will not notice any stone.
on the other hand if you in the house have little children who love fish products, then everything is better to make secure and remove, probably, bones.

Forcemeat should be peppered and salted. Then properly to beat off it. For this purpose I take the second bowl. I throw a small lump of forcemeat on a bottom of a bowl and so several times, then I take the following lump. So I beat off all forcemeat. Why I do it? It seems to me that the dish turns out is more juicy and is more gentle.

Now we will be engaged in the second filler - cabbage with onions. Onions need to be cut and laid out small on the warmed frying pan. To slightly fry onions on vegetable oil, to add cabbage and to continue to fry. When the cabbage a little is reddened, remove a frying pan from fire and let`s products cool down.

Spread out a pike thin skin on a board or a table. Put a forcemeat layer from a pike. Lay fried sauerkraut with onions on this layer. It is necessary to lay stuffings so much that at a nakryvaniye the second part of a thin skin the whole small fish turned out as if. Sew up a paunch with a thread or fasten with toothpicks.

Take a baking sheet or ware, by the size suitable for baking of a pike. Oil a bottom vegetable. Put the stuffed pike in ware. Grease it from above with mayonnaise and put in an oven.

How to stuff a pike you already know and how it is correct to bake her?

We put a baking sheet in an oven and we bake the stuffed pike at a temperature of 200 degrees. The time spent of a pike in an oven of 40 minutes. In about 20 minutes from the beginning of preparation strew a pike with grated cheese and continue to bake. Further you watch
at a crust. Someone loves slightly reddened products, and someone strongly fried. The necessary color of a crust will also be a signal for switching off of a plate.
Now about a garnish. It can and be not prepared as a garnish in the form of cabbage is in a paunch of fish. I can recommend to fans of difficult garnishes mashed potatoes or boiled rice. With these products the pike stuffed is very tasty.

By the way, I tried to do according to this recipe of a carp. The carp turned out just an objedenye, same, as well as the stuffed pike! Bon appetit!