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Foreign language with home delivery. How not to fall on start?

B than a problem of people, strenuously learning foreign languages? What true reasons stand behind postponement for later and the thrown self-instruction manuals? Stormed English, Spanish, German, but it is ineffectual? I will share a couple of psychological counters which helped me to master four foreign languages.

Main conclusion: all problem - that is covered in psychology , but not in the field of language competence (ephemeral language abilities, techniques, textbooks, the praised language environment etc.) . Psychology of learning of foreign languages - piece whimsical, but very interesting. I offer several personal observations which can serve as food for your reflections.

So, you decided to master, say, English.

The first and the most important - ask a question: “And for what I do it?“ For example, you begin to study English to marry the American. In that case you have a purpose . You go on courses, are engaged independently, and the probability that you continue to learn language, fluctuates at the level of 95 - 100%. For communication, obtaining the exit visa and, the most important - for comfortable everyday life in other country, language will be necessary as air!

And now present that you go on courses to get acquainted with the nice person of an opposite sex. Most likely, as soon as you will achieve a main objective and come into necessary contacts, on it your interest in language will end.

Place priorities for yourself first of all! Language is the purpose, or language is means?

The second - leave advertizing stereotypes! Throw out from the head all appeals it seems “Italian for...“ (of 45 o`clock and further). It is just advertizing course, and with it there`s nothing to be done! Whether easily you are caught on such hooks - here answer yourself. To you suggest to zafinalit, at last, studying of language, and it attracts you.

Attention - here what it is necessary to give to each language, and especially foreign. Language is not goods which can be bought together with the self-instruction manual in shop. Even we master our native language during all life. And if you tell that you - definitely do not experience difficulties with native, you will play a cunning trick. Remember at least the last public statement or attempt to write article. Well as? Here and I about the same!

The third - values. we put reading literature in the original On one bowl of scales, communication with the whole world, study or career abroad, a rich inner world. On another we will put a waste of time, need to maintain the acquired skills during all life, a financial question. What outweighs at you? Be extremely honest with themselves!

If you already understood that you are not ready to investments of time and forces, or are afraid to admit to yourself it - I congratulate, you on the right track that once again brilliant not to learn language. It is true, and I passed through it.

Whether there will be you that linguistic bird who “will reach the middle of injyazovsky Dnieper“, depends only on you! Fondly believing that language for “the household level“ is several hundreds of running phrases, you, being expressed metaphorically, spoil to yourself a linguistic karma. Ponder - we are not robots. Listen to any live dialogue - there both about books, and about cinema, and about a yesterday`s campaign to the pool, remember yourself - what we only do not speak about!

And mine to you council - make the passive base the widest. Let in an asset you will have several hundreds of words, but at correctly “completed“ passive you will understand everything that you will be told, or at least about lshy part. The last depends only on at what level you are. The knowledge of the words Hi yes you will not rescue of Goodbye in the abyss of the language sea.

Set attainable aims, and the success will come to you even before you wait for it!