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How to drink water?

Digestive juice, blood, slime as the main component contain water. In her our bones - 22%, in muscles - 75%, in a brain - to 85%.

Loss of 20% of water - is deadly.

In days our organism loses 1,5... 2,0 liters of water (generally with urine, then and the exhaled air). These losses need to be filled. The reasonable driver will not begin to expect until in a tank fuel reaches a limit. It will beforehand curtail on gas station.

In the program of day …

needs to be drunk Every day from 1,5 to 2 - x water liters, that is 6 - 8 glasses. In hot weather, when performing a hard work if you have a heat, the diarrhea or bleeding - waters is required even more. So, during a heat officers of the Israeli army control that subordinated drank not less than 3 - x water liters a day.

Nutritionists do not recommend to drink water during food as it dilutes gastric juice, slows down and breaks digestion. Their recommendations - for half an hour before meal and in 2 hours after it. Water has to be pure and not boiled.

Avoid too cold or too hot water, Otherwise the organism should spend additional energy, heating (or cooling) it to body temperature.

Do not drink a lot of water for once if the organism did not get used to it yet. It can overload heart.

People with problems of heart and kidneys should increase a water diet slowly. It is necessary to be convinced that with increase in reception of water, also release of urine increases. If during 2 - x days this regularity is not observed, it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

At increase in a water consumption it is not necessary to reduce drug intake sharply. It can be made after the need for them decreases.

So, having woken up, till a breakfast drink 2 glasses of water, drink 2 glasses between a breakfast and a lunch, 2 glasses - in the second half of day.

Do not worry that you prematurely “wear out“ the kidneys. On the contrary, water provides them more effective functioning. At a shortcoming it, kidneys should increase concentration of urine that with it to bring the greatest possible amount of toxins out of an organism.

Water helps to struggle with diseases and to regulate body weight. If you have an excess weight, cool water to the Stout person in addition (to 6 - 8 glasses) will be good addition to a diet and exercises 1 glass on each 10 kilograms of excess weight is necessary.

Any of the existing drinks cannot replace simple clear water.

Signals of the dehydrated organism

If in an organism have not enough water, it sends us the following “signals of SOS“: • Urine has
dark-yellow color and a pungent smell. Further from it there can be stones in kidneys, an infection in urinary tract and an illness of a bladder.
• Lock. Laxative forces other systems of an organism to give the water to intestines. Warm water (2 glasses) can solve a problem.
• Fatigue or indistinct thinking. Appear as a result of blood “pollution“ by “slags“.
• Dryness in a mouth (feeling of thirst) - from - for dehydration of salivary glands. With age feeling of thirst (as well as other functions: sight, hearing, etc.) becomes dull. Therefore elderly people drink less, than it is necessary for an organism. From - for it can look feeble-minded and decrepit. • Skin dries up
, is weather-beaten and turns pale.
• Dizziness and noise in ears.

the Conclusion

B 1952 the Swiss climbers closely approached top of Everest. It was near. They could be on it the first. But forces were on an outcome...

A year later, their dream climbers of the British expedition embodied … the same steepness of an icy slope Was

. There was the same frost. Still there was not enough oxygen. They were not supermen too. And, nevertheless, they ascended to top.

According to John Hunt, the head of the British expedition, there was one distinctive “trifle“ inherent in British, - their organism was saturated with water. By preparation and ascension the British climbers drank on 2,8 … 3,9 liters of liquid daily (Swisses - less than 0,6 liters). And it played not the last role in so extreme conditions.

Give also we, without philosophizing crafty, we will drink clear water and we will conquer “peak“!