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How to the woman not to lose the friend - the man?

... Tatyana and Maxim got acquainted in a hike. It became clear that they have a mass of the general friends and interests. It was pleasant to Tanya Max as the man, but he held a distance and mentioned the girl in conversation.

However the friendship was tied - on the presentation together descend, on a concert, two hours will talk by phone. Especially they approached when Max was left by that girl, - Tanya consoled him (in soul exulting). In half a year, helping “on friendship“ to it to move to the new apartment, it did not resist, responded to Max`s call and it appeared in his bed.

Left in the morning, a kiss - and - “Let`s phone!“. Tatyana waited for continuation, wrote a frivolous sms, and in reply cold: “You want to communicate still, I will be glad. In other status I do not see you“. So the friendship ended. And whether there was it in general?

Psychologists consider that in couple of “friends“ someone one wants more than friendship (there are exceptions, but in this article we will not begin to discuss them). More often the man, seeing the attractive woman, but not finding a response and without seeing prospect (can, itself it is not free, maybe, she is married, the age difference or the status disturbs), offers it friendship.

Lovely ladies, remove pink glasses if it seems to you that your bosom friend from the next department continually calling you to smoke and together to have dinner and complaining of misunderstanding with the wife, never thought of you as about sexual object - you are mistaken. Very much even thought, and more than once.

Women usually have intellectual communication, about sex with the friend they also do not think. To them, that is us, just it is pleasant to be in a zone of man`s attention, always is with whom in theater to descend, in night club or on a party where all on couples...

The friendship between the man and the woman is extremely useful. To both is with whom to discuss behavior of a “unclear“ opposite sex. It is plus - weight. Minus - any.

But how to make so that not to lose this friend if you look with desire at it? If to you as to that Tatyana, there is a wish for continuation of a banquet and other relations with the yesterday`s companion.

For a start honestly answer yourself: whether you are attractive to your friend as the woman? Whether you suit it as couple?

One my client on a dating site found boys about ten years younger than. Also did not understand why after 4 - 5 appointments it is left. One of them explained: “You are remarkable, but I want to find the second half, to marry … Why time to lose?“ Remember

: when you are pleasant to the man as the woman when he sees in you the potential wife, he will not be stopped that you are friends, he will rest a horn and will transfer your relations to other plane.

With the man who is pleasant to you, but which obviously does not hurry with courtings, is better to keep the friendly relations diligently. How to make it?

1. You do not speak rapidly with communication. For yourself you can imperceptibly be fond.

2. You do not ask constantly about the help. The friend - all this not the husband.

3. Stop its attempts to oversleep with you. So directly also tell: “I do not want to lose the friend! Cool down“. After sex former ease, alas … always disappears

4. Do not provoke the friend a deep decollete, touches, sensual kisses, talk “about it“. You are on friendly terms - means, topics of conversation are neutral, meetings in the neutral territory, but not at his place.

5. Emphasize that you appreciate it as friend, avoid to sing the praises of his intelligence, a figure, beautiful hands and eyes. In it the hunter will wake up, it will drag you in a bed and … will stop being your friend.

If nevertheless did not resist and became for some time lovers, run the first! Pretend that nothing happened, and aloud tell so: “Everything dreamed us, we will forget about it“. Take a break in communication, and then begin all over again.

Psychologists assure that the best friends turn out from the former lovers who were not connected by the serious relations. Men very much appreciate women who, time having overslept with them, never repeat it any more and never about it remind.