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Oranienbaum - Lomonosov. Where to buy souvenirs?

our city, our modest and polite leaf of history of all glorious past that is connected with St. Petersburg, do not like to shout of the glory and advantages loudly. And only those who love history of our country and are proud its heroic past will treat yours faithfully already the name: Lomonosov, Oranienbaum.

More precisely, Oranienbaum - Lomonosov - Oranienbaum, the city of military glory. And if you want to breathe fresh air among century trees, to listen to birds, to admire the gulf and to consider from the coast Kronstadt if you want to visit the ancient city from it dvortsovo - the park ensemble which is not touched by the ruthless Great Patriotic War (unlike Peterhof lifted from ruins and completely built anew) - if you want to feel breath of reckless, wasteful and tragic times - you surely will arrive to us.

the City of three names

At our city - three a name. Oranienbaum (a nevygovariva - e - my orange tree on - Dutch) was founded in 1711 when opposite to Kronstadt allocated to the first generalissimo of the Russian Empire A. D. Menshikovu Pyotr Pervy the earth for the estate - in very convenient for service and the picturesque place. According to the legend, only having begun to organize regular park and a greenhouse, Alexander Danilych got orange trees, and men - the sloggers working right there were surprised to a miracle and called oranges gold apples. Here therefore - that on the ancient coat of arms we also see a tree with gold apples …

As to the same simple hard worker, the resident of Oranienbaum, such name after day of work was not to utter, there was a self-name: Rambov (the district had also Finnish names - Karasta as the small river flowing here, and Rampov). It vividly and today. Therefore when you hear where - or “Food in Rambov“ - be sure, it was told by the aboriginal. And in 1948 - m within fight against a foreign influence gold renamed to year the nice city of apples into Lomonosov. Why? To immortalize a name of the most great scientist and creator: on our lands, in the village Ust - Ruditsa, Mikhaylo Vasilyevich constructed the glass laboratory and plant, and at this plant for the first time in the history of began to make surprising color glass, pleasing with it, first of all, the powers that be. Unique parts of glass, fantastic smalts … today you can see such smalt in Museum of local lore of Oranienbaum. By the way, in honor of 300 - the anniversaries of our city the Museum of local lore was replenished with new exhibits and convenient modern equipment. And from unmodern … be only not frightened. We have a real mummy pulling to you hands from a show-window. Yes.

Today Lomonosov officially carries the historical name - Oranienbaum, reminding of the true purposes and history of the creation, and containing in the long beautiful name bright destinies and events - from Stravinsky`s birth and Bianki`s creativity before tests of a rifle of Mosin, the cruiser “Auroras“ in harbor and heroic defense of Leningrad.

To Eleninskaya Street …

the Menshikovsky palace, Petershtadt, the Waterslide and the Chinese pavilion, streets and stories of old residents about them are very important pages of history of our country. In them names of our monarchs and their immediate environment, the tragedy of humiliation, ruin and quarrels, take-off and falling, vandalism already almost our contemporaries are imprinted. But today history comes to life, straightens the pages, shaking from them dust and dirt, and pleases with spirit of true old times of the citizens and our guests. And if you are not tired of walks on landscape park and the museums, surely walk on Dvortsovy Avenue from the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael, have a bite in our super - a rocker unexpected “Red crow“, and then climb an ancient ladder up, on the hill (and it, present, the same the nature the created step on which there are palaces throughout from Strelna, including Petrodvorets).

Above you will be on the ancient small street Eleninsky, silent and surprising by the residences. And at the very beginning of this street, to the address Eleninskaya, the house 4 , on a bevel of the hill costs the beautiful light house - exactly opposite to park and a cathedral. From what side of our town you went - it surely will appear to you on the way. In the first floor - a semi-basement, you will find a craft bench in this house “the Rambovsky souvenir“.

“Rambovsky souvenir“ - advantage for memory

“Rambovsky souvenir“ - the only craft bench in Oranienbaum devoted to the souvenirs in memory of the city made by citizens. Therefore you will surely choose to yourself a memorable souvenir, and for certain will return to us to the city. Because our souvenirs are not photos on the Chinese magnets. We do them by the hands, the imagination and soul. In Rambov there lives the great number of talented masters - needlewomen, painters, handicraftsmen. And the most important - we love the city, we are proud already of the fact that we go on this earth, we protect history of the city and we will be able surely to tell you about it. Therefore our souvenirs will become your charms - warm, strong and kind. And still they joyful, unusual and beautiful. Well and qualitative, of course, because I and my colleagues - authors we like to work only with natural materials. If clothes, then cotton, lyon and wool and if the tree - that is a tree! By the way, wooden souvenirs are made by children from orphanage in Lopukhinke under the sensitive guide of the very creative masters. Products do not even varnish and do not use glue - as most often it is toys and objects which you will begin to use directly in life: - to play with children`s furniture, in a bread box to put bread, a rolling pin... well, you know. So one of my mottoes - “Rambov - the city of masters!“ - quite is repaid.

And of course, you will surely find both badges, and pennants, and tags with the coat of arms of our city in a bench. And in the department, next to a bench, - traditional gifts and souvenirs, including the well-known ware of LFZ, casket and gift packing. In the neighbourhood there will be also a department of cosmetics with the surprising prices, on a case of urgent purchases for more comfortable travel, and department of optics where it is possible to choose ready glasses of any complexity, and also to custom-make points and lenses. So, remember the address: Oranienbaum, Eleninskaya Street, 4 . If it wants to specify something - write: lomonosouv@gmail. com .

I wait for the visit of you! And if you are tired, walking on our amazing city, you will have an opportunity to have a rest in “A chair for a sudden dream“, having buried in pillows and rocking in a step to the impressions … See you!