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How it is possible to hide from own life?

there is a wish to Hide sometimes. The question “From What?“ at many even is not necessary. From such life. To take cover so that nobody found you. Yes here trouble - you will not escape from yourself, you will not leave and even you will not depart. Unless in an extreme step … But about it there is no wish.

And still when there is a problem, it is possible to find the solution. Fast and plain. For example, to pretend that everything is normal! And the one who already began to pretend is improved infinitely. In abstraction and rejection of surrounding reality there is no limit. Some manage to practice successfully until the end of the life. Whether from it life becomes happier? It is unknown. But, in view of popularity of this option, it becomes easier, probably.

Only where it is easier? And for whom it is easier? And how it is reached by people? I noticed several especially popular options …

Favourite places and recipes running from life

Option penetrative, very effective: to use drugs, to smoke, accept alcohol and to use the other substances alien to our organism . But - quickly and the reactions which are actively influencing a brain, behavior, perception. Everything is simple: accepted - disappeared. However, it is difficult to decide on so cardinal steps. Consequences painfully frightening. It is possible to tell, total. Therefore also the recipe is suitable only for especially extreme cases when already it do not care about the life.

Option simple: hobbies for the computer (games, Internet), TV and other easy pictures . It is possible to go deep with the head into life of heroes or just into the parallel world and to forget about the. And nothing to you for it will be. The field for activity - extensive. One game (series) bothered, pass into another. And a variety - please, and a storm of emotions. Everything is fascinating - tasty. Speak, even some healthy people are sucked in so that it is possible to come off hardly. It is direct - it is necessary to be treated on the present. More simply - not to come off. That is and not to begin.

In general, for own ubeganiye will be suitable everything. There would be an imagination and though some, minimum hobbies. The addictions are more harmful, the it is simpler to take cover. Sometimes straight off also you will not define, you ran away or, on the contrary, searching. The first - is utopian, the second - is noble. And from outside looks equally.

I here, for example, thought up one of such sophisticated forms. It was possible to hide so that you will not sap. It is called: work on . Yes, unless you do not see, I change, I make efforts for improvements? I will become absolutely other person soon! And itself should speak also more often. And that suddenly doubts will creep in, will think: something here not so? Still, who knows, you will begin to understand and you will fall out with a roar of the imaginary improvement...

Once I caught myself behind illusion of work on myself. The thoughts - thoughts and reading the book, reflections, dreams and memoirs successfully and constantly left from reality. It seems that you will hide with experiences - and everything is adjusted!

But paradox that it is impossible to achieve something in life, without being present at it. It is always necessary to live, in each timepoint, here and now. How I can be, for example, happy if I am absent? How it is possible to fall in love with me or how I can fall in love? Unless I will be able to give in such state to the children heat or I will become significant in life?

Absolutely definitely that when the person is in another dimension, hours analyzes current situation which it is necessary to live, - then he will achieve nothing.

I, in turn, not just hid, and ran at top speed from myself, with the experiences. What I as a result received? At first painfully hit the head against asphalt. Then deafened rose, shook off and decided not to run away any more. It was not pleasant to fall.

But over time and began to run there is nothing. Everything is passed, accepted, adjusted. And therefore it is happy. What I am infinitely glad to both what and to you I wish.