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How it is easy to study at school?

As are good to study at school and at the same time not to spend all free time behind textbooks? Each conscientious pupil who was more or less meeting difficulties with study asked such or similar question. I, the pupil 7 - oho a class of the Turkish lyceum of Chinghiz Aitmatov, will tell you about the ways

Sometimes at lessons terribly wants to have a sleep. I an owl, to
it is familiar to me (but especially these should not be fond, you can be interrupted on the most interesting moment of your dream. Besides will give not a desirable mark. But, at the same time, it is not necessary to try to answer all questions and tasks in a row is not the best way.
First rule: wait for an opportunity. And if to be more precisely, then wait for an easy question. Sooner or later, but they always are, not important what subject. It is convenient chance to receive practically free five! Ah yes! Still it is necessary to answer a thicket, be never afraid to answer open questions it will help on an otnogsheniye to study.

If suggest to make the message or the paper - agree, do not deliberate. Sometimes even suggest to make the presentation. At modern opportunities to find any information in the Internet and to print will not make special work. If you are able to do the presentations, then it is possible to take also them. Sometimes it is possible even most to offer to make to teachers an additional task, as a rule, they only for . Agree that it is far more interesting to look for information on the boundless Internet, for example, in biology, than to read the boring paragraph set nady. If you were given a task to be retold and read the paragraph, we read the paragraph and whether to write somehow laziness so, we do so, we do not look for important offers, just stupidly we write out the first the offer so much how many we consider it necessary.

It is impossible to spoil the relations with teachers. Remember: if the teacher treats you, then, perhaps kindly, will sometimes do you discounts. And if it is bad, then, maybe, will even begin to carp. But also is not necessary to make up to teachers. As a rule, in society it is not loved. Here I for example have
the teacher on Russian with whom I had bad relations and almost at each lesson I hear to her critic.

As for homework then everything is simple. It is better to perform written tasks. And to what to oral, them rather attentively to listen at a lesson. Well at least I have enough it.

Well and most important: do not wait for you so far will ask - earn estimates! It gives a guarantee from the fact that you will not be asked while you learned nothing. Plus to it, use cribs. If competently to use them, then very much help. And literacy comes with experience. Still there is such thing as the cell phone, and in it there are programs, and among programs on phone there are cribs too. The hint is clear? Well and the last Never read full contents on literature, be more cunning - read short! be not fond of
I of spurs, at examination will catch curtains! Good luck (A. Mirrakhimov)