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Why it is worth visiting London?

“And why, actually, London...“ - it is possible, you will tell. And it is valid: what, in the world there are not enough other interesting places for trips?

There is a lot of. Moreover, the countries which statistically are the most visited by tourists are France and Mexico. Great Britain keeps the honourable third place, and London the second after Paris.

And all - - to London. I many times had to be in this city, and can, this my subjective opinion, but any of the capitals of Europe does not possess such fancy mix of old times and the ultrapresent, such surprising mixture of various nationalities and all that language does not turn to call the ordinary word “sight“ without addition of an epithet “fantastic“.

Across London it is possible just to go for hours and to enjoy ancient buildings of the Victorian era. The architecture of London in general is a sight in itself. Each street in the center (and not only in the center) includes unique architectural samples. All this is considered historical property, is restored and remains.

In London it is possible to come into any of numerous parks (parks occupy 30% of the space of London), to roll about among similar on an emerald grass and to feed from hands of squirrels. In the English capital just “on lawns it is allowed to go“.

And live monuments history, which in London continually... Why live? Because they carry out the functions also now. For example - the yard of Her Majesty of the queen of England. There still everything looks, as in tales of chivalry: hussars and uhlans with horse tails on helmets, guardsmen in bear caps, balls and horse departures.

Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Windsor Castle is the history which remained up to now not to mention the Tower - perhaps, the most known fortress in the world. The building of the English Parliament with the well-known tower and hours Big Ben. All this should be seen with own eyes.

The museums of London - special article. Them there about three hundred, and great masters on creation of museum expositions, than British to call difficult. Wax museum of Madame Tussauds - only one of asterisks in constellation of the London museums. Though, perhaps, one of the brightest.

To fans to walk on shops in the British capital - full expanse. In London the same thing can be bought both for three hundred, and for hundred dollars. Depending on where you buy. Than farther to suburbs - those low prices. The markets of London where everything is on sale literally - from antiquarian wonders to superfashionable rags are well-known. Glance there - and receive cultural shock from crowd and exotic things.

The certain place among sights is taken by the well-known London pubs. Here they at every turn. Some of them have centuries-old history. Come, enjoy the incomparable atmosphere of old kind England and try the well-known grades of the English beer which you will not find any more anywhere.

London is the city of musicians. Any single musician playing in the London subway - surely the virtuoso. Somehow in an underground passage under the known Piccadilly Circus Square listened to a classical string quartet. Children obviously had the academic music education.

It is from London the best-known musicals and fate - operas. By the way, axiomatic fate - the opera “Jesus Christ - the Superstar“ still with success goes in the English capital. You can look and ponastalgirovat.

And it is possible to look at London from height in 135 meters. For this purpose it is necessary just to sweep on one of the biggest big wheels of “London Eye“ in the world.

I give all this as absolutely short and not full list of for the sake of what it is worth going to London. It is that city which as it is considered to be, everyone has to visit at least once.

In further articles on the London subject I plan to tell as well as that it is necessary to make that to see all this with own eyes.

We will consider a question of obtaining the English visa. Because without it it will not be possible to glance to London obviously.