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Whether we are mistaken concerning rats?

Many centuries people conduct uncompromising struggle with gray neighbors whom they to themselves did not choose. Only in a small number of cases the person manages to cope with armadas of rats, in other attempts a victory for rodents so far.

As destroyed rats in old times: a legend of the Rat catcher

Let`s visit the small German city of Hameln located in Lower Saxony. It is the ancient town where medieval churches and houses remained. Now all its population makes about fifty thousand people. This settlement became famous for the fact that there is no rat. The person won against gray rodents. In a new town hall on a public inspection the relevant document where it is officially reported that the city is cleared of rats is exposed.

How it managed to be reached? According to a legend, in 1284 in the city the strange man in a motley dress appeared. He was called a Rat catcher and suggested to relieve the population of the bothered rats for a certain payment.

Inhabitants agreed to pay the required sum. The rat catcher got a pipe and began to play on it. Having heard sweet music, rats and mice began to get out of all houses. The person, continuing to play, moved to the Weser River, rodents followed him, captivated by unusual music. All rats and mice drowned in the river.

Citizens very much were delighted that got rid of nasty gray robbers, but it grieved them to pay money. The rat catcher left the city, “not solono hlebavsh“. But he did not forget the offense. After a while he returned to the city in other appearance, again played on a pipe. This time it was followed by children whom it took away from Hameln. More them nobody ever saw …

of the Image of rats which in the city alive you will not meet, became very popular in Hamelna. In souvenir shops it is possible to buy various figures of rats, from windows of bakeries the rats who were made of dough look at passersby. Shelves of grocery stores decorate batteries of bottles in the form of rats. On an ancient town hall bells twice a day call, and hours with mechanical figures tell a story of the deceived Rat catcher and kidnapped by it.

Till this moment a city administration and the regular rat catcher vigilantly watch that in the city rats did not appear. The position of the regular rat catcher appeared in municipality of the city ever since when the fairy tale turned in byl. The professional rat catcher had to be invited from other city. Economical inhabitants and not really willingly pay today work of the person which protects their houses from rats. Extermination of rats “on sectors“


and studying behavior and habits of rats, people paid attention to that fact that if the great number of rats meets in several quarters, then it means that between them there are practically no transport routes. Big highways divide a rat kingdom into sectors. That is theoretically it would be possible to exterminate according to plan rats on these zones. Unfortunately, this method does not work. Having caught or having poisoned rats in one sector, the person makes room for other rats who on the new place begin to breed with big hunting and speed. The result of such fight - rats becomes twice more. the Thunder-storm of rats - cats

Nobody will begin to deny

that cats - remarkable rats and mice hunters. But how many animals the average cat in a year can catch? No more than 20-25 rats. If to consider that for once the rat gives birth to up to 20 infant rats, then it turns out that all cats of the world are not capable to relieve mankind of artful rodents.

Invasion of rats on megalopolises

Experts - “krysoveda“ made such hypothesis: natural populations of rats will increase until resources of environment can provide animals with a shelter, food and water. If people learn to operate a state of environment, improving a sanitary situation in the cities, it will help to reduce the number of rodents. For now in many old cities of the world to the started municipal services periodically there are invasions of rats, for example, in New - York, Bombay and Rome.

Invasions of rats in the Eternal city is an eternal damnation and a sword of Damocles of Rome. They destroy the food, spoil city property. As experts consider, in Rome lodges about 15 million gray robbers now. The state and private companies specializing in fight against rodents and also local population actively fight against periodic flashes of number of “uninvited guests“. Sometimes rats recede, but the end it is not visible to this war. On the example of Rome it became clear that it is very difficult to revitalize city environment therefore in the closest decades of a rat can feel in the capital of Italy quietly … with

of the Tale about rats

Sometimes can be heard: rushes as a rat . But she is not a sprinter. The maximum speed which the rat can develop, - 10 km/h.

We often speak, dirty as a rat as are sure that life of rodents in cellars and on a garbage can does not promote maintenance of their personal hygiene. It`s not true. If to observe a rat in a cage, then it is possible to notice that it very carefully cleans the muzzle and a skin till some hours a day.

You had to hear it: I saw a rat of the size of a cat ? Fear takes molehills for mountains. The mass of the largest gray rat does not exceed 900 grams. The domestic fattened cats will pull on 5-8 kilograms.

Our imagination can sometimes draw of a horde of rats , moving from one place of dislocation to another. Actually, such phenomenon cannot almost be beheld as a rat - the animal careful and prefers to hide if it sees the unequal rival.

Rats near the person live many centuries. And he watches all this time their behavior, trying to solve habits of “a room doggie of a devil“. But whether people precipitately arrive, trying to exhaust at the roots a hated rodent? Each animal in the nature occupies the ecological niche and carries out the function in an ecosystem.

Having destroyed rats, the mankind can face the most unpredictable consequences …