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Carefully, do not stumble!

Being engaged in business in the Internet, it is possible to pick up minuses which can develop into a habit. Here I also want to talk about such pebbles now. To the beginner the Internet - business it will not prevent

Independent work in the Internet demands discipline. Do not forget that you are at the same time both the head, and the performer. You there is nobody to adjust, you organize work process, realize it.

Therefore first pebble - absence of discipline. Planning will help to step to you over it.

Whenever possible make the plan for the next 28 days. For one day plan one main important task for yourself for work in the Internet.

Do not plan several cases in one day. The plan will not work. The discipline will not be.

Purposeful business has to be one!

Begin the working day with performance of the important and main planned task. In the people speak: Made business, walk safely .

The result of the done work will bring you pleasant pleasure and understanding that day passed fruitfully.

Against such feeling, you will make some more not really important, but considerable actions. You will have a belief that day is successful!

But if you plan for yourself several tasks in one day, do not receive feeling of satisfaction.

As a rule, the plan can change, be supplemented. On that it and the plan which can always be corrected. Nothing terrible will occur if you make today that you planned tomorrow.

This fact will say only that you achieve of speed in work. Now it will be possible to plan for day more volume task, but besides ONE!

It is impossible to achieve productive work if to that there does not correspond your inner world, your attitude. Second pebble - lack of completeness of life.

Present that in a circus ring two jugglers act. At one in hands two spheres, and at another - eight. What juggler will be interesting to you?

Of course the one who juggles with eight spheres.

In the life we are jugglers too and too we act. Then reflect what performance is interesting to people around, for those to whom you bring benefit, earning for it reward?

Completeness of life is felt in communication with friends and people around, creation of the positive relations. The partnership in business promotes professional growth. Professionalism is guarantee of financial success. Your inner world and creativity gives rise to ideas. Sports - guarantee of your health. The excellent health awakens desire to self-education and brightness of life!

If not to listen to the internal desires, the small pebble can turn into a big stone. It will be difficult to step over it.

Look around yourself whether there are pebbles? Step over them!

Good luck! Yours faithfully, Goldabina Oksana!