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What herbs will help to fight against freckles?

Brightly shine the May sun, but together with heat and pleasure brings the troubles connected with emergence of freckles, and sometimes and pigmentary spots. What to do? How to be? Whether it is possible to reduce this adverse effect at least?

First of all, people with gentle light skin and need to use in the spring in the summer sunblock cream which will protect the person from ultraviolet rays. And some herbs will help to clarify skin, to make freckles and spots less noticeable, and sometimes at all to get rid of them.

Freckles often shower not only a face, but also a neck, the back of brushes, forearms and other sites of skin. They do not cause subjective feelings, are not shelled, at advanced age decrease in quantity, and sometimes even completely disappear. Usually freckles arise at blondes, especially at red-haired, is more rare - at brunettes. Meet at dry and normal skin more often, and it needs to be considered at the choice of herbs for treatment.

At systematic treatment by the vegetable preparations possessing gentle the peeling and decolouring properties, it is possible to achieve good results.

Birch warty and fluffy. From a cut of a trunk receive juice and moisten pigmentary spots of 5 - 6 times a day, without wiping. Apply a method at not numerous freckles, store juice in the refrigerator in the closed ware.

Elder black. Apply flowers infusion (1:10). The gauze or fabric are moistened in warm infusion, wrung out and put in the form of a mask on a face. Hold about 5 minutes, and then procedure is repeated by 4 - 5 more times. The mask needs to be done daily, and with the advent of effect - 1 - 2 time a week for prevention.

Wild strawberry. Squeeze out juice of fresh berries, moisten a gauze and put it on a face for 10 minutes (and so three times in a row). Procedure is carried out daily. Rubdown of skin juice of 4 - 5 times a day is less effective (this way can be applied at weak pigmentation). For normal or dry skin it is possible to make for 25-30 minutes a mask of pulp of wild strawberry and an egg yolk. At fat skin the yolk is replaced with protein.

Centaury umbrella (ordinary). Napkins moisten in infusion of a grass (1:10), wring out and daily impose on skin for 20 minutes. It is also possible to wipe freckles with this infusion from 4-6 times a day.

The guelder-rose is ordinary. napkins moisten with Juice of fresh berries, impose them on freckles twice in a row for 10 minutes (procedure is done every day, at dry skin it is not recommended).

The dandelion is medicinal. Squeeze out lacteal juice of leaves and 2 - 3 times a day to a pobledneniye grease pigmentation sites.

The bearberry is ordinary. Napkins humidify with warm broth of leaves (1:10) and impose for 15-20 minutes daily before receiving effect. It is necessary to be careful as sometimes on skin the irritation appears. It is impossible to use a bearberry for dry skin.

Cosmetic treatment can be carried out by several preparations at once, changing them during a course. It is impossible the peeling and bleaching means to impose on skin around eyes. It is not necessary to do procedures before an exit to the street.

Often freckles not only do not disfigure the person, but even give it special appeal. Then there is no sense to seek to get rid of them. Also you should not try to obtain full bleaching of the person, thus it is possible to worsen a condition of skin. And the white face not always naturally and beautifully looks.

Also do not forget - if you do not hide a face from hot beams of the sun, all treatment is useless. Therefore during everything to the veseena - the summer period you go on shady side of streets, use wide-brimmed headdresses, peaks, umbrellas, do not moisten a face and a neck with cologne or spirits - they increase sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet rays.

Protect your person!