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And what you know about coffee? Coffee dreams of

the Coffee house meets you by pleasant music, the cozy atmosphere and divine aroma of fresh hot coffee... What else is necessary for the ideal beginning of ideal day? Let`s tell some secrets of preparation of coffee.

Practically all coffee prepares from two main grades. It is arabica coffee and robusta. Arabica coffee possesses tremendous aroma and taste, besides contains not enough caffeine. Robusta is appreciated fortress, this grade is not so whimsical to cultivation conditions. Coffee drinks most often prepare from mix of grades that coffee had the sufficient fortress and taste.

Usually in the menu of coffee houses is black coffee, standard coffee drinks and drinks which think out in the coffee house and names to them give in the same place.

From types of black coffee in coffee houses most often it is possible to meet of espresso . It is the strongest coffee, and it is called by right perfection of coffee taste. Train him by means of the special coffee car. Through a coffee tablet under big pressure hot water with the temperature about 90 degrees is passed. The received 30 milliliters of drink are also espresso. Such way of preparation of coffee was thought up about 80 years ago. The technology of preparation allows to reach true and rich taste of the real coffee. With this drink often give a glass of water as coffee turns out quite dense. After the real espresso about two more hours pleasant aftertaste keeps. By the way, in this type of coffee drink least of all caffeine.

When Americans for the first time tried espresso, it very much was pleasant to them, but as Americans love all big, they and coffee “modernized“. So appeared of coffee an americana . It is the same espresso, only with a large amount of water. Such coffee, respectively, in a big cup is served.

For fans of strong coffee the filter - coffee was constructed by . The technology of preparation is simple: hot water proceeds through a funnel with ground coffee in a special thermos from where then spreads on cups. The longer contact of coffee with water, the more caffeine will be in drink. In such a way usually make a pure grade as there it best of all reveals and allows to experience the saturated taste.

Too there is a lot of coffee drinks with milk. Surely will be in each coffee card of a cappuccino and latte . These are those drinks on which do drawings. The cappuccino, espresso with the milk which is shaken up in dense foam, moves usually in big and average cups, is frequent with various additives in the form of syrups.

Latte differs from a cappuccino in a large amount of milk therefore moves only in big cups. Taste of such coffee usually does not change depending on a coffee house, and here can give it differently, is more often - in ceramic or glass cups.

All other drinks in a coffee house - result of the imagination the barista.

One more recipe of coffee : in a service jacket - a press put a measured spoon of coffee, fill in with hot water for 4 minutes, then wring out by means of the piston and pour in a cup. Coffee is ready! By the way, this recipe very much was pleasant to Jack London, only it instead of water filled in coffee with hot milk.

It is also possible to add a little chocolate to coffee, cinnamon or vanilla. Try, maybe, and it will be pleasant to you. Successful experiments!