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How to surprise favourite people?

What can be more pleasant than a bouquet of fine, fresh and fragrant flowers? Baskets of scarlet roses with a mysterious note “From the stranger“ at a door? Gentle and romantic bridal bouquet? Better than flowers there can Sometimes be only flowers …

us with expensive to us to heart people are divided by hundreds of kilometers of roads, distances, circumstances. And so there is a wish to make something pleasant for dear person, to please him, to raise a happy smile on lips. There is a wish to be original, attentive and unique. For those who want to be such original, attentive and unique - flowers delivery excellent option to show the love and attention, despite distance.

Service of flowers delivery, bouquets, baskets with flowers, original flower compositions on our open spaces began to develop actively not so long ago. To us this pleasant service came from the West where distance for a long time not a barrier to please the person dear to heart. Specialized flowers delivery agencies offer the services by everyone. Round the clock, without restrictions in time and in space. By means of convenient service, by means of the ordinary computer and Internet access, it is possible to choose the pleasant flowers for darling and to order their delivery. It is possible not to worry about implementation of the order - it will be precisely executed also in necessary terms.

Sometimes what you will not tell words can try to be told by means of language of flowers. Each flower in a bouquet and its colors has the certain value. Not incidentally also and amount of colors in a bouquet. It is accepted to give one, three or five, only not two or four flowers. Why? Florists consider that the odd amount of colors in a bouquet allocates a bouquet with positive vital energy and harmony. The even quantity, on the contrary, brings a dissonance and dissonance. In language of flowers and figures have a confidential, “ciphered“ value. So it is necessary to be attentive as to the one who gives flowers, and to the one who receives them as a gift. So, for example, if you are given one flower, it does not mean at all that giving stinted, at all not. It means that you are of the only value for it. Three flowers give when want to invite, the main thing is unimportant where, there where you will be only together. And five flowers are a long-awaited declaration of love. The bouquet from seven flowers can be given on the date of a betrothal, nine flowers give when want to tell about how they respect. Further also declarations of love, respect, friendship follow. Once to that donator looks narrowly which presents you a bouquet from thirteen flowers - in language of flowers this recognition in hatred and contempt.
In language of flowers has also the value and the dominating color of a bouquet. White color means pure and innocent intentions, yellow means not separation or change at all as it was considered at us to be, and the first awakenings of love. Remember Margarita of Bulgakov with yellow flowers … It was not change and not hatred, and an anticipation and expectation of love. Single color symbolizes love, is bright - red - passionate and hot feeling.
of the Chrysanthemum give when want to attract attention, poured - when want to emphasize the purity. Roza present when they want to emphasize equality and love, and here a bouquet of tulips moreover in number of thirteen flowers - will mean that feelings left, without having left behind anything light and kind.
Language of flowers is quite difficult and diverse. The amount of colors, their color everything bears a certain symbolics. Sometimes, we subconsciously stop the choice on this or that flower, sometimes consciously we make the choice. However you should not go into extremes and to look for change and hatred in a harmless bouquet which to you is presented. Anyway, what flowers would not present to you, the person thought of you when he chose them. Means, you in it cause certain feelings, and this most important. From love to hatred and with hatred to love still there can be a way, but here indifference - a way in anywhere. you still deliberate
how to surprise darling, to show it the love and attention, and distance for you a barrier? Order flowers for people dear to you. Heat of their smile will warm you, despite distance between you.