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When it is better to trust in professionals?

Jack of all trades … Sounds of course it is proud, but it is a little unconvincing. At least because initial knowledge in various areas can also be presented, but here the thorough knowledge of various areas with all trifles, details and nuances simply is not real. The master on that and the master to be a high expert in narrowly allocated area. And primary general knowledge, “all and gradually“ you will not call type skill, rather superficial superficiality

in any way As a rule, expression “Jack of all trades“ concerns, first of all, men. Men seek to show the skill in various vital spheres or we, women, softly and smoothly we push them to it. Both to build the house, and to grow up a tree, and to introduce amendments in education of the child. And if “to plant a tree“ - the worst of options it to be left both without tree and without harvest, and from education of the child the man manages to be behind a screen of employment and round-the-clock work and fatigue from it. But here as for “the house to construct“ is a separate topic of conversation. In our mentality, the fact that the man both with hands and with the head is not able everything that is necessary concerning construction, repair, replacement of idle details does not pass. But if to approach this question on the other hand, having rejected prejudices, mentalities, and words of the neigbour that “here her husband is able all and Jack of all trades …“?

If your man the professional electrician, then he cannot be at the same time professional roofer, the plasterer and the assembler in any way - the spiderman. Just cannot be everything at the same time. Therefore you should not reproach the second half reproaches like “here the neigbour has a husband Jack of all trades, and you cannot make electricity in the house …“ To Take at least even a question of electricity in the house. Not everything is as simple as it seems at first sight.

Construction, repair work, capital re-equipment imply the obligatory electric installation work connected with electricity. Diagnostics of electric conducting, diagnostics of the electric equipment, carrying out replacement of switches and electric sockets, their installation, transfer to other place. Works of varying complexity with the electric counter, its installation and demontazhy, works with a distributive guard, grounding. Hundreds of options and combinations connected with work of electricity, and debugging in this work. Having studied the list of the offered services by the expert by the electrician, you understand that everything - is better to trust the works connected with elektriky in the house as carrying out conducting and further wiring to professional electricians.

The electricity is not that area where it is possible to experiment and try own forces. Real life differs from a circle of the young electrician a little. Incorrectly connected wires or the installed sockets, at best will cut off power all your house from electricity, and you will get off with an easy fright, at worst options of succession of events is both the fire, and self-ignition of conducting and accidents much more. Whether it is worth risking own life and life of the relatives only to prove that you get on with electricity too or your soulmate can connect the counter too or change sockets?

Having entrusted this difficult and laborious work with electricity to hands of the professional electrician it is possible to be quiet for own safety and safety of the relatives. Besides all works connected with electricity, the professional electrician will observe qualitatively willows optimum the shortest time. Then, as the martyr - an amator will try to solve an electricity problem not one day. At best he just will make nothing, at worst - it is terrible to present all consequences. The cost of such services of the professional electrician, as a rule, quite available and real, also does not come within miles of the cost of your safety of life and the world in your family.

Ancient spoke “To the Caesar - Caesarian“, we speak “to the professional electrician - works with electricity“. You should not demand from the man, to be the master in all areas of life. Let it it will be better the best husband, the master of matrimonial life, and all the rest can be corrected, having called the electrician, the roofer, the carpenter …